The Most Beautiful Country-Style Homes You’ll Ever See


There’s something about American Country-styled homes that makes you think of being cossetted by your family. It is comforting as well as beautiful, and brings back memories of a simpler time, graceful and full of happy expectation. This is what Georgia Club is about. Enjoy these wonderful snapshots of the gorgeous country-themed homes of Georgia Club in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Have you seen anything so lovely as this Madison home at Georgia Club? Feel like Scarlett O’Hara being swept off her feet by the dashing Rhett Butler of Gone with the Wind when you live in such a stately and romantic home.

And look at it at nighttime, bathed in the warm light of the moon, the perfect abode to set you a-sail on wonderful dreams.

How about a nightcap? Enjoy beautiful evenings at your porch as you reflect on the day with your beloved.

Breakfasts are a grand affair in your beautiful Georgia Club dining room. Give your husband and children a beautiful send off to start their day right. Your homey kitchen is sure to inspire the creation of delicious gourmet meals for your loved ones!

Entertain guests in your spacious and luxurious living room. Every detail in your Georgia Club home is sure to delight your friends.

And look at your neighbors’ equally beautiful homes. What makes living at Georgia Club extra special is that you can be sure to see something breathtaking everywhere you look.

Doesn’t this Ashley model home look simply perfect amidst the lush greenery? If you want to commune with nature while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, Georgia Club is a most wonderful choice.

Absolutely divine! This Fairfax living room is elegance and sweetness at once. Imagine your delight each time you come home to a place of pure indulgence.

Enter, my fair lady. This is Fairfax, one of the most beautiful homes in Georgia Club. Audrey Hepburn will look right at home in this graceful abode.

Blue as the deep blue sky. This elegant Montrose home inspires remembrances of childhood games, picnics and all the wonderful things you can remember from your own childhood. Wouldn’t you want to raise your children in a community that celebrates their innocence and spirit of adventure?

And when nighttime falls again, sleep easy. Your home and family are safe in this secure and peaceful community. Tomorrow is another wonderful day!