The Collector’s Edition of Dream Closets

What is your dream closet? Certainly, you have an ideal design in mind for your fashion collections. As one of the most used areas in a home today, closets are more than just a dimly lit place to hang your clothes. Although often regarded as ordinary, everyday spaces in the interior, dressing rooms can act as safe spaces and functional rooms where one can confidently dress up and feel good.

The Collector’s Edition Dream Closets

Closets have evolved in the last hundred years. From reach-in to walk-in closets and dressing rooms, sartorial options in luxury houses have stepped up from cramped collections to a full-blown style gallery.

If you are a shoe or bag collector or someone who loves collecting high-fashioned suits and extravagant dresses, you would want a space to store these most prized collections. Thus, having a dream closet space inside your home is a must-have. Designer closets require a skillful mix of style and functionality. It should enhance practical use in terms of storage yet perfectly match your home layout.

Whether it is a specially designed area within your en suite bedroom or an entirely separate walk-in chamber in your high-end residential property, it is essential to customize the space for your needs and personality.

Types of Suite Closets

Types of Suite Closets

There are generally four types of closet options that most high-end residential property owners choose from:

  1. Reach-in closet. A traditional type of closet with two sliding or bi-folding doors.
  2. Walk-in closet, a small space where you get into the closet entirely, where shelves and clothes hanging systems surround the area.
  3. The dressing room is an area that serves as both a closet and a dressing area. It may have wall washers as a light source for makeup application and hair styling. It also has furniture, a built-in island, and a full-length mirror.
  4. Open closet. The main bedroom is divided from a space (for storing and hanging clothing and shoes) by a glass wall or partition, however there are no doors in this space.

Most fashion collectors likely choose the last three options as their luxe dream closet for their collections. The luxury houses for sale in Brittany Sta. Rosa boasts quaint and commodious walk-in closets waiting to become yours.

While you can personalize your dream closet to suit your needs and tastes, there are also several options you can choose from to get a dose of design inspiration to create your dream closet. Let’s look at the list that follows.

Wood-Paneled Dressing Room

wood-Paneled Dressing Room

Surrounded by abundant wood elements, from cabinetry to panels and hanging shelves, this dressing space is a popular choice for collectors who also relish Mediterranean-style luxury houses like that of Brittany Sta. Rosa. Glamorous lighting art, strategically-placed mirrors, and drawers to secure your latest collection of watches and jeweled treasures make this type of closet a league of its own.

A Walk-in Closet, a.k.a Study Room

Luxury real estate owners who work from home opt for a workspace in the comfort of their homes. Consider transforming your walk-in closet into a sleek, versatile area. Other than flanking it with cabinetry and hanging shelves for your apparel and other collections, you can also devote an area to a multifunctional desk that can serve as your vanity area with a built-in mirror and a study or work table anytime.

A Shared Wardrobe

Wardrobes are more than just a trove of your favorite garb, they can also be inspired by fond memories with your loved ones. This walk-in closet can be in a capacious area between two rooms with hidden walls to easily share clothes and create memories of dressing up with your family. Add in higher compartments to store less-worn clothing like your winter gear. You can also use clear glass panels for an easy selection of clothes and soft carpet flooring to add a touch of luxe.

A Shoe Lover’s Dream Closet

A Shoe Lover’s Dream Closet

If you boast an impressive collection of fashion footwear, consider storing your shoes in an area dedicated just for them. This footwear collector’s dream closet can have two magnificent full-height shelves that hold a large storage capacity. Each shelf may hold an ample assortment of footwear options, ranging from higher heels to bulkier loafers. A built-in light source within the cabinet will also create a plushy boutique effect and a warm ambiance while providing a gentle, mellow light for your shoes on display.

A Themed Closet

A Themed Closet

Whether you decide to add in floral compositions, a decorative Fromental wallpaper, or a mixed display design in your walk-in closet, you can always customize your dressing space to fit your needs specifically while also allowing your personality to flow freely. You may meld natural elements to produce a botanical vibe or a combination of hanging shelves and display cabinets to make it more like a boutique.

Open shelves will allow easy access to everyday pieces, while glass display cabinets can be used to store precious pieces of jewelry. Using patterns and lighting, you can highlight specific collections like bags and scarves. You can also use a rich combination of materials and textures to create a dynamic monochromatic space.

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Designing Your Dream Closet

From selecting the right lighting to deciding on the perfect combination of storage and display components, designing your dream closet is no easy feat. There are several keys to designing your luxury closet: location, size, layout, closet lighting, closet doors, and decor.


There are three primary choices:

  1. To be connected to the master’s bedroom are
  2. To be accessible from the master bathroom.
  3. To be reachable from both the master suite’s bedroom and bathroom.

A walk-in closet linked to the bathroom is an ideal choice for many high-end residential property owners.

Size and shape

Decide whether you prefer a long rectangular shape, a T, an L, a square, or something more unique, like a curved wall. It is important that the size should be sufficient to hold all of your clothing (ideally for all seasons), shoes, bags, and any other collections you would like to feature in the space. If you want to add designer furniture to the center of the room, make sure to consider the width and length of the area and the walking space. At least a 3-feet clearance in open floor space around furniture in the middle of the closet is a just choice.


When deciding on your closet layout, consider the storage components you want to use and where it best fits the space. If it is a two-person closet, for instance, you may want to make matching features on each side. You can affix hanging racks, cubbies, and drawers that match on the left and right. Of course, you can also make each side completely customized for each person.

Closet doors

Depending on your sense of style, walk-in closet doors come in a variety of options.

  • Regular swing door
  • Frosted-glass swing door
  • Bi-fold doors
  • A sliding barn door
  • Pocket door
  • Dramatic double doors

If you prefer the concept of an open closet, you may not have any doors at all.


A good lighting principle for your luxury closet boosts the entire experience to one of opulence. Instead of having a utilitarian ceiling light, try one of these options:

  • A delicate chandelier
  • Recessed lights
  • Under-shelf lighting
  • LED strip lights above hanging racks of clothes
  • Motion-sensing lights
  • Mood lighting
  • Spotlights or track lights for display shelves

Interior design

Depending on the size of your walk-in closet or dressing room, it could benefit greatly from put-together accents from the bedroom, bathroom, and home design. Popular options for custom luxury closets include teeming hardwoods, glass shelves, white cabinetry, metallic, blacks, ivories, monotone, and subdued hues of pink, blue, and beige.

Dream Luxury Closet Must-Haves

A luxurious dream closet has enough space, a balanced sense of style, the perfect design, and the right amenities. Transform your wardrobe into a chic treasure trove by including:

A Built-In Vanity

Dream Luxury Closet Must-Haves

Who wouldn’t desire a little peace and quiet when getting ready for a hectic day? In a luxury closet, there will undoubtedly be a special vanity space with a dressing table and makeup lighting. You can have lots of space and time to yourself without disturbing anyone who is asleep in the bedroom.

A Stylish Full-Length Mirror

A Stylish Full-Length Mirror

Arrange a large mirror on a stand in your luxury closet, or, if you have enough open wall space, invest in a reputable wall-mounted mirror. Making sure your appearance is flawless before facing the day is always a good idea.

A large window

A large window

Whether a closet is small or large, a window can add an abundance of natural light and ventilation to the space. Of course, if you intend to use the space as a walk-in closet or a dressing room, a bonny window is a must.

Exquisite Furniture

Exquisite Furniture

If you want to take your closet space up a notch, you can include cozy furnishings to make the space another comfortable retreat. You may add a rectangular ottoman as a centerpiece, a polished velvet chair, a custom built-in window seat with enough padding and pillows, or a chaise lounge with an accent throw blanket.