10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Car Enthusiasts


People who appreciate upscale, high-class, and luxury properties are almost certainly car enthusiasts as well. This holiday season will be difficult if you chance to be a secret Santa for a car lover because we all know how finicky they are when it comes to gifts. If you’re searching for a Christmas present for a car-obsessed friend or family, or simply a useful gadget to fill the stocking of someone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel, these gift ideas are for you! 

The community of luxury properties in Daang Hari, Portofino Alabang,  is also teeming with luxury cars. Chances are they’ve already got what they needed, so, instead, this list is full of creative and practical gifts. It has everything an automotive enthusiast would love, with a gift idea for every sort of driver or car lover. You’ll find a unique gift or two on this list, so if your auto enthusiast has particular tastes, don’t be discouraged. Check out our picks for the best affordable gifts for car lovers and gearheads that have been fully updated for 2021. 

1.) Books About Cars

classic car books the definitive visual history | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Classic Car: The Definitive Visual History.


This book is perfect for classic vehicle enthusiasts who also enjoy reading; combine these two interests and you’ve got “Classic Car: The Definitive Visual History.” This picture book (with over 1,300 photographs) provides a historical perspective on antique autos from the 1940s through the 1980s. It also includes two poster-style reproductions as a bonus.  

boring car trivia by sniff petrol book | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Boring Car Trivia.


Book worms just love random facts. Did you know that a Bond girl assisted in the development of the Volvo XC90? This is only one of the boring car trivia collated in this book by Richard Porter, The Grand Tour (and former Top Gear) script editor, Sunday Times auto critic and author of the funny Sniff Petrol website. The fact that this is the third installment in the series demonstrates that there is a lot of boring information about vehicles out there.   

2.) Car Tools 

set of car tools as a holiday gift | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tool kit for fixing cars.


 If your Secret Santa is always on the road, this gift for roadside repairs indicates that you genuinely care about their safety. Even if you don’t work on your own automobile on a regular basis, keeping tools in your car is a smart idea. Emergencies happen, and being ready to nip up a screw or bolt on the side of the road might make the difference between a flatbed tow and enjoying the remainder of your journey, so investing in a thorough tool bag (extra points for being as light as possible) is essential. The Wera Tool-Check Plus comes into play. It has bits and sockets, a ratchet, a bit driver, and even an extension – and it’s little.

portable car jumper started tool for holiday gift | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Portable Car Jump Starter.


Many individuals aren’t driving as much as they used to after the COVID-19 pandemic, which might lead to non-starting automobiles owing to depleted batteries as the cold months’ approach. A jump starter like this one from Noco demonstrates how far technology has advanced in recent years, progressing from the bulky, costly jump-starting packs of yesteryear. This one is compact, light, and powerful, with spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection, making it suitable for anybody to use. It may also be used as a mobile device power bank. This type can start petrol engines up to six liters and diesel engines up to three liters. 

obd2 scanner carscan advisor model 5210 | luxury homes by brittany corporation

OBD2 scanner for repairs.


A lit check engine light on a car’s dashboard can irritate the auto enthusiast in your life, but having an OBD2 scanner on hand will speed up the repair procedure. The Innova CarScan Advisor Model 5210 comes into play. It conducts all of the necessary functions, such as reading, decoding, and clearing check engine light issue codes; battery testing and smog test evaluation; system diagnostics for ABS codes on most automobiles; and freeze frame data, which records what was happening when an error code was triggered. Every auto enthusiast who performs their own vehicle maintenance should have one. 

3.) Gadgets and Tech

amazon echo auto alexa smart holiday gift | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Amazon Echo Auto is perfect for cars.


Add Alexa to your car – Connects to the Alexa app on your phone and play music via your car’s speakers through auxiliary input or Bluetooth connection from your smartphone. Vent Mount is included. Echo Auto is built for the road, with 8 microphones and far-field technologies to hear you over music, A/C, and road noise. 

cooluli mini fridge for a car gift | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Cooluli mini fridge is perfect for luxury homes.


Is your buddy tired of dealing with melty, messy ice to keep beverages chilled? If so, this 4-liter compact fridge is ideal. This is especially useful for unplanned road excursions and vehicle picnics or vacations away from your luxury home in Metro Manila. With this gadget, you can keep your drinks or lunch chilly.   

4.) Video Games 

There is a high chance that your secret Santa is a gamer as well. Here are perfect video games for them.

w2c 9 video game car for car enthusiasts | luxury homes by brittany corporation

WRC 9 the Official Game for the Xbox.


The WRC series of rallying simulators are not the simplest to learn, but if you have a good steering wheel and pedal set-up and want a challenge, it doesn’t get much better than the officially-licensed game. The new WRC 9 will be released on November 19 to coincide with the release of the PS5, although it will also be available for the PS4 and Xbox One. Please keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch version will be available after Christmas. 

snow runner ps4 game for car enthusiasts | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Snowrunner is a game about snow physics and how to drive along.


The Snowrunner appears to be nothing more than a dull game about delivering things with trucks, yet it has won over driving writers and gamers alike with realistic physics, settings, and weather. 

ps4 project cars 3 racing franchise arcade game | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Project Cars 3 is a racing game with great controls.


The third installment in a racing franchise that leans toward the sim (rather than arcade) end of the racing game spectrum, yet the controller experience has been totally overhauled for more precise and entertaining handling, and the changeable skill settings allow beginners to get a handle on it. It also contains a 24-hour clock for driving at all hours of the day and night, dynamic weather, and new multiplayer modes. 

5.) Clothing and Accessories 

volvo x casca trainers perfect for car enthusiasts | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Volvo x Casca trainers are a beautiful mix of comfort and luxury.


Ideal for Volvo enthusiasts and anybody searching for a functional set of trainers. Volvo has lately collaborated with fashion labels to demonstrate its commitment to utilizing environmentally friendly materials in its vehicles. One of the most recent is its cooperation with Canadian shoemaker Casca to create a low-key, eco-chic pair of sneakers inspired by the Volvo XC40 crossover’s “Thor’s Hammer” headlamp design. The rubber in the soles is made up of 10% recycled car tires, while the breathable uppers are made up of 50% recycled plastic bottles. 

bmw genuine mens m collection stand up collar outerwear | luxury homes by brittany corporation

BMW Genuine Mens M Collection Stand-Up Collar Outdoor City Jacket.


As previously said, car-branded apparel is typically naff, and motor firms don’t always have the best eye for design when it comes to clothing — think of the Ferrari-branded leather sneakers — but BMW has broken the trend with this jacket. This is how it’s done: appealing to petrolhead sensibilities with discreet BMW M insignia on the sleeve and carbon-style material on the back. 

bentley momentum unbreakable eau de toilette perfume | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Bentley Momentum Unbreakable eau de toilette.


Bentley has added to its well-established smell line, indicating that the market of car-related scents is thriving. Momentum Unbreakable is the most recent addition, with a woody, flowery, and spicy aroma that we graded highly in our testing. It’s a classic, traditional fragrance for males rather than a bright, trendy perfume, but it’s great for the brand. Surely a homeowner of one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines deserves to smell classy.  

6.) Car Designs 

custom car window decal for car enthusiasts | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Custom Car Window Decal.


The best part about this customized decal is that you can create it exactly how you want it, right down to the wording, font, logo, and background color. 

interior led strip lights for a fancy internal | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Interior LED Strip Lights.


This is perfect for younger generations because it’s trendy! Any vehicle, old or new, maybe swiftly “souped-up” with these interior LED strip lights from Govee. It’s a very cool light system that allows your auto enthusiast to choose from a variety of colors to show (which the driver can easily control via the Govee app). A built-in music sensor enables the lights to “groove” to the beat of any music played in the car. That’s awesome. What more could a car fanatic want? 

7.) Car Equipment 

trunk organizer perfect for car enthusiast | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Trunk Organizer to fix all the junk in your trunk.


Even the most discerning automobile enthusiast will appreciate the gift of a trunk organizer. This one, in particular, will do the trick! The compact organizer is perfect for storing groceries, sports equipment, tools, and other automobile accessories. It’s also foldable, so it can be moved from car to car or stored for later use. This polyester trunk organizer has a handy drink holder, an inside mesh pocket, sub-dividers, easy-to-maneuver handles, and more. 

car care kit for cleaning, shining, for your luxury car | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Complete Car Care Kit.


Anyone who enjoys spending time in their automobile appreciates how clean it is. Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit provides virtually all of the essentials for transforming a car from dirty to gleaming. Personally, I adore a lot of these goods, and this package won’t break the budget for all of the amazing stuff you get. It also includes clay bars, which may be costly on their own. And, if you live in a frigid winter environment like mine, this present will help someone store up for when the weather warms up again. 

designer fire extringuisher for safety purposes of your luxury car | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Designer Fire Extinguisher.


These trendy fire extinguishers are the ideal present for the safety-conscious automobile enthusiast. They’re entirely functional while also looking fantastic — who wouldn’t want one in their garage? 

Drink coaster that look like car mats | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Drink Coasters that look like car mats are a unique gift idea.


Here’s a fun little present idea for the automobile fan who is a little difficult to purchase (maybe they already have everything they need to work on their hobby). These silicone drink coasters are designed to appear like automobile floor mats. They’ll go well with a cup of coffee, a glass of tea, or an ice-cold beer. 

8.) Custom and Engraved  

custom photo air freshener with children on it | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Custom Photo Air Freshener is an interesting gift for anyone,


Car fresheners are delightful little items that may go a long way toward making a car smell lovely, or even new again. But, let’s be honest, they’re a little dull, especially as a present idea. However, you may have them changed from a typical daily vehicle freshener into a stunning personalized remembrance that your loved one will enjoy long after the aroma fades.  

monogrammed car floor mats for a cute car inside | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Monogrammed car floor mats for a family is the perfect gift for anyone that value their family.


This is perfect for someone who has a bubbly personality and loves floral car floor mats. You can choose to have them monogrammed as well.  

9.) Collectables 

sports car collector sign vintage for enthusiasts | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Sports Car Collector Sign is an interesting gift for anyone that likes cars.


Consider how lovely this wonderful sign would appear in the house of that special automobile collector! Check out our Vintage Personalized Sports Car Collector Sign if you’re looking for a gift for a sports car enthusiast. This personalized sign is sure to be cherished (and proudly displayed) by the sports car lover or collector in your life, with hand distressing over wood to give it that nostalgic vintage appearance. Each of these signs is 23.75′′ x 11′′, with each subsequent hanging plate being 23.75′′ x 3.75′′. 

victorinox alliance sport chronograph watch luxury watch | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Victorinox Alliance Sport Chronograph Watch.


This Victorinox watch is an ideal present for automotive enthusiasts. The timepiece includes a conventional chronograph layout with a trio of sub-dials and a date complication, as well as a durable 5-year guarantee, and is powered by a high-quality Swiss movement. The Alliance Sport model sports a 44-millimeter stainless steel case and a comfortable leather strap. Victorinox provides a number of dial and strap color variations. 

10.) Key Accessories  

two-pack of keyless car fob pouches for car enthusiants | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Two-pack of keyless car fob pouches.


Keyless automobiles are becoming more prevalent, and criminals have capitalized on technical advancement by inventing high-tech methods to readily open vehicles. One of these is cloning, which involves capturing and boosting a signal from your key fob to another device carried by an accomplice standing next to the car, who can then just open the door and click the start button. 

Apple airtags for car keys for misplaces car bicycle keys | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Apple Airtags is something for the techy car enthusiast.


Never lose your car keys. The Apple AirTag is an excellent tool for locating the misplaced car or bicycle keys. As previously said, it saves you time rummaging beneath sofa cushions and trouser pockets. Even if you lose the set of keys, you may use your iPhone to activate the Find My app and follow the steps to the airbag. 

As the big day approaches, keep in mind that the global retail industry is still dealing with supply-chain challenges, so leaving it till the last minute while you wait for inspiration to strike may not be the greatest option this year.  

These 10 categories for the perfect Christmas gift for car lovers are perfect for your last-minute buy-ins. It’s no secret that homeowners of luxury houses and lot for sale in Daang Hari are also owners of luxury cars. This list will surely be best for them. If you’re curious about the beautiful mansion in Portofino Alabang, then check out what they offer. 

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