Things To Do: Memorable Family Activities in Baguio

Baguio City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. This hilltop city is known as the City of Pines because of its abundant pine trees, a rarity in a tropical country. But Baguio’s elevation means it has a cooler climate which accommodates these magnificent pine trees.

Baguio’s cool temperatures and abundant greenery are not the only reasons that tourists keep coming back to Baguio City. The city also has a rich cultural heritage that has been preserved and protected, as well as a wide variety of food and entertainment options that you can choose from to make memorable family activities in Baguio.

Top Baguio Family Activities

Planning a trip to Baguio with your kids? Make sure to pick places that can offer you unique experiences that you will certainly look back on with fondness in the years to come. Make your trip extra memorable by going to all of the top Baguio tourist spots. To help you out, here is a list of Baguio family activities you should do and kid-friendly attractions you can visit the next time you go to Baguio City.

Baguio Family Activities Memorable Things To Do

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #1: Explore Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay was designated as a US military reservation in 1903 to give American military staff a place to take refuge from the hot climate of the Philippines. In 1991, it was turned over to the Philippine local government and developed into a forest watershed and tourist attraction.

Camp John Hay can be your first stop for memorable family activities in Baguio. If you have an active family, you can take a two-hour hike on the Yellow Trail. The route on the Yellow Trail will take you uphill, but you will be surrounded by the majestic pine trees that Baguio is known for.

You can also take your kids to the butterfly sanctuary in Camp John Hay, another of the city’s top tourist destinations. Many species of butterflies are housed in this sanctuary which your kids can interact with. You can also take this time to educate your kids about the life cycles of butterflies and the different species that exist in this butterfly sanctuary.

If you want to explore American colonial architecture with your kids, head on over to the Bell House, which used to be the official residence of the Commanding General of the Philippines. It was converted into a museum showcasing American architecture. It also has a beautifully landscaped garden and outdoor amphitheater.

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #2: Visit the Baguio Botanical Garden

If you and your kids enjoy green spaces, then one of the best Baguio family activities for you is visiting the Baguio Botanical Garden. This garden was recently renamed Centennial Park and it is located along Leonard Wood Road, between Wright Park and Teacher’s Camp.

Soak in the beautiful scenery and plant life while relaxing in this serene space. Go for a fun walk around the garden and take family photos at different picture-perfect spots. The park is also divided into different areas, namely the Japanese Garden, the American Garden, and the Chinese Garden, each featuring different plants and unique landscaping.

You can also stop by the Igorot Village and the Baguio Arts Guild located within the park premises.

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #3: Have a Fun Day at Burnham Park

For a fun outdoor day in Baguio with kids, you can go to Burnham Park. One of Baguio City’s most popular tourist attractions close to the city center, Burnham Park has a man-made lake, bike trails, a recreational park, picnic areas, and several food stalls.

Enjoy different outdoor activities with your family at Burnham Park. You can bike around the park, or rent paddle boats to go around the man-made lake. Go-karts are also available to rent, which is a fun activity to try with your kids. Horseback riding is also an option for a fun family activity in Baguio City. Of course, you can also lay out a picnic blanket and enjoy a meal with your kids at Burnham Park. Pack your own snacks, or buy them from the street food vendors in and around Burnham Park. If you want to try strawberry taho, it is also available from different hawkers in the park. Relax in the summer capital of the Philippines and enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air at the park.

Have a Fun Day at Burnham Park

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #4: Horseback Riding at Wright Park

Wright Park is another top tourist destination in Baguio City, and it is a favorite of families primarily for horseback riding activities. The park is named after American Governor Luke Wright after establishing Wright Park as a recreation area for American soldiers.

Wright Park is easy to get to from the city center in Baguio. It is also situated a close walking distance away from The Mansion, the official summer residence of the Philippine president.

While horseback riding is the most popular and memorable family activities Baguio you can do in Wright Park, you are also free to do other outdoor activities like walking along its many scenic walking paths. You can also stop to appreciate the views from The Pool of Pines, a rectangular pool lined with pine trees that are beautifully reflected onto the water’s surface.

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #5: Sightseeing at Mines View Park

Going to Mines View Park is another one of those classic Baguio family activities you have to do when you visit Baguio City. Mines View Park overlooks what used to be the gold and copper mining town of Itogon.

It is a popular tourist destination, so to avoid crowds, it is best to go early in the morning. Head on over to the viewing deck at Mines View Park and take in majestic panoramic views of the town below and the mountains beyond.

You can also rent traditional Cordillera attire and wear them around the park or for more picture-taking.

Once you’ve taken in the views and snapped a few family photos, you can spend some time souvenir shopping. There are several stalls and vendors in the park selling local crafts, trinkets, Baguio City novelty items, other local delicacies, street food, and plants. There will also be stalls selling traditional Cordillera clothing and home goods which you might want to check out as well.

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #6: Cultural Immersion at Tam-awan Village

Of course, Baguio City is home to indigenous Cordilleran people. Their rich culture and traditional practices are still alive and thriving in Baguio, and the different activities at Tam-awan Village can help families and tourists learn more about their indigenous practices.

Tam-awan Village was built as a cultural space that serves to highlight traditional Cordillera and Kalinga architecture, art, and cultural practices. Families can take a tour of this model village to see different styles of traditional Cordilleran houses. Craft activities and cultural shows are also regularly scheduled, so you can get an immersive experience.

Tam-awan Village also serves as a haven for local artists, hosting several exhibitions through the years. If you and your family enjoy art, a fun and memorable family activity in Baguio could be getting your portraits done by their resident artists.

If you want an even more in-depth Cordillera experience, you can also book an overnight stay at one of their traditional houses.

Cultural Immersion at Tam-awan Village

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #7: Strawberry Picking at La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

Because of the cool climate of Baguio City, it is the perfect temperature for growing strawberries. If you and your family love strawberries, then strawberry picking at La Trinidad Strawberry Farm is a must-experience Baguio family activity. Take a 30-minute drive north of Baguio and you shall reach strawberry heaven.

The strawberry picking season in La Trinidad is from November to May, so make sure to plan your Baguio City escapade accordingly. Once you get to La Trinidad, you can buy fresh strawberries per kilo, or you can pay extra to experience picking them yourself.

Of course, there are also souvenir stores and centers at the farm where you can buy other strawberry products. Enjoy a snack break and have some of their special strawberry jam, strawberry taho and strawberry ice cream made with strawberries from this farm of course!

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #8: Visit Museums

If you made a stop at Burnham Park, you can also take a quick walk over to Baguio Museum for a little more exploration of the history of Baguio City. Explore the different art galleries at the Baguio Museum and marvel at the different collections they have on display.

Baguio Museum has extensive exhibitions that showcase the art and culture of the Cordilleran region. There are four floors in the museum, which are classified into three categories: Cordillera Galley, Baguio Gallery, and Alternative Gallery.

You will find dioramas of the city and its history, as well as traditional Cordillera weapons, clothing, pottery, and jewelry.

Another museum you can visit is the famous BenCab Museum. Located in the town of Tuba, the BenCab Museum is a private museum that was founded and managed by Philippine National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto Cabrera.

This private museum houses and showcases Cabrera’s own masterpieces and also exhibits art from other distinguished and emerging artists. Of course, BenCab museum also houses different tribal artifacts and indigenous Cordilleran art as the museum advocates for the promotion and preservation of Cordillera cultural heritage.

Benedicto Cabrera is also a vocal advocate for environmental conservation, and that reflects in the art curation for the museum. This private museum also contains a cafe, a mini forest, and an organic farm.

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #9: Baguio Night Market

If you have older kids, you might want to explore the other attractions available at the Baguio Night Market. It is an open-air market that is open from 9 pm to 2 am on Harrison Road, close to Burnham Park.

The night market is a great place for shopping and food. At the market, you will find many stalls and vendors selling things like souvenirs, local handicrafts, wood art, paintings, and Baguio souvenirs. You will also find many thrift stores at the market, selling secondhand and vintage clothes and shoes.

If you get hungry after all that walking and shopping, go ahead and sample some of the best street food that Baguio City has to offer. You can find Filipino favorites like barbecue, strawberry taho, and other familiar street food, but you will also find Mediterranean and Korean-inspired street food. You won’t run out of options at the Baguio Night Market.

Memorable Family Activities Baguio #10: Buy Goodies at Good Shepherd

And finally, no adventure Baguio is complete without making a stop to buy Baguio City goodies and delicacies from Good Shepherd. Aside from strawberries, Baguio is also known for its ube jam, and Good Shepherd offers the best kind of ube jam to locals and tourists alike.

Aside from ube jam, you can also purchase other treats like peanut clusters, lengua, cashew brittle, choco flakes, sampaloc candy, and alfajor cookies. Strawberry jam and blueberry jam are also available as seasonal offerings.

Since Good Shepherd is so popular, it can get quite busy and crowded. Make sure to follow the rules when ordering: write down your orders, line up, then hand your order and payment to the staff. What makes buying your food souvenirs at Good Shepherd extra special is that the products are made by nuns, and the proceeds from the sales are used to help send Cordilleran youth to college.

Make Memories in Your New Baguio Luxury Condo

Make Memories in Your New Baguio Luxury Condo

While Baguio City Philippines is one of the best vacation spots, you can also make Baguio your permanent home. Imagine waking up to views of towering pine trees, eating fresh strawberry ice cream or strawberry taho every day, and making Burnham Park your daily hangout spot.

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While you will be living in a luxury condominium in Baguio, Bern will also give you a Swiss-inspired lifestyle as the architecture combines elements of Swiss culture with the traditional Cordillera design. Luxury living at Bern Baguio with your family will give you all the comfort you could ever want.

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