Luxury Homes Ready For Move-in In Santa Rosa


Ready Homes

Property hunters and real estate investors alike choose ready homes in the Philippines. Apart from the fact that it is almost ready for anyone to move into, buying ready homes allow investors to recoup their investment by leasing it.

Image of Carolyn model unit inside the luxury community of Brittany Sta Rosa

Ready homes are ideal for families, independent professionals, and OFW retirees searching for a speedy real estate transaction.


Though Ready for occupancy (RFO) real estate is more expensive than pre-sale or pre-selling real estate, they are still very suitable for property buyers, such as OFW investors, who have sufficient financial resources to buy a house and lot or a unit and have learned financial stability.

Advantages of buying Ready of Occupancy (RFO) houses


1. Consider your living style right away

Because the house you’re about to buy is currently available, you may easily check the development and imagine yourself living there! You have the opportunity to maximize your own living conditions.

Consider your living style right away

2. Examine the house thoroughly.

Buying an RFO house allows you to thoroughly inspect the property you’re interested in. You can do preliminary inspections on the property and discover even the tiniest problems by personally viewing it. You will also have the ability to study the region and location by selecting an RFO property.

Image of two children looking at the windowBeauty in every detail

3. Move in as soon as possible

Ready for Occupancy houses are complete, fully constructed (and sometimes fully furnished), and ready for occupancy. You will not have to wait years to be able to move into the unit.

Image of a a family having a dinner and having a toast

One of the finest benefits is the ability to move in as soon as you are ready. Unlike pre-sale properties, which require you to wait years to move in, an RFO property allows you to move into the actual house as soon as all paperwork and formalities have been completed and signed, as well as all required payments.


Luxury Homes

Regardless of the country’s economic difficulties or high inflation rates, the desire for luxury houses remains constant. After all, why not? Mansions, luxury condo, and vacation homes are all examples of high-end real estate. These are always sought by the wealthy and well-established in society, such as successful business owners, top-rank corporate executives, and traditionally wealthy families, among others.

Elegance never goes out of style

How about owning a luxury house and lot unit that is ready for occupation? Is it also worth it?

Owning a luxury house and lot unit that is ready for occupation is more relevant for people who are buying it as their primary residence, especially if they expect to live there for a long time. And if the luxury house and lot is the long-awaited dream home, the benefits will undoubtedly be worthwhile, especially in terms of financial security, mental health, and overall well-being.


Luxury Ready Homes in Santa Rosa

Why in Santa Rosa?

Just like what was mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of buying an RFO property is the ability to study the region and location.

Through the years, Santa Rosa’s growth has been expedited by large initiatives, making it an enticing location for buyers looking for suburban homes in environmentally rich settings. Individuals who want to live in an area where they may regularly enjoy the finer things in life might consider the luxury community. There are a number of reasons why luxury communities will not be phased out anytime soon.

For the homeowner, a luxury neighborhood offers various benefits. Living in such a setting offers a one-of-a-kind lifestyle unavailable in many other places.

It’s high time to choose a Philippine real estate developer that offers great luxury communities and has a history of building high-quality homes that will last for generations.

Brittany Santa Rosa

Brittany Sta. Rosa is a 260-hectare property rich in history, atmosphere, and nature, which has now transformed to become an exciting new destination, especially for people who want to live in the south of Metro Manila.

A photo of grass maze inside the luxury community of Brittany Sta. Rosa

Brittany’s premium real estate developments go beyond aesthetic appeal. Brittany, as a luxury brand in the premium real estate market, ensures that each real estate development lives up to its promise of providing the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, as well as residential developments that evoke a sense of exclusivity through their high-end amenities and facilities.

Here you can definitely feel close to nature, the sophistication and elegance of the house, and the life of luxury and grandeur.

Opening your windows lets in natural light from the warm sun, which is accompanied by fresh breezes from the lush trees that stand over your home. When you step outside, you’ll be greeted by magnificent thematic residences inspired by the countryside lifestyle, as well as green topping trees that give off a soothing vibe.

You don’t have to wait to experience all these in Brittany Santa Rosa’s RFO house!

Here are some of the luxury communities and ready-to-move-in houses in Brittany Sta. Rosa:



Brittany’s Promenade will certainly present you with a magnificent international ambiance of everyday life combined with the wonderfully designed houses that you deserve.

Living in Promenade makes you feel like genuine royalty.


Eliot Ready for Occupancy (RFO) Luxury Home

Brittany Corporation’s Promenade recently introduced a Smart Home Series to meet the needs and desires of future homeowners by developing luxury homes in the Philippines with the ideal blend of traditional and modern features.

One of the Ready for Occupancy (RFO) House for sale in Promenade Santa Rosa is the Eliot Luxury house. It is already equipped with Alexa-powered smart home technology.

Smart home technology encourages independence, productivity, safety, and wellbeing. Eliot Smart Home will provide you right away all the convenience and elegance that you desire when it comes to living in style.