Most Iconic Italian Car Brands in the Philippines


Car Culture in Italy 

Speed. Quality. Elegance. Nothing beats Italy when it comes to culture on our favorite wheeled vehicles. Manufacturing the fastest and most eye-catching vehicles, Italy boasts the finest cars you’ll ever find. Whether it be a car guru or a regular person, an Italian company will always come up when asked about what car brands they know. Whatever iconic Italian car is always guaranteed to offer only the best of the best. 

Italy takes pride in making the finest cars – and love showcasing them even more. As the top country in the world with the most racing tournaments held up to date, it is globally known that Italy harbors the most love for racing. With such passion for the sport, it’s already expected that their vehicles are all top-notch. Interested in what exactly these Italian cars have to offer? We got you covered in this article! 

Iconic Italian Car Brands 


lamborghini italian car logo golden bull on black background | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Bull on the Iconic Lamborghini Logo symbolizes Speed and Power | Photo Courtesy of Lamborghini


Kicking off our list is the one and only, Lamborghini. Lamborghini is not only the most iconic Italian car brand but is debatably the most iconic car brand in general. Lamborghini was founded in 1963 by Ferrucio Lamborghini and is a subsidiary company of the Volkswagen Group. They are also affiliated with notable motorsport associations, such as F1 and GT Championship. Housing only the most luxurious of luxury cars, this lavish car brand is more than just a mode of transportation. It is a status symbol. Owning a Lamborghini is unlike any other. 

Lamborghini is known for its sportscars decorated in speed, power, and beauty. Of course, the cars hailing from this brand are more than just a show. Lamborghinis boast their naturally aspirated engine, an amazing feat of numerous engineering and physics. The engines found in their cars are what sets Lamborghini on a whole other level. Undoubtedly, a Lamborghini is nearly everyone’s dream car. 

Lamborghini Aventador LP700 

The Lamborghini Aventador LP700 is arguably Lamborghini’s most famous sports car. This Aventador is equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine that produces up to 700 horsepower. The vehicle weighs approximately 3500 pounds but has a top speed of 350 km/h, achieved by a seven-speed gearbox and permanent wheel drive.  

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iconic italian car lamborghini aventador black on the streets | luxury homes by brittany corporation

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP700 | Photo Courtesy of Lamborghini Long Island


Lamborghini Aventador ULTIMAE LP780-4 

The Lamborghini Aventador ULTIMAE LP780-4 is Lamborghini’s latest model, and by far is one of its fastest models. The Aventador is Lamborghini’s flagship hypercar; it stood at the company’s spotlight for 10 years. However, all great things must come to an end. The Aventador ULTIMAE LP780-4 is the last model belonging to the Aventador Line, and Lamborghini made sure to make it the most extravagant ending ever. 

The Aventador ULTIMAE LP780-4 also has a 6.5-liter V12 engine, but it operates at up to 769 horsepower. Despite the amazing feat in power, the vehicle did not sacrifice its weight- in fact, they made it even lighter. The Ultimae is 55 pounds lighter than the Aventador S, another model known internationally for its outstanding speed and performance. With such power and weight, it’s guaranteed that the ultimae is going to be outrageously fast. 

2021 lamborghini aventador silver luxury car | luxury homes by brittany corporation

2021 Lamborghini Aventador ULTIMAE LP780-4 | Photo Courtesy of Lamborghini


Alfa Romeo

alfa-romeo-giulia-logo blue circle with green snake and red cross | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Internationally Recognized Alfa Romeo Logo | Photo Courtesy of Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo, the Beast of Motor Racing. It is highly debated that no other car brand has such an important heritage as Alfa Romeo has. Founded way back in 1910 by Alexandre Darracq, the company has been participating in car races as long as they’ve been established. Alfa Romeo was previously named only ALFA – standing for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. It wasn’t until 1915 until Nicola Romeo, the shareholder at that time, decided to add his own name to the brand.  

The brand is affiliated with F1 and is a subsidiary company of Stellantis. The brand has a vast variety of vehicles to offer, from hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs to executives and sportscars. The exclusivity and heritage that Alfa Romeo offers is already a huge factor to the Alfa Romeo’s timeless elegance. Other than this, Alfa Romeo doesn’t fail to maintain its outstanding performance and quality in its products. Beauty, comfort, passion, and individuality are always reflected in the models produced by Alfa Romeo. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia  

Alfa Romeo promises a premium experience in their award-winning luxury sedan, the Giulia. The model has a definitive Italian design that is unremarkably recognized as pure Alfa Romeo style. The car offers utmost safety with its advanced driver assistance systems equipped with level 2 autonomous driving from cutting-edge technology able to monitor the vehicle’s environment – all without removing the driving experience. The Giulia is updated with different forms of infotainment to make sure you won’t ever get bored on your drive.  

The Alfa Romeo Giulia can run at 160 to 280 horsepower. The 50/50 weight distribution in the vehicle guarantees maximum comfort in all your drives. The model also has a rear or four-wheel Q4 system developed through a series of patented technology, bringing you together design, power, and innovation- all in one.

alfa romeo iconic italian car in red | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Alfa Romeo Giulia | Photo Courtesy of Alfa Romeo



ferrari logo red background with yellow sheild with a black horse | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Ferrari’s Iconic Logo includes “The Prancing Horse” and the initials “SF” – meaning Scuderia Ferrari | Photo Courtesy of Ferrari


When it comes to car brands, you’ll never fail to hear Ferrari mentioned. Known for their vehicle’s incredible speeds, you’ll see the iconic logo nearly everywhere. Ferrari was founded in 1939 by none other than Enzo Ferrari, the motor racing driver who also founded the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix Motor Racing Team. The company’s popularity is largely due to its frequent participation in various racing competitions, it should also be noted that Ferrari is also affiliated with F1.  

Ferrari specializes in supercars, sports cars, and coupes. With their luxury cars accessorized with the best features, Ferrari is one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to speed and power. In the automotive industry, Ferrari is classified as part of the top 15 largest car manufacturers by market capitalization, with $49.10 billion. Ferrari’s sales are made up mostly from the Grand Touring market: specialized cars for clients. The concept cars developed by Ferrari are some of the most awaited by gearheads. 

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a coupe-type car that first came out in 2013. Geared with a 6.3-liter V12 engine, this model operates at up to 730 horsepower. The vehicle weighs approximately 3600 pounds and has a height of 50 inches. The Berlinetta is known for its comfortability that doesn’t lack speed. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds! This model is one of the most demanded and desired Ferrari models of all time.  

red ferrari f12 berlinetta luxury car luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Red Variation of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta | Photo Courtesy of Ferrari


Sportiness. Elegance. Comfort. These three words summarize the Ferrari Portofino. The Ferrari Portofino is a versatile drop-top car named after one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, a small fishing village housing the most relaxing resorts you’ll ever come by. This charming tourist attraction has become a symbol of understated luxury – and Ferrari wishes to boast about this beauty to the world. The launch color of the model is dedicated to this town – a brave and beautiful red: the Rosso Portofino.  

The Ferrari Portofino is an iconic Italian car brand designed for everyday driving yet exhibits several exclusive features. From an authentic Berlinetta coupe, the Portofino can effortlessly convert to a drop-top at any given time. The vehicle is equipped with a V8 engine capable of sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of 3.5 seconds. The Ferrari Portofino is one of the most powerful convertibles that has enough room for comfort in your boot and cockpit without sacrificing speed and power. The two rear seats make the Portofino perfect for short trips suited for everyday pleasure in driving.  

luxury car iconic italian car rosso portofino red in a car show | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Rosso Portofino | Photo Courtesy of Ferrari


Local Italian Car Suppliers 

At this point, surely the question “Where will I be able to get these cars?” has popped into your mind. Fortunately, there’s no need to look further than Ton Cars! 

Ton Cars is a certified dealer of quality used cars with various branches in the Philippines. Whether it be SUVs, pick-ups – or even the luxury sportscars we just mentioned, you can count on Ton Cars on having just the right vehicle for you. Rest assured that Ton Cars will find you the deal most worth of your money, providing you with only the vehicles still operating in great condition.  

Some of the cars offered include the Lamborghini Huracan 610-4, 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S, Ferrari 488 GTB, and even the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! This is only a glimpse of the cars being offered at Ton Cars so be sure to check them out for your Italian car desires! 

Looking for the opposite, somewhere to sell your cars? Ton Cars are also currently buying cars! Ton Cars has branches in Daang Hari and E. Rodriguez Avenue. 

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Italian Luxury Lifestyle 

Doesn’t the Italian lifestyle seem absolutely endearing? Why stop at just your Italian car when you can live and bask in the Italian lifestyle completely! 

Portofino Alabang 

Sounds familiar? You got that right, there are Italian-themed luxury homes in Daang Hari with the exact same name as the last Italian car model in this article, the Ferrari Portofino! Portofino Alabang exhibits the same elegance and comfort found in the iconic vehicle – only this time, you’ll be even more immersed! The comfortable and luxurious lifestyle you’ll find in Portofino simply cannot be compared to other house and lot for sale in Daang Hari and in the entire country in general. 

Bridge going to the luxury homes of Portofino Alabang | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Surreal View at Portofino Alabang


 If you’re looking for Italian-themed homes in Daang Hari, Portofino is the best option you’ll ever find. The Italian architecture in all houses and amenities makes one forget of what country you’re actually in. The Old-World charm found in Portofino Alabang is sure to make you get lost in time.  

Portofino Alabang has three different enclaves that all exhibit the beauty of Italy – Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore. Sophistication like no other, Portofino doesn’t lack in any aspect of what a luxury home should have. The picturesque view of Portofino Alabang is sure to bewilder anyone who lays their eyes upon them. 

orange luxury home with water fountain and shrubs | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Beauty of Amore, Portofino’s Latest Enclave


The amenities found in Portofino Alabang ensure the best everyday living experience without sacrificing security, time, and energy. As luxury homes for sale in Daang Hari, Portofino makes it possible to find peace in the never-sleeping city of Alabang. You’ll find it hard to believe that you’re in such a busy city with the surreal environment found in Portofino.  

Portofino Alabang clubhouse in in front of a pool for their luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

One of the Amenities at Portofino, The Clubhouse


Located conveniently near several establishments such as the Evia Lifestyle Center and even Ton Cars, you’ll never run out of things to do in the bustling city. Portofino Alabang is the place to be for the utmost comfort, elegance, beauty, and luxury. 

giorgio house model brittany portofino luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

One of Portofino’s Italian-inspired Homes, Giorgio | Photo Courtesy of Brittany


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