International Day of Peace: What to Know

Peace is one thing that everyone seeks to have in their life. A peaceful life makes it easier to be more creative, inclusive, and productive. The dream of living in a world free of hatred, war, and violence is a step toward the unity of humanity. The International Day of Peace was created to encourage everyone to work towards peace all over the world.

What is the International Day of Peace?

The International Day of Peace is also officially called World Peace Day. This was established by the United Nations General Assembly and is celebrated every year on September 21. This day is dedicated to promoting the end or absence of war and violence and is an avenue for the entry of humanitarian aid to active combat zones.

History of International Day of Peace

During the 1981 United Nations General Assembly, the officials declared that the third Tuesday of September would be known as the International Day of Peace. This is a day devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace.

In 2001, two decades later, the UN General Assembly set September 21 as the fixed date for celebrating the International Day of Peace. Since 2002, September 21 has marked the day when peace is promoted and maintained around the globe. This is also respected as 24 hours of global ceasefire and non-violence.

Every year, World Peace Day focuses on a different theme. This theme changes every year as it is used to draw attention to a current issue that the world is facing in terms of violence. The theme for World Peace Day 2022 is “End Racism. Build Peace.” This year encourages practices aimed at tackling racism against racial minorities and contributing in a crucial way to social justice.

Why is the International Day of Peace Important?

Why is the International Day of Peace Important

Promotes Lasting Peace

Peace is not easily achieved. It is not enough to lay down arms or stop committing acts of hate or violence. True and lasting peace can only happen when societal structures are built to make people feel safe and encouraged to flourish and grow. To achieve a kind of peace that lasts, the systems that oppress and violate the rights of others need to be dismantled. Awareness and education on social issues should become a priority, particularly when it pertains to differences in cultures and beliefs and how people can work towards mutual understanding and respect.

Connecting Despite Differences

More often than not, people focus on what makes others different rather than what makes them similar. Despite different cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, and languages, people are people. All anyone wants is a life that is free of violence. A life where their needs are met, and they can live without fear.

Believing in a Bigger Cause

Often, people get bogged down by their day-to-day concerns. What goes on in your private life can often take up all your attention. But it is also important to be reminded that everyone is part of a larger community. Not everyone is living in safety. Violence and hate are a huge part of some people’s lives. And they deserve better, they deserve to have peace too. In uniting with this goal, there is a higher chance of achieving peace for all.

How is World Peace Day Celebrated?

Promoting peace and understanding is a top priority during the International Day of Peace. Individuals and organizations often hold events and participate in activities to promote peace. These events may be public gatherings or private events. Schools also take a huge part in promoting celebrations for this day. Students may participate in school events specifically for World Peace Day.

There are many ways you can celebrate World Peace Day. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Observe the global “Minute of Silence”

The Non-government Organization Pathways to Peace started the “Minute of Silence” in 1984. At noon in each time zone, observing silence for one minute creates a “Peace Wave” across the world. It is a simple and easy way to participate in World Peace Day. Wherever you are, you can stay silent for one minute, sharing a moment of peace with those around you and spreading the movement around the world.

Attend Art Exhibits or Live Performances for Peace

Art has always been a medium people use to promote ideas and raise awareness on different issues. And creating art for the International Day of Peace is one that many artists practice. Some art exhibitions may feature art from children who lived in war-torn countries. There may be photo exhibits showing the aftermath of violence. Music festivals are also a common occurrence, and the proceeds from these concerts are often donated to organizations and charitable institutions that help people living in areas of extreme violence. Art has always connected people and communities, and connecting with others in the name of peace is a small but powerful act.

Donate to Charity

Donate to Charity

Living in violence for so long can take a toll on people and children. After they are taken to an environment of safety, they may still be grappling with the effects of the violence they have experienced. They need to be supported in order for them to move forward and live better lives. In donating to charity, you make it possible for more people to heal the wounds they have suffered due to a lack of peace.

Advocate for Equality

Violence is an effect of oppression. When there is inequality, it can breed resentment, which can quickly turn to hate and violence. By advocating for equality, you help level the playing field for everyone, regardless of background, gender, or culture. It also opens up opportunities to learn from each other and cultivate a culture of respect and trust.

Educate Yourself

There are many ways to learn about the root cause of different conflicts around the world. You can attend a talk or seminar. You can watch documentaries and films that depict stories from conflict-ridden communities. You can also watch films that center on how people and organizations have fought to promote and achieve peace.

How to have a Peaceful Life

Peace starts from within and ripples outward. It will affect everyone around you, including your family and friends, your neighborhood, and the larger community. To live a peaceful life is to promote peace within yourself in the environment around you.

Practice Efficient Communication

Practice Efficient Communication

Most discord starts because of a breakdown in communication. Knowing how to communicate effectively can reduce the chances of misunderstandings, disagreements, and conflicts. Learning how to practice peaceful conflict resolution through dialogue is also an important skill to practice. Communication is also an excellent way to express yourself and learn about others too, which can promote peace in the sense that with knowledge comes a deeper understanding.

Be Open and Understanding

People have different lived experiences. They will not have the same life as you, and that comes with different values, interests, and opinions. By being open to the experiences of others, you can gain a better understanding of life and how you can act in a way that benefits more people in the name of peace.

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