Guide To Modern Luxury Interior Designs

Sophisticated but simple. light and warm. airy and cool. These are some of the best ways to describe the modern luxury interior design. This kind of design has been very well recommended as it gives you a clean and neat look while still giving off elegance and sophistication.

A key to a good home is not just limited to having a wide space, high ceilings, a peaceful community with world-class amenities, and the like. Aside from these features, which Brittany houses by Vista Land offer, a good home also has to be comfortable and have a luxury finish on the inside.

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Modern luxury interior designs are very popular nowadays as they give off what we call the “Instagrammable look.” This look has become popular, especially among Millenials who are exploring designing their interior by themselves. It is basically giving the picture-perfect space like what we can see through magazines. They match color palettes through the home decors, accessories, furniture, and fixtures, to give off an aesthetic vibe. You can browse ideas and styles through social media.

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Luxury and Modern Homes

When we hear the words “luxury” and “modern,” it is automatically that we think of expensiveness and elegance. From the art pieces, furniture, and other elements, we can’t help but think of breaking the bank to achieve the overall look we want to portray.

But the thing is, we don’t need to. There are plenty of ways to transform your space to look like most high-end interior designs without costing you a lot. You just need well-executed color palettes and pieces of furniture to turn things around in your home.

Here are some of the things and ideas you need to focus on to achieve modern luxury interior design:

We’ve listed down some of the ideas you need to focus on to achieve modern luxury interior design:

  1. Color Palettes
  2. Pieces of Furniture
  3. Plan Your Space Properly
  4. Decorative Items
  5. Thematic Interior


  1. Color Palettes

    Make your home with modern luxury interiors with the right colors. The most commonly used are the ones in deep color and in neutral palettes such as black, white, grey, brown, and beige. It gives the interior designer plenty of ways to incorporate design styles since they will be highlighted by the basic colors used.

    There is something about plain colors that makes a surface or an area more elegant because of its simplicity with a mix of boldness. It gives a minimalist effect to your interior, which makes the area more spacious and airy. The major items that need to fall into your desired palette are the pieces of furniture, curtains, and walls.


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  2. Pieces of Furniture

    To get that modern luxury interior, you should also focus on the big materials and choose quality larger pieces to enter your living space. An intimate furniture arrangement with sumptuous sofas, a grand dining table, a king bed, or gold and elegant shelves are some of the basic items you should include on your list.

    Accent furniture may also be considered as it can be your form of art for your living room. An interior designer may get matching fixtures and furniture sets to make sure everything goes well with your theme, but exploring different materials with the same palette may still be an option if you’re looking to save some zeros.

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  3. Plan your space properly

    With your spacious living space, sleek modern staircase design, and high-ceilinged house, you may find it difficult to place your things. You need to plan ahead on how to organize your clutter, have your major art pieces have their own moment, and utilize the space without it being too empty or clumped.

    The key to this type of design is to make it look minimalist but in an elegant way. You may check inspiration through architecture magazines so you can find ways to organize your things strategically yet aesthetically.

    Interior design concept for modern luxury home

  4. Decorative Items

    To highlight the special features of your home, you should also make sure you are placing in the right amount and type of decorative items. From the window drapes, plush cushions, books and magazines, vases, and centerpieces, you need to create a theme that goes well with them.

    You may check surplus stores or thrift shops for relatively smaller, cheaper items that may still contribute to your luxury design. You may also secure art pieces to serve as the main elements of the whole room.

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  5. Thematic Interior

    For an easier way to design your home, you would need to decide on your theme. If you want it to look warm, light, cool, spacious, elegant, or the like. Everything should match, from the heavy swag curtains, metallic finishes, furniture, and fixtures, pillows, flooring, walls, or even the scent; it should all be connected to what vibe you are aiming for. Most houses even use smart home AI gadgets to minimize wiring and other clutter for your home technology.

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As we drive down to the 3rd quarter of the year, we may have to do a quick renovation on the interiors of our homes. To give off a fresh half-year start and create an extra oomph for your house, spice up your area with new colors or new home decor, and remove any clutter you have gained from the first half. Add decadence to your already luxurious Brittany model house by creating designs and giving it a quick fix for a more modern luxury interior design.

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Your new luxury home is in Vista Alabang.

With its 24/7 security, lush spaces, clean and green environment, world-class amenities, and friendly neighborhood, your new home in Portofino Alabang will give you the best kind of life you truly deserve.

Imagine sipping your cup of coffee as you wake up with sun rays reflected from the windows of your balcony. Going home to the peaceful side of the metro and spend quality time with your family in your spacious living room. Switching to a healthier lifestyle by going out for a quick run over your community or using the amenities readily available for you to utilize.

Image of Pietro Luxury Home within the Italian inspired community of Portofino Heights

Brittany houses offer Italian-inspired houses with a modern sense and design. With the classiness and timelessness an Italian home gives off, combined with the modern style, it really gives its residents the luxury experience that Vista Land is known for. Aside from living the best life, you also get to experience luxury and elegance through your exteriors and interiors.

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