Why Spend Your New Year in Alabang in 2023

2023 is just around the corner. Celebrating the coming of the brand new year has been a huge tradition in most countries around the world which includes munching on a feast with the family and loved ones, majestic fireworks display in the neighborhood, and people jumping up and down when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve—officially welcoming the start of a new chapter.

New Year's Eve has always been a big holiday celebrated around the world


At this time of the year, most families around the world have already made plans on how to spend the holidays with loved ones. Some even made plans how to spend the new year in its entirety. 2023 to some people are now full of travel plans and various personal goals in place—financial, career, health, etc.—one year ahead.

2023, The Year of New Beginnings

All the recent years starting from 2020 seems like one huge blur, going back and forth because of the pandemic. It was more than two years since the news of pandemic was shared to the world then a series of lockdowns followed. All those time being secluded from the world felt extremely long yet the days passed by so quickly. Almost three years after, the world finally seemed ready to move on to a new chapter.

Moving to a new place usually marks the start of a new chapter in one's life

In mainstream media, there is no clearer indication of “moving on” than literally moving to a new address. Many families had to relocate in the early months of the pandemic due to various reasons. Some were caused by the loss of their jobs in the metro, while some just really needed a change of scenery due to the negative effects caused by the lockdowns to people’s physical and mental health. Whatever the reason may be, many people had to move.

Now that the world is slowly recovering from the after-effects of the pandemic, 2023 might be the best year to think of another move. This time for better reasons—to celebrate a new beginning after surviving what might be the toughest crisis that this generation has faced.

Why Spend Your 2023 In Alabang

Just like many neighborhoods in the country, Alabang has a reputation. A good one at that. It is known to be a posh neighborhood and there’s a lot of reasons behind this. In reality, Alabang is more than just its expensive zip code.

Reasons Why Choose Alabang

Looking for a new place to spend the new year, 2023? Alabang should be on top of that list! Here are a few reasons why you and your family should spend 2023 with a new address in the neighborhood of Alabang.

Less Crowded and Congested

Alabang is a neighborhood that is conveniently located near the popular business districts in the metro such as Makati Central Business District (CBD) and Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Even with the notorious Philippine traffic, these places are considered to be a short drive away. Although the catch is that it also has a business district of its own!

The traffic in Metro Manila is exceptionally bad especially during the rush hour


Cliche as it may sound but really, time is of an essence. No one wants to spend most of their day on the road. So for those who are getting tired of the hustle and bustle in the city life, then Alabang might just be the perfect place for you to build a new home in. Alabang is a neighborhood where residents can have more open space, a slower pace of life where they can enjoy and savor moments, and still feel like it is not too far down South.

Access to Essential Establishments

Since Alabang is a business district of its own, all the essential establisments can be found around the neighborhood such as world-famous schools, hospitals, police stations, fire department, and supermarkets. Alabang also has some of the best commercial establishments in the country that feature a lot of cafes and restaurants with world-class dining, shopping centers, and other activity centers that residents can actually enjoy.

The presence of good schools is an indication of a premium neighborhood

Contrary to popular opinion, Alabang is not only a place for businesses but it is actually developing to be a balance of commercial and residential establishments. It is a place that is made conducive for homes but also thriving when it comes to businesses. It is evident with the abundance of good schools and family-targeted establishments in the bounds of Alabang, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, and a little bit all the way to the South.

Living in Alabang, everything is possible. Residents have a home, office, school, and everything they need without going the extra mile.

Gateway to the South

The neighborhood of Alabang is very much accessible through three exits namely the Alabang-Zapote Road Exit, second  is the Filinvest Exit, and the MCX or Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway which is like the backdoor going to Alabang. These days, it would also be convenient to access Alabang from this point because going to MCX – Daang Hari, it will give residents much easier access too.

Another benefit of living in Alabang is that is it actually a gateway to the popular cities in the South of the metro. It is very easy to get to and it will lead to farther, more secluded areas in the South for a nice weekend getaway with the family or friends. Nowadays, roadtrips to cities in the South such as Tagaytay, Laguna, and Cavite are more popular than ever where there are an increasing number of must-try cafes and restaurants.

Living in Alabang will make this kind of balanced lifestyle more possible and convenient.

Increasing Value Over Time

Because of the numerous advantages of living in Alabang, more and more master planned communities are popping up in the area. In the next few years, the residential population in Alabang is expected to grow with the upcoming residential establishments in the neighborhood. One of the main reasons behind this is that Alabang is pretty much well-positioned as far as accessibility and convenience is being discussed. Also, this will make existing residential properties to have increasing value over the years to come.

For those who are considering to buy a home not too far down South, not too near the city, located at the right area and easily accessible with road infrastructures pretty much developed, then Alabang must be on top of the list. There are so many things that are going on in Alabang and it could be the best place to start a new chapter in for the entire family.

The serene and breathtaking community of Portofino Heights in Vista Alabang, Daang Hari


Obviously, the pricing of residential properties in business districts are steep compared to obscure neighborhoods in the metro. But compared to business areas like Makati and BGC, the pricing in Alabang can be significantly less. This deal will get you more land, more space, or a bigger floor area for a lower price compared to other parts of the city.

Get To Know Vista Alabang

Whatever one’s opinion on Alabang was before reading this article, we hope it served an encouragement to at least consider looking into available properties in the said neighborhood. Alabang could be a nice place to live in with all the facilities, educational, and commercial office establishments in the area.

Needless to say, there are a lot of good residential options. One of which is Brittany Corporation‘s Vista Alabang, a 1,500-hectare Italian-inspired community that was built with more than just wellness, enjoyment, and luxury in mind. The focus of Vista Alabang’s community is to bring the families closer while allowing them to indulge in the Italian lifestyle within the walls of their new luxury home.

What are you waiting for? Do no wait for the New Year’s Eve festivities, check out the extensive portfolio of luxury homes from Brittany Corporation. Go their official website or follow their social media pages for more details.