How to Avoid Glass Scratches Inside Your Luxury Home

If you are thinking your house glass is free from scratch, you better look around and see every glass you have. Your windows or glass tables can have some scratches and it’s hard to see if you will not pay attention to the details.

A small scratch can lead to big issues or glass breaking. Even the most beautiful houses in the Philippines are prone to glass scratches. It can be invisible, without knowing it will break soon and can cause an accident.

Glass windows can be one of the scratch materials inside your house due to improper cleaning so better check it out early than be sorry later.

What Causes Scratching in Glass Windows?

Starting to worry right now? There are some reasons why a single scratch occurs in your glasses. Here are some causes you will be surprised by. Before knowing how to fix scratched glass windows, see the usual reasons behind it.

Anything harder than a glass

A diamond is known for its hardness. When it comes to scaling, the diamond is the hardest with a ten hardness scaling. Glass is in the middle with a five scale higher than talc. So anything harder than glass, which is five and above scaling, can damage or scratch it. Be careful with your pieces of jewelry because a single contact with an ordinary glass can leave a mark on it.


Can you imagine that dust can put scratches on your window? A pile of dust can start scratching by fusing to the surface of the glass. Rubbing it into your glass can leave a visible mark on it. So be careful in cleaning it. Better use a damp cloth in rub it in a circular motion.

What Causes Scratching in Glass Windows

Fallen Debris

Same as dust, it can leave scratches when fusing to the surface of the glass. Debris is pushed through the surface after being disengaged. This results in clear scratch marks being left behind.

Children toys

One cause of glass scratches is your children’s toys. They may tap or throw it on your glass table or glass windows which will cause serious damage to it. You can put away glass materials or furniture in their playroom to prevent scratches.


Your dog probably wants to go outside, which is the typical cause of its scratching on your glass door. This can be the case because it saw something that caught its curiosity and made it want to go see or play with it. Your pet might be experiencing boredom and frustration so it scratches your windows. Your dogs might need attention so they tend to scratch your glass doors and windows. Give them toys to put away their attention to your glass. Put a tape or spray that will help to prevent scratches. Give them also an exercise that will deplete their energy like walking them around the park of Forresta Villar Land or Daang Hari subdivision, especially in Alabang.

Glass Scratches?

If you’re wondering how bad the glass scratch is in your glass windows or tables, there are types of glass scratches that will determine the level of scratch on it.

Minor glass scratches

Minor scratches come first. These are the somewhat brief ones that might merely be surface-level. Although they can accumulate, these are the most typical sorts of scratches on glass. It can be seen from certain angles in the thin layer surface and you can’t feel them when you touch it.

dogs can produce glass scratching

Moderate glass scratches

The second issue is some moderate scratches or little scrapes. Compared to minor scratches, these kinds of scratches are a little more concerning. Minor scratches are usually shorter than moderate scratches, which are somewhat cut into the glass. Minor scratches are more frequent, while moderate scratches are more obvious and more challenging to repair. When you touch it, you can feel it with your fingernail.

Heavy glass scratches

The heavy glass scratches are the cautious type of scratch. These kinds of scratches are destructive to the eyes because of the deep and long scratches. Fixing scratched glass might be quite tough, but it is also necessary to fix it.

Extreme glass scratches

If you say art, extreme glass scratches are an abstract that will make you disappointed. Even if you are far away, it’s visible. These types of scratches are severe and you need a professional to replace or remove them because they can lead to breaking and might cause an accident. Don’t let it break and up by putting a house and lot for sale sign in front of your house.

Does glass get scratched easily?

Glass is not the hardest of all materials. So expect that it can get easily scratched by small particles without knowing. Dust or debris are the most common things why your glass scratch easily. Over time, it can get worse without proper maintenance. Again, anything harder than glass or the glass itself can put a scratch on it.

How to fix scratched glass window?

The damage had been done, is there still a remedy? How to fix scratched glass windows whether stained glass or ordinary glass, tables, doors, and mirrors inside your house? Are there still ways? Well, today is your lucky day because there are things you can do to remove it with a single tool available in your home.

live in luxury in your home

Remedies you can find at home

Some simple home remedies can help you remove scratches on glass. It can be a cleaning material or a personal tool kit that is available inside your house.


One option is to use regular toothpaste, which is available in every home. Toothpaste’s deep-cleaning ability makes it an excellent remedy for minor scratches, removing the surface and restoring the glass to its original state. Even after a thorough cleaning, scratches are ugly and can make your home appear cluttered. Use toothpaste to fix the scrape before it develops into a larger crack. Clean and dry the window with a damp cloth or cotton ball then take a small dot of toothpaste and apply it in circular motions straight to the glass that has been scratched. Use just regular toothpaste for this stage and not gel toothpaste because it will have the opposite effect. Use white toothpaste together with baking soda in it for even better results.

Clear Nail Polish Remover

Scratches can be lessened with clear nail polish without fading or harming the glass. Apply a tiny coat to the scratch with the polish brush. Any cutting created by scratch will be filled up with clear polish. After giving the polish to cure, remove it with a clean cloth dipped in nail polish remover. Mirrors are independent of nail polish remover because it is an effective process to remove a scratch or to make it spotless.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is used to polish glass around the house.  Since it not only works on both smooth and tempered or commercial glasses but also because it is a natural and gentle cleaning agent, which is perfect if you have young children in the house. You will essentially create a paste of baking soda and water that will serve as your glass polish. Simply combine equal amounts of water and baking soda until you get a thick paste. Once your surface is clean and dry, start working a small bit into the scratched area with a cloth. This will clean and fix your glass.


If you prefer natural cures and wish to stay away from all chemicals, vinegar is a more natural home remedy for healing scratched glass than anything else. It can be used for moderate and heavy glass scratches. Simply apply the vinegar-water solution to the scrapes, gently rub, and then rinse with cold water to finish.

How to Protect Your Glass from Scratching

Protect and Prevent Glass from Scratching

Prevention and protection are better than Cure. After knowing these things, it’s time to protect and prevent scratches from your glass furniture and windows. Here are some tips on how you will take care of your precious glass.

Clean Your Glass Surface Frequently and Correctly

Regular cleaning of your tabletop glass, glass doors and windows, mirrors, and other glass materials will not only maintain it tidy and clean but will also increase its durability by preventing scratches. Use a clean, not rough cloth, lint-free cloth, or microfiber cloth to clean the surface of your glass. Paper towels and napkins are rough. You shouldn’t use these to clean your tabletop glass or windows since they will scratch the surface. Your glass will become scratched as a result of frequent usage of these. Avoid products also that have ammonia and acid in their list of active components. Glass surfaces whether of lime glass or glass beads decorations should not be exposed to these.

Table Cloth

A tablecloth will surely help on preventing scratches to your glass tables. It will serve as protection as you put different materials like sharp utensils and heavy items.

Branches and Twigs

Make sure to remove branches and twigs bumping your windows. It can cause scratching of the outside layer of the glass and may break when it hits hard. Cut it before it gets worse. If this is a major problem for you, try to look for a condo for sale in Tagaytay and enjoy a free view of nature.

Scratches are big problems for glass inside your house. But it depends also on the materials used on how strong and durable it is. Looking for a house and lot for sale with strong glass materials? Try looking on daang hari subdivisions or in Alabang for a perfect home. See the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.

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