Pievana: Pinnacle of Luxury Living

In the middle of Santo Tomas, Batangas’ spectacular natural beauties and landscapes, Pievana plans to build a community that is nurtured by nature and cultivates a quality of life beyond wellness.

Embrace a true nature retreat at Pievana

As the sun rises, take an uplifting yoga class overlooking the lush, vast green spaces. Enjoy an ultimate spa experience beneath the shining sun. Enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing on a private balcony that is shaded by a tree. In the stillness of a moonlit mountain, surrounded by fragrant candles, meditate to calm your thoughts.

The architectural central amenity area of residential structures and public and recreational spaces that is currently being fashioned around the context of connection, flow, and experience due to the growing need for refreshing and restorative nature retreats surrounded by breathtaking beauty.

Nature Embracing Living Spaces

Imagine the joy of residing in a premium leisure estate that blends wellness and nature’s beauty for a luxuriously rewarding experience — a respite from the stress of daily modern life, and a haven for one’s well-being.

Pievana, a 25-hectare development by Brittany that was inspired by the loops of a flowing ribbon and is located in the center of Santo Tomas, Batangas, ties together previously dispersed and divided spaces into a continuous and sprawling property with outstanding panoramic mountain views of Mt. Makiling, Mt. Malarayat, and Mt. Banahaw.

Work and Play in Pievana Batangas A Balancing Act

High- end mid rise condominiums and grand residential lots will be found in Pievana, together with villas and spas, specialty shops, lifestyle centers, and vast green spaces devoted to gardens.

Pievana’s ideal location provides individuals looking for seclusion and the chance to belong to a few groups of owners in the community while still being close to all the modern life comforts.

Human Connection with Nature

Pievana embraces its natural environment by fusing the natural environment with ideas of biophilic design and wellbeing. This is done by creating expansive spaces that flow naturally into one another, much like nature does, with panoramic views of the nearby mountains, pocket gardens, and courtyards that promote a connection to nature.

The ideal convenient location for the following owner’s dream home with stunning panoramic mountain views is a 5.5-hectare residential development. Lots at Pievana will be roomy, measuring 600 to 1,200 square meters. An architecturally designed central amenities area that contains a premium wellness hotspot and different lifestyle centers such as a gym spa relaxation rooms, spa, relaxation areas, and entertainment spaces is included as part of ownership and is located on the estate’s most exclusive community.

One-bedroom units (51 sq m) and two-bedroom units (101 sq m) are available in the development’s unique retail concepts nine-hectare vertical village, two bedroom units of which will shortly rise. For exclusivity and solitude, the low-density residential complexes will only feature 6 to 10 units per floor.

The design of Pievana carefully walks the line between passive and active leisure and recreational spaces, allowing residents to either enjoy the great outdoors through pocket gardens and serenity walk paths or engage in mindfulness and slow living through facilities that were specifically designed with their connection, health, and well-being in mind.

A five-hectare commercial area that has unique retail concepts that seamlessly blends the stunning surroundings and the rich local flavors into the entire wellness experience is tucked away in this magnificent estate. The estate also takes great pleasure in its unique restaurant concepts, which feature beautiful surrounding landscape and meticulously made interiors that seamlessly merge into the surrounding environment.

The natural terrain commercial area will also include a three-hectare leisure complex with spas, villas, venues for events, and flower and garden farm features.

Set within natural terrain in the heart of Santo Tomas, Batangas is Pievana, Brittany’s 25-hectare development that offers more than just the luxury of space

Convenient location with utmost privacy

Pievana is a desirable location close to the National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio as well as to many lifestyle centers historic shrines, revered landmarks, and eateries. However, lines of trees, parks, and green areas carefully separate its private community from bustling roads and neighborhoods.

Pievana is also not far from South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) Star tollway and Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Pievana will soon be a haven where true nature retreat and luxury collide, with a commitment to pursue the beauty of life. a private location where one can unwind and feel at peace with themselves.

The ultimate expression of enjoying the good life is to have a permanent residence inside a deluxe wellness hotspot. Wellness is a lifestyle that should be embraced and lived in.

The Project Overview

In Santo Tomas, Batangas, Pievana is a 25-hectare development of high-end, mid-rise condominiums and estate lots under the Brittany Corporation name. A unique and upscale living experience is promised by the development.

Despite its fast-paced metropolitan community life, Pievana’s energizing recreational amenities and remarkable features beautiful surrounding landscape have attracted a young population of forward-thinking and imaginative family starts who seek for a tranquil lifestyle.

In Pievana Batangas, a mixed-use neighborhood, people may enjoy resort-style living on a daily basis thanks to low-density housing, resort-style amenities, and expansive open spaces.

Residents of Pievana Brittany will live in a luxurious environment and have access to natural surroundings and a wide range of comprehensive amenities. Each facility was created with a select group of people in mind. Pievana Santo Tomas, which is opulent, soothing, and breathtakingly beautiful, really raises the bar for both horizontal and vertical home living.

Due to Pievana’s proximity to the Alabang Business District and easy access via the STAR Tollway, families are free to expand their horizons and investigate the many opportunities the region has to offer.

In this development, there are 280 residential buildings and grand residential lots and 42 upscale estate lots where buyers can construct their own asian modern residences and personal living quarters.

Pievana is poised to provide a sprawling haven for wellness with overlooking views of Mt. Makiling, Mt. Malarayat, and Mt. Banahaw

Reasons to Invest:

  • A home that’s close to key destinations
  • Perfect for the family looking for comfort, security and relaxation
  • Top-notch amenities within the development
  • Assured increase in property values
  • Best for Rental Investment, Vacation Home and Retirement Home

Convenience and distinctive peak experiences are the top considerations at Pievana. In contrast to other developments, Pievana distinguishes out with an amenity area on the upper levels.

At the top of the tower, residents can choose to live in luxury and take advantage of a variety of amenities. So that people can more fully enjoy their time at home, Pievana will incorporate the newest lifestyle features and amenities into the property.

With amenities like a yoga and pilates studio, gym, and sauna meant to revive the body and restore the mind, residents may also enjoy a well-lived existence surrounded by nature. Everything is set up to fit your lifestyle.

On Luxury Residential And Leisure Development With Pievana

Additionally, in prime locations like Portofino in Alabang, Lausanne in Tagaytay, and Bern in Baguio., Brittany Corporation offers a good selection of house plans, luxury condominiums, and lots-only luxury properties.

It is getting ready to debut a number of opulent leisure developments that are expected to become the top lifestyle hotspots in the major cities of the nation.

Pievana is one of the newest luxury leisure developments in Brittany. It will be a location to nurture, entertain, and encourage people to live and invest in a luxurious setting only accessible to a select few.

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