Luxury Finds at Promenade, Santa Rosa

Luxury Finds at Promenade

Luxury Finds at Promenade, Santa Rosa, Laguna


Selected pre-loved pieces from Brittany Model Homes are up for grabs! The luxury houses and lots of Brittany Santa Rosa will be having an auction event where you can get value for your money! Promenade of Brittany Santa Rosa only has the best kind of interior design. You will surely find some amazing pre-loved luxury finds that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Why Auction Luxury Finds?

Auctions are public sales in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder. The items in the Auction are well taken care of and are in need of new loving homes. Purchasing pre-loved items can significantly help the environment heal especially now that fast fashion is a trend. Let’s leave our mark in the world by decreasing our carbon footprint. Let’s purchase pre-loved furniture for our luxury houses and lots, luxury homes, and luxury condominiums. Not only will it beautify our luxury homes, but we will also leave our children and our children’s children an Earth that is healthier and more beautiful.

There is no greater luxury than taking care of something that nurtures us. Just like the way the Earth has given us everything that we need, let us take a stand on a greener, more sustainable luxury lifestyle. Join us in our auction and help save mother Earth while getting rare finds. Make sure to arrive early to get the best parking space and check out the competition. You never know  who you’ll run into. It’s best to be prepared!

Doors will open at 9:00 AM. Arrive early and get your hands on the best items available.

See you there!

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