Romantic Places in Baguio City For Your Date on Valentine’s Day

The whole world is bound to celebrate the Day of Love. For sure, many will be searching online about the best date ideas to make this day extra special. Are you thinking of bringing your partner to Baguio? Thinking of buying expensive bouquet of flowers and sweet chocolates? How about purchasing a luxury condominium as a gift? Don’t be too overwhelmed. These may already sound extravagant in celebration of Valentine’s Day but there are better and more unique date ideas you can check on and consider on your date.

What is the reason for celebrating Valentine Day?

Valentine’s Day has become an annual event in many regions around the world. There are many stories behind the celebration of Valentine’s and one is in remembrance of St. Valentine after he defied the order of rulers of Rome. Emperors were trying to build an army forbidding young men to marry yet because of the spirit of love St. Valentine secretly married couples despite strict law. Because of his disobedience, he was sentenced to death on February 14 270AD.

Since then, it became a yearly remembrance of love and romance. People already embraced this tradition to give way to a day of expressing their love and adoration to their loved ones.

What Are The Positive Effects Of Valentine’s Day?

Celebrating heart’s day and V-day, as others also call it, is not just about creating butterflies in the stomach or having that special feeling inside you when you’r with the person you love. It also makes a healthy impact to one’s heart and life. Did you know that the feeling of being loved and giving love on this day create positive effects on both ways? Here are some positive effects of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Love on Valentine's day produces good hormones in the body

1. Love On Valentine’s Day Produces Good Hormones In The Body

The feeling of giving love and being loved creates an incredibly good feeling to the body that allows the brain to release good hormones keeping a person from breaking down and having moments  of stress. According to studies, when a person receives love they already have a protective gear against mental disorders. Having said this, a person who doesn’t often receive the feeling of love might engage in the feeling of abandonment or worse, be drawn into psychological struggles.

2. Celebrating Valentine’s Day Is A Good Relationship Builder

Valentines at Baguio

Whenever Valentine’s Day arrives, people are so busy preparing surprises and presents to loved ones. At the pursuit of making this day special, people are spending to make their loved ones happier. Giving gifts is one thing but building a deeper more genuine relationship as you do all these is another thing. This is another positive effect of celebrating Valentine’s Day, you are investing on your relationship and building it to a more solid ground as you spend time with each other, show gratitude on the relationship, and sharing the joy together.

3. Celebrating Love On Valentine’s Day is good for Overall Health

According to studies as you celebrate valentine’s, hope for better relationship is higher. As you show more love and receive more love, it is said that it helps protect you from heart disease, boosts your immune system, and increase chances for longer life. The different love languages as you continue to demonstrate it on Valentine’s Day also helps in overall health. Like the love language- touch such as hugs and kisses that calms the nervous system reducing stress and lowering the blood pressure.

The list of positive effects of love on Valentine’s Day can go on and on, but the tips on how you can celebrate it with your special someone can be limited.

Have you already thought of where you and your partner can go to celebrate Valentine’s Day this February 14? Don’t worry, here’s a sneak peak to the most romantic places where you can bring your special one to make them feel the warmth of your love.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day At the Summer Capital of the Philippines

To make sure your partner will feel the warmth of your love (literally), why not celebrate love day in the coldest province in the Philippines. Valentine’s Day for couples would be sweeter if spent with coolness that will make you hug one another.

In the midst of high mountains and cold weather in the province, there are romantic places in Baguio that you can consider as unique date ideas Philippines. Baguio is not just known because of its cool breeze, and its tourist destinations but also because of the romantic places for couples perfect for the celebration of love day. There is luxury condominium in Baguio like the Bern Baguio and they also have condomium for sale that you can check when you visit there.

Here is a list of the best romantic places where you can bring your date or significant other to the spend the day of hearts.

Romantic Places in Baguio City For Your Date on Valentine's Day

1. Have An Artsy Date At The Bencab Museum

As you enjoy your luxury condo in Baguio with your special one, try to enjoy also other tourist spots in the province.

If you or your date are into arts, visiting this famous museum in Baguio is one of the unique date ideas Philippines that you can try. Your valentine’s date will be more romantic as you will be surrounded with beautiful paintings, sculptures, and drawings of the national artist, Benedicto Reyes Cabrera. Located in Km. 6 Asin Rd, Tuba, 2603 Benguet, make sure to put it on your list valentine’s date ideas for this year.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Burnham Park As A Valentine’s Date Spot

Go out of your Bern luxury Condominium in Baguio and maximize your vacation together as you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Burnham Park might be the most visited in a Baguio and a lot of people might be in here everyday but you sure couldn’t go wrong in taking your date in Burnham Park. It is sure to be a romantic place especially when you bring your date in the Burnham Park and enjoy its outdoor activities. You can rent a boat and spend time together while paddling in the middle of the Burnham Park lake. If you don’t want to be wet, you can also rent a bike and tour around the park. Enjoy a valentine’s date in Burnham Park like those dates in Korean dramas.

3. Have a Classy and Romantic Valentine’s Date at Hill Station – Upper Session Road

If you’re enjoying your stay in your Bern condominium in Baguio, maximize your stay as you treat your date in a classy restaurant in Baguio.

Recognized back-to-back in Miele’s Best Restaurant in Asia Awards, Hill Station is considered one of the most romantic places in Baguio with a wide selection of Continental and Asian dishes perfect for valentine’s date. You may enjoy their menu filled with options of salad, main dishes such as baby back ribs, and crispy duck flakes, and deserts to end your meal. Located near SM Baguio. Surely, Hill Station is one of the best must try restos in Baguio.

4. Enjoy the Scenic View of Baguio at the Foggy Mountain Cookhouse

Another resto in out most-rrecommended romantic places in Baguio is the Foggy Mountain Cookhouse. A good place with good food. A valentine’s date would surely be more romantic if you get to enjoy eating together while enjoying the view of Baguion through a bird’s eye view. A unique Valentine’s idea Philippines is going to this rustic themed resto with a homey ambiance. This place offer good dishes of beef, lamb, seafood, chicken, pork and pasta. Valentine’s date is more fancy in this romantic place in Baguio.

staycation at bern baguio luxury condo

5. Indulge, Relax, And Have Your Luxury Staycation at Bern Baguio

Baguio has been known for it’s beautiful and luxurious accommodations. This Valentine’s Day, it’s a great way to date your partner around Baguio while staying in a luxury Swiss condo at Bern Baguio, the newest luxury condo under Brittany Corporation. This will surely give you a luxurious stay with your partner as you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

If you sure enjoy your stay this luxury condoin Baguio and thinking of purchasing your own for your every visit in Baguio, you can check Brittany Corporation website for their condomium for sale. A lot of options from the developer and builder of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.

This list is just a few of the romantic places in Baguio for your Valentine’s date. There are a lot more places you can visit to show your love and adoration to your partners. But please don’t forget that showing love doesn’t just need to happen during Valentine’s Day. It can happen all year round, everyday. Make sure to make your special someone, your family and friends appreciated even if there are no occasions. Doesn’t always have to be pricey and grand, spending time with them would always be more than enough.

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