5 Upcoming Furniture Designers to Follow


There are numerous reasons for purchasing furniture, but the most important underlying reason is that it serves as the backdrop to our lives. Our furnishing requirements change as our lives undergo both big and small changes. We need furniture to live more comfortably, and we use it for storage, sitting, and sleeping. Beyond the basics, it is also there to express our sense of style. And, as our requirements evolve, so does our furniture. People are staying at home for longer periods of time, especially in this pandemic  and our homes deserve to be designed and decorated with care. Top quality furniture will outlast current trends because those items can take months to manufacture, so furniture designers tend to avoid bizarre trends that may be out of style before it’s even finished. Leather furniture, for example, has been used to decorate homes for hundreds of years and is regarded as high-end and of high quality.

Luxury is something that is uniquely personal; it is difficult to define, but when we see something luxurious, it evokes an unmistakable feeling within us. Luxury furniture, for many, evokes this feeling in an unrivalled way. Consider the elegant curves and timeless heritage of a luxurious and ornate French dressing table, or the artistic lines of a finely crafted contemporary coffee table.

When you get home from a long day at work, the furniture in your home relieves your pain and provides you with mental satisfaction. A home with furniture not only completes the home, but it also covers a large amount of space and is an important part of interior design. Furniture plays a significant role inside all buildings, it can be said. While other aspects of interior design contribute to the overall look and feel of the room, it is the furniture that truly brings the space to life, making it a comfortable place for people to work, play, relax, and live in general.  So make sure to choose furniture that fits the space and adds warmth to the home. If you’re planning to buy new furniture for your luxurious home makeover, you should definitely check out the pieces from these talented Filipino furniture designers


1 . Paco Pili

bathtub sofa modern art recycled interior design furniture | luxury lifestyle and homes by Brittany Corporation

Paco Pili specializes in recycling ordinary items into modern works of art as furniture pieces. Source: @upcycleph on Instagram


Paco Pili of Upcycleph is an outspoken supporter of upcycling, and his work reflects this. This furniture designer’s creations have a vintage, quirky vibe, such as the “bathtub sofa” with fruity-floral upholstery (the couch’s frame is actually half of an old bathtub ), luggages and makeup kits that at first glance look like old-school boomboxes, old suitcases repurposed as side or coffee tables, and tennis rackets upcycled.

Paco Pili had a bright future ahead of him. He was a marketing graduate and at a young age. He had a promising position at a local bank yet the young artist decided to give that up to pursue upcycling.

The key to upcycling is creativity and innovation; Paco believes that his natural resourcefulness is a valuable asset when it comes to conceptualizing his projects.


2. Roberta Limjap and Anna Zavalla

Raw.tura co-owners Roberta Limjap and Anna Zavalla experiment with every natural material available, resulting in one-of-a-kind, eclectic pieces each time.

Two friends were brought together by their passion for raw materials and aesthetics as furniture designers. Their musings capture the essence of Limjap and Zavalla’s friendship, which they developed over years of friendship, from their early years at Assumption to their college days at Ateneo de Manila.  After graduation, the two separated for a short time—Limjap studied drawing and painting in France, while Zavalla studied design in Spain—but not so far that Limjap couldn’t visit Zavalla in Madrid. However, after finishing their respective courses, they did not immediately launch their own furniture brand raw.tura. Both started out working on their own, leaning toward making some sort of music. Their shared appreciation for the raw and natural aesthetic, as well as their appreciation for the classic and elegant feel, leads to a creative convergence for the two. “Every house or space always needs something natural or green to make it look more balanced,” Zavalla says of the look they chose. Steel and glass are the most common materials used in modern design. But, as we all know, there is always a chance that something will go wrong.

They aren’t afraid to experiment and play with different designs, as evidenced by their custom console table made of copper-coated metal and acacia wood, wall cabinet-slash-bookshelf made of various kinds of wood with light gray and blue gray finishes, and woven baskets (made of rattan, wicker, and cowhide) that can serve as catchall bins and a variety of other purposes, to name a few.

Traditional modern wooden furniture for men in interior design | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Eclectic pieces made of wood, which gives off that traditional yet modern vibe. Source: @raw.tura on Instagram


3. Nath Geluz

Clean lines, well-defined angles, and a plethora of wonderful wooden pieces dominate the feed of Dekko founder Nath Geluz.

Happy Filipino family of mother father and daughter | luxury lifestyle and homes by Brittany Corporation

The Dekko Workshop in Cavite specialize in custom furniture for the family. Photo by Regina


This designer’s creations, such as a work cubicle-turned-reception desk made of reclaimed wood, a buffet table made of mahogany, and an acacia wood shoe cabinet, are astounding in their ability to convey something minimalist modern yet subtly nostalgic. You may see his works here.

Dekko Workshop, based in Imus, Cavite, is made up of a group of artisans, furniture designers, and craftsmen who specialize in custom wood and steel furniture. They use reclaimed wood, assuring customers that their products are made in a sustainable and responsible manner. Furthermore, the artisans are out-of-school youth who have been trained and taught by the owner, Nath Geluz, allowing them to support themselves and their families.


4. Joseph Rastrullo

Who knew there was so much poetry in geometry? Former apprentice of renowned interior and one of the best local furniture designers Budji Layug, Joseph Rastrullo, has carved out a truly authentic design aesthetic with his signature exaggerated lines, sharp edges, and dramatic shapes.

Black and white coils | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

His feed, which is mostly comprised of black-and-white photos, demonstrates that it’s the little details that count.

In 2009, he began his apprenticeship with Budji Layug, who became responsible for Joseph’s design direction and is still mentoring him with his approach today. Rastrullo continued his Masters studies in 2012, enrolling in the Masters in Business Design course at Domus Academy in Italy, hungry for inspiration. There, he met and learned from furniture designers and visiting professors Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana), Andrea Branzi (Vitra Design), Aldo Cibic (Memphis Group), Stefano Giovannoni (Alessi), and Giorgio Lavelli (Radar Trend). At Domus, he also learned how to combine business and design.

Following in the footsteps of his mentors, the hardworking and driven millennial ensures that everything he does has a purpose. “That’s what gets me up in the morning and keeps me focused,” he says. He admits to getting up between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. until 5 a.m. to organize his day—he left a message in their team’s messenger group. “I don’t expect a response from them, and I expect them to be sleeping. It’s just my way of saying, ‘this is what I’m planning, and this is me pushing.’”


5. Jim Torres

Jim Torres, founder of Zarate Manila, a design brand consultancy and studio focusing on lighting, furniture, and interior accents, got his big break in 2015 when he won the Red Box Design Talent for his Escapade collection—lighting pieces made of stainless steel in metal-shredding technique.

Furniture designer interior design student working on detailed craftsmanship artwork | luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Jim Torres’ detailed works are the reason why he belongs in our list of furniture designers. Source: Nolisoli


Zarate Manila is a Pampanga-based design and manufacturing studio that was founded in 2015. They provide design services and innovative concepts in the fields of furniture design and lighting, as well as exhibition design and art objects. In Pampanga, He collaborates with his team of welders and artisans. Their focus is on metal handcrafting, and they strive to create objects that are both balanced and discreet, but also warm – a sense of joy and beauty is inherent in their work. His designs are influenced by art, fashion, local furniture designers, and industrial design, and they reflect a modern contemporary style without being overtly trend driven.

Aside from wanting to be known, an artist, like Kenneth Cobonpue, just like how his sketches now turn into works of art. From his college days to the present, he says he has only tried to create, improve, and expand. Though he wasn’t sure what field to pursue at first, he now envisions himself exhibiting world-class lighting installations across different countries in the next ten years and beyond, with the goal of achieving a perfect balance between art and design.

Do you need an artistic push? Check out his feed for some awesome inspiration from his love of woven-backed chairs, metal-shaved designs, and lighting installations.

The first point of interest is the furniture, where everyone wants to sit comfortably and feel relaxed. Choosing the right furniture for your luxurious home not only looks nice, but it also has an impact on our physical and mental well-being. Furnishing your home is a significant financial outlay. Take your time choosing the right styles and brands, and resist the urge to spend all of your money on furnishing your home at once. Take inspiration from these furniture designers. Pace yourself so you can select high-end luxury furniture that is both timeless and multifunctional.

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