Home Buying 101: Importance of Location and Accessibility


Are you looking for a place to live? Are you making a list of the factors you’re considering before purchasing a new home? You are, indeed, on the correct route! Acquiring a new home is a significant event and a significant decision, and documenting the aspects that will influence your decision is just as critical as purchasing the house.

person holding his key to his luxury home

It takes proper planning to acquire a home | Photo from Unpsplash Website

Home Buying is Every man’s Dream

Every man’s ambition is to own one of the country’s most gorgeous residences, such as Brittany homes. Everybody fantasizes about purchasing a new home. A place to live, relax, and build memories with family, as well as a safe place to stay. While owning a home is an illusive dream for many, thinking of purchasing one in the future is not unattainable if you keep your eyes on the prize and work diligently.

As you explore purchasing a house and lot for sale in Brittany Corporation, you can now plan and write a checklist of the critical items to consider once the funds for the purchase are available.

Luxury home in Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation delivers one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines | Photo from Brittany Flickr Website

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Location as Topmost Consideration in Buying a New Home

They say, you can change your house- the design, the looks inside and out, the landscaping, the furniture, everything about your house, but never can you change the location where it is grounded. That is how critical to choose and decide to where you will build your house or where you are going to acquire a house and lot for sale.

Why is location important in buying a new home?

If you are to ask people who are experts in home buying or people who are part of the real estate industry about what is the main element to consider when buying a new home, they will all answer the same three words; location, location, location.

Indeed, location is the most crucial yet most important consideration in homebuying. But why is that so?

Location gives value to property

Location together with accessibility gives value to your property. If you are planning to resell it in the future, thinking of these two factors will give you a good return on your investment. This is what they call seeing the future potential of your real estate property because the real estate has no fixed market value.

Brittany Corporation, for example, offers house and lot for sale with good locations such as Crosswinds in Tagaytay or the luxury houses in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

A person holding a miniature home at the palm of his hand

Location associates with safety

As you choose the place where you want to live, it is best to consider if the location is safe for the family thus considering the location’s crime rate is a good measure to start. You might also want to check on the proximity of police posts and the availability of police patrol for added security. More than the presence of guards on duty, it is best to consider a property provided with a perimeter wall. Security attracts potential buyers in the future and can also add up the market value of your property.

A security guard wearing her uniform at night

A good location has good security | Photo from Unsplash Website

Location identifies the neighborhood

Everyone has their preference of what a good neighborhood looks like. Some may like a neighbor who knows how to engage while others just want a quiet neighborhood. Either way, the neighborhood has a codependence on where your home is located.

When buying a new home, another concern would be the people you will be surrounded by. It is a major concern to know if in a certain location the neighborhood is friendly, approachable, and responsible.

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You can take some time to check on the neighborhood. Take some time to walk down the street and talk to the people nearby. With this, you can have a good sense of the neighborhood. You might also want to consider if you want to be surrounded by young people or retirees.

“Tell me where your location is, and I will tell you your neighborhood.” Not to stereotype or generalize a location but choosing where to live will affect the way you will live.

Fountain view at Portofino, one of Brittany Corporation Luxury Properties

Location speaks of its neighborhood | Photo from Unsplash Website

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Location provides access to needs

Accessibility to your fundamental needs and desires is location-dependent. You’ll know whether your property is one of the best in terms of location when everything, if not nearly everything, that you need is literally at your fingertips. As with the Brittany residences in Crosswinds Tagaytay and the Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Both locations provide excellent access to a variety of services.

What is a good location? 

To know if a home is in a good location, it will require you thorough research. You can read reviews about the place, or simply visit a coffee shop in the area and talk to the locals. Usually, locals will tell you what they love about their place, and what they consider things that still need improvement.

You can also join house trippings or viewings with real property investment consultants to personally see the home, and the neighborhood it has. In this way, you can have the idea if the place you are eyeing to purchase is a good buy or not.

Some reasons why location is important in home buying are already mentioned. Now, here are the factors when you can say home is in a good location.

 1. Near Schools, Hospitals, Groceries

A good location is a place where there is a school, hospital, and grocery outlet. Having these elements will allow you to continue living. Also, it is not just knowing if these elements are available, but making sure that the quality of the school, hospitals, and grocery outlets are not bad. Living in a world-class community should have nearby world-class infrastructures as well

2. Good Transportation System

If you are working far from home, a good location for you would be somewhere that is near developed road infrastructures like highways and expressways.

You might also want to consider a home where there will be a hassle-free commute for you and your employees. To some, their choice of location would be near their workplaces to save time, energy, and resources.

Train leaving the train station in the afternoon

A good location offers a hassle free commute | Photo from Unsplash Website

3. Potential Development

It is a good place to live in a location where you can see that there will be progress or increase in a span of 5-10 years. When a location improves, the community will also experience the result of the development.  In this case, the market value of your property will also grow giving you a good return on investment.

You need an experienced property investment consultant here to advise you on the possible investments you can get.

4. Fresh Air and Greeneries

This might be a self-sustaining factor but to many people nowadays who are on the search for a house and lot, a good location should provide them fresh air environment and wide-open green spaces. This doesn’t just give people the aesthetic but also the opportunity to unwind and feel relaxed. Anyone especially those who used to live in the city has this high value to homes near to natural creations like greeneries, beaches, and mountains.

A view of Briittany Corporation's Properties at Crosswinds, Tagaytay

Brittany Homes are usually surrounded by greens | Photo from Brittany Flickr Website

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Where to find a Home with Good Location? 

Those same qualities are offered by Brittany Corporation, a VistaLand company, which places them among the most well-known and established real estate companies in the country. In the Philippines, Brittany houses are regarded as some of the most aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and undeoubtedly world-class.

Crosswind Tagaytay is a Swiss-themed community providing you with a private sanctuary. Being 2 hours away from Metro Manila, it made itself accessible for a staycation and a good location for home living. Tagaytay is a perfect location surrounded by the best amenities in the country with varieties of food choices, tourist spots to visits, and exclusive villages that offer safety and security. Crosswinds Tagaytay is fit for people who are looking for class, peace, and calm.Crosswinds Tagaytay offers elegance, beauty and calm in one | Photo from Brittany Flickr Website

A front view of one of the houses in Crosswinds Tagaytay, Brittany Corporation's Swiss-Themed Luxury Home

Brittany Sta. Rosa offers a luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa, Laguna which is considered one of the most sought-after homes in Laguna. Its perfect location pulls people to make a choice of purchasing these properties because of its beauty that is very close to nature.

These are just two of the Brittany homes you can choose from. World-class standards, beautifully built, and located in areas that now have the potential for development. In the long run, if you decide to purchase from any of these will give you a good return value. Indeed, Brittany homes are the type of investment that is worth the risk.

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