Pet-Friendly Fabrics For Your Interiors

A dog is a man’s best friend, and a cat is a connoisseur of comfort. And just like any other pets, they bring peace, joy, and relief. They are like a family to most of us, we want to treat them in the best possible way. Having them inside your new home does a lot of jobs. They shed, they scratch, they make a mess, and they might probably stain your home furniture and rugs.

Pet-Friendly Fabrics for your Interiors

Pets are also playful by nature. An animal does not think as humans do. They cannot help you clean the house and your room or tell them not to ruin the architecture and home design. However, pet owners just love them and want to keep them, so what are the best pet-friendly fabrics to not compromise between the pets and the home design? If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your dream home with your fur friends, you might want to read more about your home improvement and project.

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Protecting your Home Design from your Playful Pets

What do Pet Owners need to consider about the materials needed

The material must be Stain Resistant

Dogs are a ball of sunshine; they want to jump around your sofa and other furniture. When they go out around your backyard, they might have soil and dirt on their paws from the puddles. They might be overjoyed and stain your pet-friendly fabrics after their playtime. Or simply when they are resting, their drool can also be a cause of stubborn dirt. Stains can sometimes be permanent, which can also be an additional expense because you might need to reupholster or, worse, replace your furniture.

welsh corgi dogs and british longhair cat on sofa at home

The material must be Durable

Aside from stains and dirt, expect that your pet’s claws and teeth might create huge damage to your upholstered furniture. Invest in materials that will protect your couch from any tear or unexpected space and wear from claw marks that might be a bigger problem in the long run.

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The material must be Easy to clean

Small stains and fur are the common things to be cleaned. But if you have the right material, vacuum and lint brush will be seldomly used again. You can remove odors and dirt easier. It will only require simple cleaning using mild soap and other natural materials. This is an important consideration because cleaning takes a lot of time, effort, and investment, especially when you need a professional home cleaning service.

brown sofa cleaning

Texture and Patterns of the material

This is the top secret for unnoticeable stains and pet hair. Dark colors and patterns that match your interior design will make people oversee the furs and mimic the scratches. But take note that if your pet’s hair is light colored, you also need to choose the light color of fabrics for your sofa or rugs. Using this technique can also fill your home design with aesthetics and elegance. Staying plain and simple is like sticking to your default settings, you are stuck with stereotypes. Just a friendly reminder to not go overboard and always watch out if it is going off your interior design.

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Best Pet-Friendly Fabrics for your Home Design

  1. Leather

Top on the list is leather, you probably already know why. An interior designer and an animal advocate, Kimberly Kelly, said that leather is an ideal option when you have pets. It is because your pet’s hair would not stick and settle on your furniture because you can just wipe it off or clean it using a vacuum. Also, most people love leather when it ages because it naturally develops a patina over time as it adds character. This way, cat or dog scratch will also blend on it, making it less visible.

attractive mixed-breed dog laying down on elegant vintage sofa

Though scratches are unavoidable, puncturing holes on leather is halfway impossible. Especially if your leather is expensive and non-synthetic, it will serve its purpose as protection. Aside from pet hair, it is also stain and odor-resistant, which gives you the ease of cleaning just by wiping it.

  1. Woven Fabrics

This kind of fabric is a part of traditional home design. Examples are chenille, denim, felts, herringbone, and broadcloth. They are created on a loom with yarns that are interlaced with each other. Woven fabrics commonly have fine patterns and visual textures.

Directly above view of white fabric cloth

It has a tight weave that makes it durable and strong. However, because it is woven, the space between the threads might become a cause of tear when your cat or dog has untrimmed sharp claws. It can get stuck on it, causing it to wear. So why is this considered one of the pet-friendly fabrics? Simply because the dimensions of the patterns create a disguise on the pet hair and scratches. Also, the spaces between them do not trap dirt which helps eliminate the odors.

  1. Synthetic material

Fabrics made of synthetic materials, including microfiber, nylon, and velvet, are also called low-pile fabrics. Putting leather aside, a lot of people prefer using synthetic materials instead of natural materials as pet-friendly fabrics. It is because they are low-maintenance and do not require professionals to clean it regularly. Here, you do not have to worry about spills or drools because liquids easily slip away on them. Its advantage is that odors are not a worry because liquids would not fill or settle, and they will be cleared away in an instant.

Low-Pile Fabrics, Synthetic Materials

If you are considering microfiber in your sofa, your house will look very cozy and perfect for your home design. At the same time, despite its soft texture, it is a tight weave fabric that helps to protect from tears and scratches on your upholstery. Microfibers also resist stains, or if there are any, they can be easily wiped off with water and mild soap. Pet hair can also be easily removed using a lint brush.

If you are shopping for furniture that goes well with your luxurious dream style, one with a velvet fabric is one of the options. It is also safe from wear and tear because it has more stretch. You can also easily take off any fur on the surface by using tape, a microfiber cloth, a lint brush, or a pet sponge.

  1. Outdoor fabric

If you have an outdoor area in your room or house like a sunroom, patio, terrace, or couch near the windows, you also need to read more info about getting the best pet-friendly fabrics for your outdoor furniture. You may look for ideas online and search for the perfect interior that projects well with your home design.

Example of an Outdoor Furniture and Fabric that are Pet-Friendly

You must be aware that there are types of pet-friendly fabrics on furniture and even fabrics made for indoor and outdoor purposes. Because the weather is unpredictable, outdoor fabrics are made to protect their color, repel moisture, resist stains, and must be antimicrobial. A piece of outdoor fabric is also made to withstand any weather or harsh elements. There are now many available colors, patterns, and types of selection of this kind of fabric, which is why you will never compromise on having pet-friendly fabrics and your chosen home design.

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