Distance Learning 2023: Should You Consider It?

The world is almost four years into the COVID-19 pandemic and at this point, people have already adjusted to it. A lot of things had to change and adapt, such as work, businesses, and also education. Things had to be done remotely and now that people have gotten used to it, remote operations are here to stay even when the threat of the pandemic is going down, because of the perceived advantages.

One thing that became popular when the pandemic started is distance learning. Students and teachers had to stay at home so as to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and thanks to technology, it was proven that schools can provide quality distance learning, from K-12 to higher education.

Now that a lot of schools have been facilitating traditional face-to-face, and even blended, learning again, should you still consider online classes Philippines for your child? What are its perks and downsides? What should you consider? All of these questions will be addressed here in this article.

Distance Learning 2023 Should You Consider It

What Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning, also known as distance education, is a mode of education wherein classes are done online, eliminating the need for the students and the educators to meet in a physical setting. The student will stay at home, attending lectures through a device such as a laptop or even a mobile phone, and will be guided by self learning modules for some asynchronous activities such as reading, homework, and projects.

It is often confused with online learning. The difference is that with online education, students are still required to attend school physically occasionally. The student will also learn from materials outside the learning modules. With distance learning, only online classes and modules are required.

It should also not be confused with homeschooling, wherein the parent or parents take primary responsibility of the child’s learning at home.

Different schools, colleges, and universities employ different programs for their students, so make sure to check if distance learning is even an option for your child, or children.

What Are the Advantages of Distance Learning?

People have discovered a lot of advantages of distance learning. Here are some of them:


Staying at home more than protects people from diseases and viruses. Students who study in their own homes will not have to travel to school anymore — no need to commute or wake up very early for a morning class. This also eliminates other preparations, such as dressing up or packing a bag.

This is very good news for someone who is living in a luxury house, because his primary learning environment is beautiful. It would be nice to listen to a lecture in a gazebo or a terrace with rich green indoor plants. Online classes Philippines would be much more fun. One can also accomplish his readings and projects in a spacious and quiet home library. Luxury property Philippines are very much conducive to learning, so consider living in a high end residential property.

What Are the Advantages of Distance Learning


Distance learning is much more affordable than traditional learning, because all throughout the school year, the student will not have a need for the school facilities. Aside from this, there are a lot of expenses that will be slashed if your kid stays at home. No need to spend on fare, lunch, clothes, rent, et cetera. The digitized age really does offer a lot of ways to save on money, if you are wise enough.

Your expenses will then be limited to the tuition fee, internet fees, books, and a personal computer. No need to scout for condos for sale within the school’s vicinity. All the money that you save can then be used instead for your future luxury house. Check out Brittany Corporation if you are thinking of getting a high end residential property or luxury property Philippines.


Staying at home will save the student a lot of time, because again, there will be no need to travel. The school can be miles away from home, but the student can simply open his laptop and all the lectures and materials will be accessible to him. No need to beat the rush hour, worry about floods and traffic, and wait on buses.

Time that will be otherwise used for preparing for school can be spent on studying or for much needed rest. Students of an online school can wake up five minutes before class and not be late. Online school Philippines would not mind if your kid attends a Zoom meeting in his pajamas and bed hair.


Flexible learning is another major advantage of distance learning. A student can study in his own pace, because there are no strict schedules to follow. He would just have to attend classes whenever there is online teaching, but otherwise he can build his own schedule. He can decide when to finish his projects or even finish his exams within a given time frame.

A student who finds himself uncomfortable in the classroom setting would also be thrilled to do all his studying at home. He does not even have to have a special designated space for studying. He can study anywhere at home, or if he wants a change in scenery, he can go to a cafe or a public park.

A high end residential property like the condos in Crosswinds Tagaytay offers beautiful and spacious condos for sale and multiple amenities that the student can study anytime in. He will be surrounded by pine trees as he studies and none of the noise that plagues the main business area of the city. Check out Brittany Corporation for some available units.

What Are the Disadvantages of Distance Education?

As much as distance education benefits people, it also has its downsides, especially now that it is still fairly new. Here are its disadvantages:

Social Life

School is not all about studying. Physical separation from other people can make someone feel lonely. A student can get important social skills in a physical school, not just quality education. A student of online school Philippines would have to develop his social skills elsewhere.

What Are the Disadvantages of Distance Education


Being in a physical school or university can make it easy for a student to consult a teacher for guidance. He would also be in the proximity of other experts in his field of study. At home, he could send a message or an email to his professors, but responses would take a bit more time, if he could get them at all.


Not everyone has access to a stable internet connection, so distance learning is not for everyone, especially the ones in far-flung areas that have yet to be reached by telcos. Online classes Philippines are basically impracticable in these places.

Work Ethics

It would be a challenge to get motivated at home, since the student would be in his comfort zone. It would be easier to develop discipline in a classroom setting where a student is surrounded by students and teachers. Schedules and deadlines are also clearer in traditional learning than in online school Philippines.


Distance learning is a great consideration if you think that your child will benefit from it. It may not be for everyone, but you should look for online schools that offer online courses if you wish to save money and make studying a lot easier for your child. Do understand that distance learning comes with banes, so consider those as well.

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