19 Elegant Christmas Tree Decor Ideas


The most beautiful houses in the Philippines are found at Portofino Alabang. As a result, your dignified and classy Portofino house deserves a beautiful tree that is a great fit for you this Christmas. Beautiful Christmas tree decor ideas will add a rich, welcome vibe to your home without overwhelming the rest of the decor.

It’s time to branch out from the same old Christmas ornaments you’ve been using to adorn your tree year after year. Red and green ball ornaments are ageless, but if your tree could need a little sprucing up this holiday season, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We’ve compiled a list of fun Christmas tree decoration ideas to get you started on your tree this year. You may make it seem subtle, rustic, glam, extremely over-the-top and bright, or all-natural. But, before you run out and buy your fir, get some inspiration from these stunning Christmas tree decor ideas.

Elegant Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Silver and Gold Decor Ideas

gold and white designed christmas tree with angel on top | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design by Brad Schmidt Aifd from Balsam Hill.


Use silver and gold ornaments in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles for this tree. You may use glass ornaments with a magnificent gold, silver, and platinum color palette that screams “Christmas” and contrasts wonderfully with the tree’s greenery. Platinum pleated lame ribbons and gold fine mesh glitter ribbons can be used. Their textures, especially when stacked, lend aesthetic interest to the tree. You may also match the motif by adorning the tree with gold bouquet choices. To balance out the shiny colors, add pinecones. with the gold bouquet picks, which complements the theme. You can add pinecones to balance out the metallic hues.


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Disco Tree

disco christmas tree with big and small silver balls | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Photo was taken from David Lawson Design


Similar to the gold and silver theme, adorn your tree with silver balls. Mix and match using different sizes and colors. This will give it a disco theme. This will surely be perfect for the luxury homes for sale in Portofino Alabang.

Winter Frost

You may experiment with this design by using a frosted tree with snow-sprinkled branches. Decorate the frosted tree with glass decorations in light colors of aquamarine, champagne, and platinum to accent the frosted tree. Layer the decorations for a broader effect by placing larger pieces farther back in the branches and adding longer pieces to the outer branches. Finally, switch on the lights for a stunning snow-dusted, glittering Christmas tree to complete this shabby chic winter frost theme.

Monochrome Decor Ideas

monochrome christmas tree design simple design by the fireplace | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Coordination of all of your décor around a single hue creates a unified effect, as well as a simpler decorating procedure. It will also go well with any design style. Use neutral color palettes, natural materials, and plaid accents with a bit of glitter to achieve the desired effect.


Pastel Tree

pastel christmas tree win a white room of luxury house and lot | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Design by Gami Graham from Balsam Hill


Simply pick a white Christmas tree. After you’ve decorated your tree, drape it with the complimentary pastel colors and lay it over a Tree Skirt with beaded fringe bands accented with champagne gold metal sequins. Place frozen berry and frosty blue poinsettia picks in exquisite designs throughout the branches to provide extra color and highlight the tree’s innate charm. Wrap the foliage in blue ribbon and any other fabric that catches your eye to take your design to the next level. Finish off the ensemble with an elegant topper.

Baby Blue Christmas Decor Ideas

baby blue themed christmas tree with gifts around it | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design by Kelly Page of bluegraygal


A blue Christmas tree is always a stunning choice, whether you are seeking the right tree to match your coastal décor or simply prefer an unexpected festive color scheme that surely screams luxury real estate. To integrate this tree with her current décor, add blue and silver glass decorations and gold garland. To create a coherent appearance, combine blue and silver Christmas decorations with greenery and gold shimmering garland, with a heavy accent on my new blue glass Christmas ornaments and blue Christmas ribbon.

Christmas Wishes

christmas tree with wishes like happy holiday santa thank you | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design by Brad Schmidt Aifd from Balsam Hill.


Begin with hand-painted Christmas ornaments in festive holiday colors and designs to obtain this effect. Weave the Merry Christmas Velvet Ribbon and the sparkling Glitter Gold Ribbon between the tree’s limbs to add a sense of richness. To further embellish the tree, use the clustered Gold Metallic Berry Picks and Red Glitter Magnolia Picks. Incorporate the Studded Velvet Tree Skirt for subtle elegance, and accent the design with the warm light of a 16-pointed star.

Treasures and Memories Decor Ideas

christmas tree with treasures and memories on the tree | luxury homes by brittany corporation

This design fits well on a 9 feet tall Christmas tree. You can design it with a garland of gold beads to give the tree a little bit of a vintage look. Print treasured photographs in black and white and use them to decorate your tree to bring back memories of Family holidays past. Use your tree as an opportunity to display family photographs! You may make Polaroid-style snaps out of them or design them to appear like tags with festive strings attached.


Rustic Charm

rustic design christmas tree in a rustic style luxury house | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Design by Christopher Hiedeman


Portofino Alabang is noted not just for its luxury homes in Metro Manila, but also for its rustic atmosphere. If you want to keep on theme with your Portofino Home, this style is ideal. In this rustic house, this tree is ornamented with warm crimson ribbons and gorgeous berries for a modern take on tradition. To complete your design, add some additional red decorations and pinecones.

Blooming and Flowery

christmas tree designed to have flowewers blooming around | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design by Delia Creates


Adhere to the new flower-on-the-Christmas-tree fad! It’s fashionable and feminine, and it gives a delightfully gentle touch to the world’s favorite winter tree. You may decorate a tree with big imitation magnolias, glass bulbs, and gold wire bent into phrases that symbolize the festive mood. Alternatively, if you have the time, you may replace the imitation flowers with fresh ones. Be creative and mix up your preferred colors for your decor ideas, but keep in mind that the flowers are the primary attraction in creating this cheerful garland effect.

Ultra Minimalist

minimalist inspired christmas tree with a wreath inside a luxury dining area | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Design from Barlam Hill


Embrace the arboreal splendor of your tree with an ultra-minimalist design that allows the pine to speak for itself. This sky-high tree is adorned with modest twinkling lights for a more understated vibe without the glitz. Using fairy lights instead of typical Christmas lights on your tree creates a softer, more ambient glow, making the entire environment seem cozier. A silver and gold monochromatic palette will look great with transparent, crystal dewdrop, and ball decorations. Match your Christmas tree skirt, present wrapping, and bows to this exquisite design, and add a comparable color wreath to your window panes. Spray paint the pine cones gold and then sprinkle them with silver.

Woodland Inspired Decor Ideas

woodland style christmas tree in luxury home with gifts around it | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design by Style Me Pretty


City life can be exhausting at times. Decorate your Christmas tree with decorations that recall the forests, such as the delicate owls and deer are seen below, to bring a touch of the forest home. A moose-printed garland, a tree stump tree stand, and adorable woodland animals create a woodsy display ideal for the nature enthusiast. Just don’t forget the following four-holiday decorations: owl ornaments, birch tree/birch bark touches, twiggy branch sprays, and frosty pine sprays, and pine cone ornaments.

Frosted Red Tree

frosted red tree with red ribbons in luxury mansion | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design from  Style Me Pretty


You can never go wrong with a candy cane-inspired color palette when it comes to Christmas décor. As seen by this winter wonderland Christmas tree adorned with red berries, ribbons, and decorations, red is the ideal color to contrast with a snowy tree. Instead of a tree laden with ornaments, opt for a simply frosted white tree with a garland. With this one, you’ll have your Christmas decorations finished in seconds!

Seaside Tree Decor Ideas

starfish inspired christmas tree with silver gifts under | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design by Seahorse & Stripes


Swags of ribbon in cream and straw blend with unique sea stars and an airy waterfront color palette to create a bright, coastal Christmas tree like this one. Combine pastels with colder colors, such as aqua and blue, to create a coastal-inspired Christmas tree.

Merry and Bright

bright christmas tree in luxury house and lot | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design by Courtney from Balsam Hill


With this brilliant take on the French Country Theme, you may create a gleaming natural setting in your house. It all begins with a pre-lit Frosted Fraser Fir, whose emerald foliage has silvery-white undersides suggestive of snow. Decorate your tree with a little Christmas tree decoration set and French rural ornaments. Choose a range of natural tree picks, such as the Winter Pinecone Picks and Midnight Frost Picks, to enhance the mood of a snow-covered forest. Then, to give a rich silver shine, drape your tree with Royal Metallic Glittered Ribbon, and finish with a Juliette Fringed Tree Skirt. Who said you couldn’t have more than one tree? If you want to create a snowy forest in your living room, then assemble two trees.

Personalized Monogram Tree

christmas tree with monogram design | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design from Barlam Hill


Can’t get enough personalized towels? This tree is dedicated to you. Decorate your fir with your favorite decorations and the initials of everyone in your family. Because your tree will be adorned with decorations, keep the color palette basic to avoid a congested appearance. You may make your own personalized monogram decorations for this tree. You may use mason jar lids to print out the initials of your family members, then use hot glue to connect a little length of twine for the hook. In addition to the mason jar lid decorations, you can use little chalkboard tags on which everyone in your family may write down things they like about each other. It will be so fun to get creative with this tree, and because it is so small it will be easy to keep it to an overall theme.

Victorian Era Decor Ideas

christmas tree inspired by the victorian era with flowers and balls | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tree design from Barlam Hill


Evoke the elegance and style of the Victorian era. You’ll feel like you’re spending Christmas in an opera theater with these exquisite decorations. Teardrop, crown, and finial-shaped decorations add a glittering, rich touch to your tree. The gold and bronze hand-painting adds a metallic gloss to both earth-toned bows and gift wrapping. Bead, glitter, and crystal decorations complete the stylish design and look great with a silk gold tree skirt or matching area rug. The glass bird ornaments are inspired by the red-tailed hawks that nest high in the branches of the park’s native trees.


Starry Christmas

starry night holiday tree in a spacious living room in luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Design by Julia Konya from Cuckoo4Design


Stars are amazing, but they’re much more impressive when they’re presented. For this tree, you may use largely monochromatic balls in white, cream, and gold tones, but there are also some silver and white striped balls and glitter balls. Clear glass Christmas balls are utilized here because they reflect light so wonderfully. Simply cut out all of the giant stars from white cardboard and hang them using simple Christmas ornament hooks for the stars. They create a strong visual statement on the tree. You might begin with the lighting, working your way up and out from the inside of the tree.

The designer employed two types of lighting strands for this tree. Regular clear lights and pearl light strands give the tree a particularly pleasant glow. You may use basically balls of varying sizes for the entire tree, ranging from extremely enormous to quite a little. You may put the bigger balls on the bottom and more inside the tree branches, and the smaller ones on the tops of the branches to keep the weight from dragging them down.

Feathery and Flocked

christmas tree designed with feathers and balls and gifts underneath | luxury homes by brittany corporation

This fluffed white tree has a snow-dusted design with a delicate texture and warm color palette that is both inviting and majestic. For this tree the main attraction is feathers. Go crazy with the colors and use ostrich feathers to make it eye-catching.


Portofino Alabang is home to some of the gorgeous mansions in the Philippines. These Christmas tree decor will surely put more glam and elegance into your home. If you haven’t seen these beautiful houses yet then inquire now!