Growth Opportunities as Direct Marketing Officer in Luxury Real Estate Industry

Investors and real estate agents are both brave and smart to move into the luxury real estate market. Investing a considerable amount of money is a brave thing to do, but selling it is even more so. Nevertheless, both will result in a rewarding outcome.

Is the real estate industry growing in the Philippines?

Over the years, the real estate industry has proven itself to be the most resilient investment, and this was proven during the surge of the pandemic. The industry, both residential and commercial, was able to withstand the challenges brought by the global virus. According to a Philippine outlook report from Colliers, a 17% increase in condominium stock in key business districts alone is expected before the end of 2024. This just goes to show that opportunity awaits in the real estate industry.

What are the opportunities in the luxury real estate industry?

There are endless opportunities in becoming a real estate agent, but those opportunities will become even wider with digitalization. In this modern time, e-commerce has greatly impacted different industries, and one of them is the real estate market. Based on an article entitled “The Impact Of Digital Transformation On The Real Estate Sector” (2022), in the coming years, the likelihood of a buyer purchasing a home via the internet will be 2.4 times higher than purchasing it in person. There goes the introduction of “digital or direct marketing professionals,” career-driven individuals who are digitally inclined and bold enough to conquer the real estate world online.

Luxury Market in Real Estate

An article from Sotheby’s states that there is an emerging trend in the luxury real estate market called the “Next Generation of Affluent Consumers”, who make more engagement in “Digital Agility” such as VR presentations, 3D home tours, and other digital advancements in real estate. It was also stated that this generation of the affluent market is more considerate of the certain lifestyle a property’s location can deliver.

Digitalization in Luxury Real Estate

For example, Brittany Corporation, one of the country’s leading real estate developers in the high-end segment, master-planned a range of luxurious thematic communities that give the affluent market a world-class experience.

Being A Real Estate Agent In The Luxury Market

A professional direct marketing

As a luxury real estate agent, there are qualifications you must have to boost your career in real estate.

Communication Skills

The first quality you must have as a real estate agent is good communication skills. You need to be able to eloquently present the property and the lifestyle you are offering to the high-end market that you are targeting.


Next is to be presentable; a luxury salesperson who always looks sleek and professional tends to project a more trustworthy image to the buyer. Investing in yourself, especially in your corporate wardrobe, is one of the keys to becoming a credible real estate professional.

Attention to Detail

In real estate, attention to detail is one of the great and necessary qualities that you should have. If you are smart enough to pay attention to your client’s unique demands, then you may be able to build stronger relationships that can also come to fruition in the future.


As a real estate professional, you also need to have connections. Networking plays a huge role in a real estate career. Having the skills to be able to relate to different types of people may be beneficial to your career in the industry.

Digitally-Inclined DIrect Marketing

Digital Literacy

Being digitally inclined is another important quality that you must possess to advance your real estate career. Your knowledge of different types of digital marketing strategies will greatly impact your career in real estate.

Direct Marketing at Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation hones professionals and equips them with the necessary tools and training to be able to provide excellent service to the luxury real estate niche. Also known as “digital sales associates”, this type of real estate salesperson does not require you to have a real estate license. The position entails marketing and selling luxury residential properties, from luxury condominiums to premium houses and lots.

What is it like being a Direct Marketing at Brittany Corporation?

Meet Laurence Albert “LA” Nofuente, a high-performing Senior Direct Marketing Officer at Brittany Corporation, who has been with the company for more than five years.

Direct Marketing at Brittany Corporation

The Best Thing About Being With Brittany Corporation

“It is a pleasure to be part of the luxury real estate brand of Vista Land. One of the best things about working here is that the company equally prioritizes the demands of work and their employees’ personal lives.

It is also fulfilling to be able to work with different people. You can find a lot of smart individuals working in this company, and I love that the learning opportunities here are endless.

Lastly, of course, are the perks and incentives. What I love about sales is that it allows me to make limitless earnings to provide for my personal needs and achieve my financial dreams. Brittany never fails to recognize and compensate their people.”

Being a part of a well-rounded team is not something you come across often, particularly when it comes to working as a Direct Marketing Officer.

From LA’s testimony, we can see that working with Brittany Corporation is not just the perks and incentives that we look forward to when it comes to working, but also the satisfaction, enjoyment, and comfort in knowing that the company you are with takes care of your needs and well-being.

You and Brittany Over the Years

I started here at Brittany as a Direct Marketing Officer. I can say that the transition from my previous career to this new responsibility was smooth, which I have my mentors to thank for. I am fortunate that, with the help of the people around me and my personal dedication to the job, I was able to perform well throughout the years.

Brittany recognized how hard I worked and gave me a chance to lead my own team, with whom I could share my knowledge, best practices, and experiences.

I’ve been with Brittany for a while, and I have observed a lot of improvements in myself. The most noticeable? Digital transformation.

I love how Brittany always adapts to new solutions and innovations, which, in turn, can improve our service. Digital transformation has greatly helped us increase our efficiency, develop greater business agility, and, ultimately, unlock new opportunities for employees and clients.

Brittany has enhanced its digital platforms throughout the years, particularly in terms of social media engagement, website management, customer care, and CRM, which substantially benefited us all.”

Brittany Corporation is a huge believer when it comes to digital transformation, which is why it is not just enough to make sure that people like LA are equipped with all the latest technological advancements that they need. The company also makes it a priority to provide training that can improve the skills and knowledge of our team members, ensuring that they’re well-equipped for the challenges they may face.

Cultivating Your Team’s Career in Real Estate

Careers in Real Estate

“To cultivate my team’s growth, I consistently teach and train them to build their skills and ensure that they are growing with their roles rather than remaining stagnant. I communicate with them often and listen to their insights, ideas, and perspectives. This promotes harmony and motivation within our team. I also share my experiences and learnings with them, which they can use as an inspiration for their success.”

Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Brittany Corporation is not afraid of taking risks when it comes to its team members. People like LA ensure that they do not come in with just the task at hand. We do everything we can to help the team’s future leaders grow and reach their fullest potential.

Growing With Brittany Corporation

“Before I entered the sales and marketing industry, I previously worked as a property manager for another high-end developer here in the Philippines. Career transitioning may be challenging, but Brittany Corporation gave its full support to make it easier for me. Brittany provides a lot of basic and advanced training to prepare me for the new world. The company understands how to identify each and every employee’s potential and develops it so that they can be the best they can be.”

Defining the best version of yourself can be challenging, but with Brittany Corporation, LA, and even you can be ensured that you are not alone every step of the way.

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Opportunity Awaits

career in the real estate industry, particularly at Brittany Corporation, offers vast opportunities. Aside from the sense of fulfillment that real estate agents feel when they find the right investment for their clients, financial freedom, work-life balance, and excellent career growth are some of the benefits of getting a career in real estate.