7 Home Features the World’s Wealthiest Can’t Live Without

Prospective home buyers are very detail oriented when it comes to home features they cannot live without. This is even more evident when they are planning to purchase a luxury home. Buyers want desirable home features because they want to live in a home where all their wants and needs are met. Most buyers will come to an open house with a list of home features they want in their future homes. Their dream home would ideally check all the items on their list, but potential buyers know it is not always possible.

Still, it is always a good idea to be clear about what home features you cannot live without. A dream home is something you work hard for, and you should love everything about it because that is what makes a living in your dream home all the more exciting.

7 Home Features Buyers Want

High Ceilings

High Ceilings

High ceilings give you the luxury of light and space. When a home has high ceilings, it automatically feels more open and spacious, not to mention luxurious. There is something of an understated grandeur when ceilings expand beyond the typical dimensions.

When home buyers walk into a model home, they want to feel wowed and welcomed. That is what this type of ceiling does to a home. A competent real estate agent will be quick to point out how ceilings like this will draw the eye upward and how they can bring more light to your living space.

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Walk in Closet

Walk in Closet

For anyone who loves clothes and fashion, having a walk-in closet is one of the home features they usually look for. A walk-in closet gives you ample storage space for all your clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. And who wouldn’t enjoy feeling like a celebrity as they get dressed in the morning? Imagine walking to your closet, picking out your outfit for the day, and getting dressed in a beautiful space surrounded by your favorite clothes. It would be so fun to have a dedicated area where you can play with fashion and makeup.

Of course, a walk-in closet allows you to store your clothes efficiently, making them last longer. A good walk-in closet will keep all your clothes safe from mildew, dust, humidity, or insects that may destroy or degrade the quality of your clothes over time.

Ensuite Master Bathroom

Ensuite Master Bathroom

Another must-have feature is an ensuite master bathroom. Buyers want the extra luxury and privacy that an ensuite bathroom provides. It is a space reserved for the exclusive use of the heads of the family. Typical features of a luxury bathroom include a walk-in shower, a large bathtub, natural light, large mirrors, and more space to move around in.

Another appeal of having a beautiful and spacious bathroom with a separate shower and bathtub is you can have a choice of how you choose to bathe on any given day. Quick, efficient showers in the morning will help you jumpstart your day. On the other hand, a calm and relaxing soak in the tub in the evenings is the perfect way to close your day. Make your bathroom more relaxing at night with recessed lighting and scented candles.

Having a bathroom within your master bedroom will save you time in the morning because you won’t have to vie for space or wait your turn to use the bathroom. The master bedroom belongs to a couple of the homes, so it is only fitting that they have everything they need without having to step out of their master bedroom.

Beautiful Kitchens

Beautiful Kitchens

Kitchens are a great room to deck out in the best home features because cooking and preparing meals is often an integral part of family life. Make a kitchen pop by using quartz countertops. These are easy to maintain and make for a great baking tool.

Another home feature in the kitchen would be stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel looks luxurious, and they are also very easy to clean. Even using them for years, these appliances show relatively low wear and tear.

Custom cabinetry in the kitchen is also a great idea. Built-in shelves would be the perfect place to store your pots and pans. Custom shelving is also a good storage space design for things such as spices or baking equipment. You could also create a space for your espresso machine to be the focal point of your kitchen, especially if you and your family love a good cup of coffee in the morning.

A kitchen island is also a sought-after home feature. It can double as a workspace or as an eating area for quick or informal meals. Of course, a kitchen should also lead to a formal dining room for family meals and special occasions.

Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s Pantry

Space is a premium, but luxury home buyers want all the extra space they can get. And that includes a butler’s pantry. Usually located just off the kitchen, this pantry serves as an additional storage space for the family’s food supply. Things like canned goods, baking ingredients, rice, and other dry goods are often stored here. You can also add wine storage in this space, so your collection of wines and spirits remains in perfect condition.

This pantry also often comes with an extra sink and counter space. Food can also be prepared in this room. This can also be a holding area for all the cooked food before it is served on the table at a house party or a family gathering.

You can add a second refrigerator or a deep freezer to this pantry. This comes in handy when you often buy food in bulk for your family and need bigger cold storage to keep them fresh.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Laundry may be a chore, but there is no reason not to make it as pleasant as possible. And that often means that a spacious and well-ventilated laundry room is one of the homes features home buyers want in their luxury homes.

The laundry room should have a high-quality washer and dryer. A deep sink would also be a good feature in this room, as well as a hanging rack for drying delicates.

If you have a pet dog, the separate laundry room can also double as a pet grooming area. Create a space where your fur babies can get clean with a pet bathtub. This can also serve as a place to clean your pet’s paws off after taking them out on a walk around the neighborhood.

Home Theater

home theater

Who doesn’t want a home theater or a media room? Your dream home should have certain features that make it a more comfortable place to live in. And if movie nights and binge-watching shows are part of your family’s life, then a private theater is a great addition to your living space.

Talk to your home builders so they can map out the best way to set up the speakers and the screen. Comfortable seating is a must, of course. Make sure to use media equipment that has been tested for energy efficiency.

Want to take your media room to the next level? Add a wet bar for that modern look. Have your cocktails and cold beer ready for movie night. Drinks are also a good accompaniment when watching your favorite sports teams play on the big screen.

Why You Should Be Specific About the Home Features You Want

Exterior features should go hand in hand with a home’s interior. You want beauty and luxury both inside and outside of your home. A well-manicured lawn is a beautiful asset to your luxury home. Outdoor spaces like gardens or porches can also add a cozy charm to your home. And a grand front door makes a statement even from across the street.

But the interior features are what make a home truly liveable. Hardwood floors make a space feel grander. Your living space should feel as if it was made to be perfect for your family. Some home features may not be necessary for your family’s lifestyle. But the addition of other features can make your new house feel like a lovely home.

Your dream home is a reflection of your lifestyle. All the features in it should have value to your family. Fill your home with the things that make you and your family happy.

Brittany Homes Have the Best Amenities

Brittany Homes Have the Best Amenities

A luxury home is an investment for your family. So it is only natural that you will look for the best. And no one does luxury homes like Brittany Corporation. Known for creating world-class master-planned luxury residential communities, Brittany has thought of every detail that home buyers want in their homes.

Brittany model houses have every feature you could ever need. High ceilings, ensuite bathrooms, bright natural light, spacious living spaces, generous square footage, and enough rooms for every kind of space you need.

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