Do Pets Influence How People Choose A Home?

Having a pet is becoming increasingly common, as pet ownership has a significant impact on homebuyers’ decision-making process. There are a number of new developments in the real estate market that cater to pet owners, including private outdoor spaces and close access to a veterinarian’s office. In today’s world, where we live is a major decision we make, and dogs have a tremendous impact on that decision.

Most homes have features inside for pets.

Potential homebuyers are now more likely than ever to consider pets when making a decision. And it’s not just pet owners who are influenced by their furry pals; even non-pet owners are beginning to take that into account when making purchasing decisions.

According to new research by Zillow and Rover, 84% of dog owners would pay more for a pet-friendly amenity in their next house, such as a doggy door or a fenced-in backyard.

It’s not just dogs that are having an impact on the housing market; 64 percent of cat owners said they’d be willing to pay more for a cat-friendly feature, like a built-in scratching post or a window perch.

Cat owners are also beginning to hunt for homes that cater to their cats. It’s obvious that accommodating our four-legged companions is becoming more and more crucial for both buyers and sellers because pets are now such a big part of the home-buying process.

Pet-Friendly Community

In the eyes of many pet owners, finding a home that fulfills their pet’s needs is just as critical as choosing a home that satisfies their own needs. We may expect an increase in the number of real estate developments that cater to our furry companions as the need for pet-friendly housing continues to grow.

Potential consumers recently considered the following when searching for a home with their pets:

  1. Having amenities for pets is a good thing.
  2. Having access to the outdoors is highly sought after.
  3. It’s a plus if the people in the neighborhood like pets.
  4. Most homes have features inside for pets.

Having amenities for pets is a good thing.

When buying a property, pet owners look at the proximity to essential services and activities for dogs, in addition to school districts and commuting hours. Many pet owners take into account nearby dog parks when choosing a community.

Hatchett also mentions the appeal of a pet daycare on the way to work or a close clinic, especially for older animals. According to research published by the NAR in 2020, a veterinarian and/or outdoor space for their pet to be close to their neighborhood were seen as being extremely important by 18% of recent homebuyers.

Do Pets Influence How People Choose A Home

Having access to the outdoors is highly sought after.

It’s no surprise that as pets become more and more a part of the family, private outside space is becoming increasingly crucial to potential homeowners with pets. People who want a safe, comfortable space for their pets to play are drawn to large, fenced-in yards, shade to keep canines cool, and non-toxic landscaping. Pet-friendly features can help residential real estate investors reach a wider spectrum of potential customers.

It’s a plus if the people in the neighborhood like pets.

Pets are becoming more and more popular among young buyers, and as a result, pet-friendly neighborhoods are in high demand. Buyers are seeking for possible investments that will allow them to live near other people who share their passion for dogs. And while pets may seem like a minor detail, real estate agents say that pets can actually make or break a sale.

People’s pets are a big part of their lives, so people looking to buy a home want to know if their new neighbors will be okay with them. So, if you’re considering selling your investment property, it might be worth making it pet-friendly—you never know who you might attract!

Pet-Friendly Community

Most homes have features inside for pets.

Today, more than ever, individuals treat their dogs as if they were members of their own family. As a result, pets are becoming a key consideration for many potential buyers when they are looking for a new home.

Designated indoor spaces and features for pets are now seen as an important selling point for any property. Doggy doors, mudrooms designed for canines, sunrooms and enclosed porches for cats, and windows that allow all animals to watch the world outside are just some of the features that pets and their owners are looking for in a new home.

For real estate investors, this trend represents a huge opportunity. By adding pet-friendly features to their investment properties, they can make them more appealing to potential buyers and increase their chances of making a sale. In today’s market, pet-friendly homes are in high demand, so investors who are willing to make these accommodations can reap the rewards.

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Investment Properties

But when it comes to residential property investment, there are indeed a number of different factors to consider. It is not enough to simply discover the ideal home at the ideal price; you also need to consider the property’s location, the neighborhood in which it is situated, and the possibilities for expansion in the foreseeable future.

Generally, if you’re looking to invest in a real estate property, it’s important to do your research and choose a location that is likely to experience economic growth in the future.

This may be the result of recent modifications in the infrastructure or the construction of new residential areas. You can increase your chances of locating a piece of real estate that will deliver a positive return on investment if you give each of these considerations the thorough attention they deserve.

It's a plus if the people in the neighborhood like pets.

How do you know if a property is a good investment? Here are some factors home buyers consider:

  1. Location.The location of a house may be the most important thing to think about when buying one. No matter how the real estate market changes in the future, a good location will always be a plus. You can make an ugly house look nice, but you can’t make a bad location great.On the other hand, real estate properties located in desirable areas of the local market will almost invariably turn out to be profitable investments. It is also preferable to locate somewhere close to your place of employment because this will save you both energy and cash on travel expenses.
  2. Neighborhood.When you are looking for a place, you should also check out the area. Determine whether or not the area is suitable for households with children. Check out the neighborhood at different times of the day and night before you get too far into the process of buying the house. And if you can, try to meet some of the neighbors to learn more about the area and the people who live there.No matter how much you value your family, you don’t want to live near people who are bad influences or who do illegal things. It’s important for the owner to find a house with nice neighbors and a healthy neighborhood.
  3. Schools and Colleges.Every parent imagines their child going to a good high school and then a well-known college. Buying a luxury home near a good school or college will not only make your life easier, but it will also have a better chance of going up in value. Even though the house may cost a little more here, you can be sure that when you try to sell it, it will be worth a lot more. Also, houses near schools or colleges rent out quickly and stay rented for a long time.
  4. Infrastructure.When buying a house, a crucial factor to consider is accessibility of basic infrastructures in the area. Before you buy a house, find out if there are certain infrastructures that are simple but must be there. This is also important for business
  5. Green open space.It makes sense for a homeowner to want to live near green, open spaces. It’s also something you should think about when buying a house. Before you purchase that luxury home, take a walk around the area to check out the trees, other homes, and landscape. The green and open space around the house can make it more appealing to you and to potential buyers.Prioritize a place with great views and a good place for your kids to grow up. In the same way, the shape of the land is important because the house on the highest point in the area usually drains well and has a good view.
  6. SecurityOwning a home is one of the securities that people look for in life. It is a determinant factor in people’s happiness. Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibilities, such as maintaining the property, paying the mortgage, and making sure the property is safe. One of the reasons why security is important in real estate is that it is one of the responsibilities of homeowners.If a property is not safe, it can lower its market value and make it difficult to sell or rent. In addition, security is important because it can help to deter crime. If a neighborhood is known for being safe, it will attract more buyers and renters, which can help to raise prices in the real estate market.


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Lucerne Luxury Ready Home | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Lucerne is a 3 bedroom, single-detached luxury Swiss-inspired ready home located within the community of Crosswinds Tagaytay. It is an investment property that Passive Income from Real Estate Investments has verified and found to have strong potential as an investment.

Pets are allowed in Lucerne. Lucerne is a great investment property for someone who wants to enjoy their investment while renting it out to others.

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Eliot Model House

This home oozes sophistication and outright elegance with a two-car garage, an indoor courtyard, four bedrooms, and an attic with a walk-in closet. Other pets are allowed; however, there isn’t much room for them to run around since this housing development is still under construction.

Promenade at Sta. Rosa Laguna is already a housing development that many people are interested to invest in because it’s centrally located near shopping and other amenities. It’s a great investment for the future.

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Carolyn Luxury House Model RFO Brittany Sta Rosa Georgia Club (7)

Invest in Carolyn. This Luxury Ready Home model unit has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining area, utility area, storage room, powder room, 2-car garage, and porch. It has a floor area of 265 square meters and a lot area of 150 square meters. All materials used are high-quality with European-inspired design finishings. This home for sale is located in the Georgia Club by Brittany Corporation.

The location of this luxury home in Sta. Rosa is very attractive because it is not too near nor too far from the schools and other establishments. The location is also accessible by public transportation and private cars. There are nearby restaurants, malls, and supermarkets. This home for sale is highly recommended for families who want to live in a peaceful place but still be near the conveniences of the city.

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Carletti is a classic and sophisticated luxury house.

When it comes to investment properties, luxury houses are always in high demand. And Carletti is certainly no exception. With its two stories, high ceilings, and three bedrooms, this investment property is the epitome of sophistication. This property also has two carports and a utility area, which makes it a great investment for people who want a little more space.

Pets are also welcome at Carletti, making it the perfect investment for families with furry friends. And with its proximity to shopping centers and other amenities, Carletti is sure to attract a steady stream of renters. Whether you’re looking for a long-term investment or a vacation rental property, Carletti is definitely worth considering.

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Lorenzo is an RFO luxury house that screams sophistication and elegance.

Many buyers are looking for a lot of room when they come home. At Lorenzo, you will have 177 sqm (floor area) of luxurious space. This is a wonderful place for your family to live and also for people who want to make money. Many people invest in real estate these days because it is a good way to make money.

The family hall is a comfortable place to watch TV or entertain guests. This property includes two carports that provide parking for your vehicles. It is also in a good spot because it is close to public transportation and major highways.

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