AllDay IPO: What to Expect


Businesses, schools, livelihood, and the global economy- none is untouched by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  No one has been prepared for the huge impact it caused on the lives of many.

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Businesses were closed due to COVID-19 Restrictions. | Photo from Pexels


The year 2020 is difficult for everyone. It did not just affect the physical health and mental health of people, but also the economic status of every individual. For once in life, people were all equal- suffering, struggling, and fighting to survive. To some who are more privileged like those who can afford luxury homes, surviving is quite possible but in most cases for the Filipinos who even don’t have food on their tables, the situation is nothing but an elusive dream.  

Government has no choice but to close not just several businesses and retail industries, but almost all. Physical contact with people was found to be the best candidate for contamination from viruses, that is why face-to-face has been prohibited even until now. Businesses fought for ways to survive as people are also thriving in this difficult time. Food and beverages, and other essential supplies luckily increased in demand, so the market innovated actions to accommodate the demand. 

Last year was quite exploratory for people, and creative juices were thoroughly squeezed to adapt, and these led to online businesses booming. Small or big companies have their share of going digital to keep up with the new generation, to keep up with their losses, and even to keep up with the future they desire for their business and to the people. Another outlet where some companies were led is stock trading, making their business go on public. 

What is IPO? 

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. Usually, companies use this strategy as a means to increase their financial standing. IPO happens when a privately held firm or company lists its shares on the stock exchange and makes them available for public purchase.

IPO may sound so cool and income-generating, yet it takes so much guts and study for a company to put its stocks in front of the public. IPO is risky, time-consuming, expensive, and complex, but in reality, no business is not all these, so some companies take their fortune in IPOs to generate funds and grow their businesses.

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An IPO is a risky, time-consuming, expensive, and complex strategy for business growth. | Photo from Pexels


COVID-19 may have taken a toll in the business realm, yet entrepreneurs stood their ground to continue their endeavors for themselves and to those who depend on them. But the sad fact is not every business was able to withstand the storm and witness the redemption in the business sector.

AllDay Supermarket offers multiple foods that can satisfy the nutrients we need

AllDay Stores now offer an elevated in-store customer experience. | Photo from AllValue Website


AllDay Marts, Inc.

As the global economy paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, community quarantines, and restrictions, the Villar Group of Company specifically the AllDay Marts, Inc. was able to thrive in this pressing time. Because of the steadfast demand for essential goods from consumers, AllDay Marts Inc. was able to keep up through its digital transformation. Though they still operate in different stores while adapting to the pandemic requirements, they were able to establish a strong online presence through social media and its online shopping and delivery services.

It’s still a good year! 

Despite the economic crisis, AllDay Marts, Inc. did not just thrive but was able to get bigger amid economic thorns. Just this November 3, Villar Group Chairman, Mr. Manuel Villar or MBV as his team calls him, together with the Philippine Stock Exchange group represented by its President and Chief Executive Officer, rang the trading bell symbolizing AllDay Marts, Inc. being included on the stock exchange list under the ticker ALLDY, and that started the AllDay Initial Public Offering (IPO).

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AllDay Marts, Inc. enlisted on stock exchange, Nov. 3, 2021, in the presence of Villar Group Chairman, Mr. Manny B. Villar, AllDay Director Mr. Paolo Villar, AllDay Vice-Chairman Ms. Camille Villar, and former Public Works Secretary, Mr. Mark Villar. | Photo from Business World Website


Before the trading schedule, AllDay IPO has been receiving inquiries and strong interests from retail investors as per AP Securities Inc building so much excitement to everyone, making it a clear reason why many investors were unable to get a piece of the sought-after stock of the day.  

“We are truly excited to bring the AllDay experience public. We have long believed in the Filipinos deserving a better supermarket experience, one that is at par with the best in the world, and this IPO helps us do just that,” said AllDay Chairman Manuel B. Villar, Jr. in his statement with Manila Bulletin.

The heart behind this AllDay IPO is to see the retail investors even the small investors taking part in the chain of AllDay success with its minimum subscription of P600.00. The goal is to attract these long-term shareholders in the vision of altering the retail landscape and elevating the shopping experience of Filipino families. 

From AllDay IPO price of P0.60 per share, that same day it rose to P0.90 upon opening and until the market closed reaching 450.8 million, making it one of the most traded stocks of that day. AllDay IPO raised P4.5 billion, four times oversubscribed. 

AllDay Marts, Inc. has gradually rolled out AllDay branches to 25 cities out of 147. Currently, 33 branches were open since December 2016.  The funds volumed through AllDay IPO will be used to cover the expenses made for the building of the business and to further expand it has the vision to reach a milestone of 100 stores nationwide by 2026.

Effects of the AllDay IPO on the Retail Industry

As business owners and partners would venture to IPOs as they see them as a clear road to success and/or riches, pursuing IPO is also beneficial for the retail industry as a whole.

Like AllDay IPO that skyrocketed, successful IPOs can help grow the retail industry in many ways. The company that decided to go public will have a huge influx of cash they can use for their business expansion. They can use it for their marketing and advertising for their business growth and development. This will open doors for retailers to provide a larger number of services.

As companies desire to expand, there are greater chances of hiring more people in the business place. A lot more branches of businesses to be opened, more people will get to have a job, and more families will be fed.

There will be competition for better services, retail industries will work harder to make their business more suitable and comfortable for consumers.

The research and development industry will also benefit from IPOs because new products and more products will be needed.

To some, stores will get to experience renovations, but to the more successful IPOs, there will be the construction of new establishments, construction supplies will be more in demand and that is a good thing for the retail industry.

These are a few of what we can see or expect from IPOs but generally, Most IPOs like what happened to AllDay IPO have a hugely beneficial effect on the retail industry more than its bad effect especially in the long run. So, is anyone able to invest in stocks should participate in initial public sharing?

Which investment is better for you? 

As a person matures and grows in knowledge, one of the things he desires in life is stability. Success is no longer about how big his money is but being fulfilled and satisfied with what he has on hand, and how he is using this tool. People nowadays are getting smarter in managing their finances but still unable to properly recognize where their money should go.

Still stuck where to invest your money? Will you go with stocks and feels like you have your own company, or real estate investment and enjoy the leisure and beauty of luxury homes?

These two are good investments to anyone capable to have both. But to those who need to choose one, you better read and understand it well.


Compared to real estate, stocks are a well-known investment option. Stocks are portions of a company being sold on public and available to all investors that usually happen through IPOs or initial public offering. The reason behind IPOs is for companies to gain funds for their internal progress and company expansion. Once you participate in stocks trading, you will be purchasing a tiny part of a company giving yourself ownership.

One of the obvious advantages of investing in stocks is you are putting lesser money compared to investing in real estate. One of the advantages of it also is that stocks are highly liquid assets meaning they can be easily converted to cash. They also have greater growth potential.

Investing in stocks is very unpredictable. Since it depends on the market, sometimes market prices fluctuate meaning your share can either rise or fall. In addition, there is a capital gains tax to look out for.

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Beauty and home in one.


Real Estate

Real estate on the other hand is less risky and has better returns. This is buying a physical land or property. Usually, real estate investors especially those who acquire modern luxury homes or those luxury condominiums for sale, make money by making their luxury real estate space for rent for people. This is very rampant especially in the Philippines where luxury real estate investors make their modern luxury homes Airbnb. These Airbnb modern luxury homes are being “for rent” at a reasonable price even it looks like one of the most expensive homes in the Philippines like that luxury house and lots for sale in Brittany under VistaLand Company.

A good point when you invest in real estate is it values over time. Compared to investing in gadgets or vehicles, the amounts get low over time but in real estate, it’s the other way around. Like in the Philippines, when you buy luxury homes for sale in urban areas, and there is an increase in population, you can expect that in a few years your luxury home real estate property will increase in its market value. Luxury homes in the Philippines are surely one of the great investments you can consider. May it be luxury house and lot for sale, or luxury condominium for sale, luxury homes in the Philippines especially the ones offer in Brittany VistaLand Company is very worth the try and risk. 

Another advantage of investing in real estate is that you can qualify for tax deductions on your properties. Not only that, being a luxury real estate investor, you are becoming some help in your community. Do you know that when you acquire a property, may it be luxury homes for sale or luxury condominium for sale, you are supporting a community? It may look like it is only self-gain but venturing on real estate, you are doing a favor to the people around you. For example, when you buy luxury homes in the Philippines, the city where your properties are located will benefit from your property’s tax revenues. Doing house renovations and improvements also supports the local industry from the supplies, materials, and manpower you will be needing. And like mentioned earlier, if you decide to make it as a house rental, you are providing families who can’t afford luxury homes for sale a decent home where they can stay. These are little things but to a community, these are good things that matter.

But like any other investment, there is also another side of the coin. Acquiring luxury real estate from the most expensive homes in the Philippines, you need to do so much research. You cannot expect an immediate result and returns. And it is true that when you buy luxury homes for sale or luxury condominium for sale, you also need to learn property management.  

Investing in any is a personal choice depending on your financial status, and goals in life. The bottom line, both have risks and perks. If you don’t know any about this, you can ask the experts for advice because investing in stocks or real estate is a big move, and it is a costly move so one must be smart about it.

If you want to try investing in luxury real estate with good service from a trusted real estate company and with competitive agents and account managers, you can buy and choose from the luxury homes for sale or luxury house and lot for sale from Britanny Corporation. As one of the most expensive homes in the Philippines, the best decision you can do today is to give yourself a house that feels like a home at the first sight. 

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