How To Design A Closet In Your Luxury Home

We can see that many people love having a closet in their room.

We can see that many people love having a closet in their room. And perhaps you have watched a lot of vloggers or some of your idols share videos showing off their walk-in closets inside their luxury y houses. With the influence they bring, I know you dream of having one too!

But, you might wonder how to start designing your closet… This is why this article is made for you, to guide and offer you lots of ideas for your closet design! Keep on reading to give you more information and to help you start designing your luxurious closet.

How to design a Luxury Closet?

Design with Excellence.

  • Remember that the most stunning closet spaces have achieved substantial investments in high-quality cabinets, whether selecting luxury closet brands or a high-end custom interior design.
  • Design not only a wardrobe but also a dressing room, and create a jewel box ambiance. The function should be given the utmost consideration when planning the closet’s layout. Use lucite rods, mirrors, and crystal lighting to provide a touch of glamour along with exquisite wallpapers and luxurious carpets. Create the impression that you are shopping in your closet space!
  • Many of the current closet designers don’t create true cabinets. They are not truly bench-made cabinetry but a system of shelves, drawer boxes, and rods that maximize how much you can fit into your closet. The best-customized cabinets that your budget will allow should also be sought after.

Closet lighting

Use contrasting colors.

  • For visibility, choose a light-colored home design, and provide contrast with darker wood doors and faces. To help you distinguish between those ebony, coal, and jet-black pants, LED closet rails are also a fantastic accent.
  • When choosing the ideal paint color for the interior design of your closets, look at the colors of your wardrobe for inspiration. Your walk-in closet’s hues should be in stark contrast to the way your belongings feel and look.
  • For tiny, constrained closets, light or neutral paint colors are best. Make the walls of your small closet appear larger by painting them a bright white or warm yellow. Light colors increase visibility in dark closets, but to make your walk-in closet brighter, make sure you use a high-gloss finish.
  • On the other hand, dark, rich paint colors make a stunning backdrop for larger walk-in closets. Choose a navy blue or dark purple wall paint to lend sophistication to these closets that benefit from adequate lighting. Dark brown tones and charcoal gray also work nicely to enliven the clothing.

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Keep illumination in mind.

  • Puck lights are tiny, circular lights that resemble a hockey puck in size. Although they nearly always function as task lights, they can also occasionally be utilized as display lights in your closet design. Install them to the underside of cabinets and shelves placed above a dresser or hutch in the closet. Use them to illuminate displays inside cabinets or cubbies on the underside of the top shelf.
  • Don’t forget to install lighting if your closet has a sit-down vanity so you can see what you’re doing. The purpose of vanity lighting is to make it easier for the owner to apply makeup and style their hair.
  • Utilize strip lights or puck lights inside your closet cabinets. Behind display cabinet glass doors, puck lights are an attractive touch. Show off your collection of handbags, old shoes, jewelry, and other items by putting them together with glass shelves.
  • A stunning chandelier or pendant is necessary in any luxurious closet, and you can consider adding one! Whether you like a sleek contemporary pendant or an elaborate crystal chandelier, it should uniquely match your aesthetic.

Glass closet doors

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The influence of interior design.

  • Small walk-in closets might not need sophisticated design elements. Still, dressing rooms can benefit immensely from a polished appearance that complements the home’s bathroom, bedroom, and home design which can make your house beautiful. A skilled interior designer may significantly alter the atmosphere of your area and help it feel cohesive with the rest of your house.
  • Popular choices for luxurious custom closets include rich hardwoods, glass shelving, white cabinets and shelves, metallics, ivories, blacks, monotone, muted shades of blue, pink, and beige.

Examine the layout.

  • Determine the types of storage you want to use and where it will fit the area the best before thinking about closet layout. You could wish to make parallel features on both sides if it’s a two-person closet, for instance. On the left and right, a clothing rack, cubbies, and drawer are identical.
  • Another option is to entirely design each side for the person. If you’re unsure of your closet design, designers or architects can assist you.

Don’t forget about the doors.

  • Depending on your sense of style, walk-in closet doors are available in a range of alternatives. There are a variety of choices, including regular swing doors, frosted glass swing doors, bi-fold doors, sliding barn doors, pocket doors, and dramatic double doors.A sliding closet door for reach-in closets can be useful and practical. To prevent it from shaking or getting stuck when you try to push it, this sliding door must be placed carefully.
  • You can readily check out your wardrobe if your closet door is made of glass; this is another option! It transforms the closet into a space for both storage and display of your lovely treasures.A glass closet door is a stylish improvement to any contemporary house. The glass door, which has a metal frame, has a luxurious appearance that goes well with modern home design.

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Minimalist closet drawers

And Floors…

  • It would be a mistake to ignore the floor of your closet. Since you will probably spend a lot of time standing barefoot in your closet, choosing the correct flooring is crucial.
  • A stylish and simple-to-maintain closet floor is an example and ideal. The carpet adds warmth, but it can be challenging to vacuum and maintain cleanliness. For a closet, wood or vinyl floors are both preferable options.

Organizing guides for a luxury closet:

Include drawers.

Drawers are the most cost-effective option for organizing and keeping clothes in your wardrobe. The advantages of having closet organization systems with drawers include more storage inside the closet and a reduction in the requirement for other furniture with drawers in the bedroom or other areas of the house. The closet’s drawers are ideal when you store little items that are better folded rather than hanging from a clothes rod.

Drawers are perfect for storing accessories as well as T-shirts, shorts, underwear, and athletic wear.

Put a clothing rack in the room’s corner.

A clothing rack in the corner of your bedroom can save space in your closet and enhance your home design. It enables you to organize and hang additional items that might be taking up too much space in your existing closet while displaying your sense of style and preferred clothing to everyone who enters the space.

Consider combining closed and open storage.

  • A closet can be made more useful by varying the types of storage it has in addition to making the area more aesthetically pleasing.
  • The experts advise combining closed and open storage so some items can be shown while others are kept out of sight.
  • Always sift through your collection first, figuring out what you want to view and what should be kept out of sight.

Provide an Island.

  • An island is not recommended for a small room but if your walk-in closet is extremely spacious, think about putting an island in the middle of it.
  • Your custom closet will often look more dramatic and luxurious with a closet island. It provides more workspace and might increase your closet’s surface size.
  • This is an excellent method to display things like makeup, perfume, or nail polish collections if you don’t have enough room for jewelry trees or vanity mirrors. Give your island and closet a store appearance by arranging jewelry and perfume bottles on a lovely tray.

Or incorporate a vanity.

The vanity in the closet is a manifestation of the general trend toward luxurious walk-in closets. The installation of a built-in table that enables doing makeup and styling hair elevates the master closet into a full-fledged dressing room. A vanity in your luxury closet offers more than just storage space; it also creates a unified setting favorable to getting dressed.

Utilize hooks to add more space.

For stuff that isn’t solely dirty or clean, hooks come in handy for hanging clothes you want to wear later in the day. Hooks can be used to hang up belts, purses, and other accessories. To make the most of your space, add hooks to the inside of your closet door or a blank wall.

Close and open storage

Personalize your jewelry cabinets.

Say goodbye to mismatched earrings and tangled necklaces. Your best pieces are shown in a jewelry drawer that is organized well. Additionally, beautiful jewels might add a luxury appearance to your closet design, invest in jewelry cabinets now!

Display your collection of shoes.

  • If your shoes are visible and you enjoy looking at them every day, you’ll be so much pleased. The open, shallow shelves that spanned the length of a wall with a clear focal point were the perfect places to display your shoes.
  • If you want to indulge in the utmost luxury, think of leather-lined shoe shelves or extravagant heels.
  • Also, give yourself a few places to store your everyday shoes, sneakers, house shoes, and other items you might not want to display.

The Same Goes for the Bags.

  • Your wardrobe will resemble a high-end boutique if you put your elegant handbags on display, whether you have a collection to showcase or simply an assortment.
  • Evening purses and little clutches look lovely kept behind glass doors. Acrylic stands can be used to support them creatively. Get as much focal point light as you can on your cabinets by lighting them up.
  • Larger and medium-sized purses are best lit on separate cubby-style shelves. To truly focus on the handbag display, think about placing an accent material behind them.

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The requirements for a luxurious closet

Full-body mirror | Photo by Pexels

Full-length mirror with style.

Instead of taking up space in your bedroom, put a sizable mirror on a stand in your luxurious closet or, if you have enough free wall space, spend money on a classy wall-mounted mirror. Making sure your appearance is flawless before facing the day is always a smart idea.

A large window.

A window can provide a ton of natural light and airiness to a walk-in, even if it is small. However, an attractive window is a need if you intend to utilize the room as a dressing room which can also give a luxurious home design. After all, the soul requires light to flourish.

Should Cherish Luxe!

  • An expert suggested that the handcrafted glass vitrine with gold trim and crystal knobs, topped with velvet cushions for your irreplaceable jewelry and jeweled accessories, should be the center of attention in your home design. Mirrored doors on two sides, diamond-paned windows encased in costly drapes, and recessed lighting should surround the vitrine.
  • The handcrafted rugs and cherished couches enhance the luxurious closet. Composition is important as well; size, shape, and detail are all important in home design.
  • It’s usual to start with insufficient space for your full inventory, so you need to be resourceful and uncover secret niches in the walls by going high, deep, low, and layered.

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Now that you already gain ideas on how to design and layout your closet space, it’s now your turn to be satisfied and have your creation of an elegant vibe inside your wardrobe! Be creative and start to employ these given tips to make your house beautiful and enhance your design

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