Covid-19 Status of Santa Rosa Laguna


The Philippines has been in the COVID-19 Pandemic for almost two years already since the first recorded case back in January 21, 2020 according to the Department of Health. Since then, the country has had over two million eight-hundred thousand total cases – with over thirteen thousand active cases and two million seven-hundred thousand recoveries. You may live within the safety of your house and lot or better yet enjoying in your luxury house, there is no escaping news and updates regarding the pandemic. Fortunately, based on statistics, our country is already on the road to recovery especially with the vaccination roll-out. You may live in a house and lot near Nuvali or in one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, vaccination is a must for added protection against the virus. Moreover, establishments all over the country are requiring full vaccination in order to allow entry. With the COVID-19 status of Santa Rosa back in September being quite dire, the local government has taken major steps in ensuring the safety of the citizens. 

healthcare workers in full PPE taking the vaccines | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Covid-19 Vaccination Program taking place | Photo from NPR


How About Santa Rosa Laguna?

The Covid-19 status of Santa Rosa, as mentioned above, has been stabilizing for the past few weeks despite recording over seven thousand cases between August 26 and September 2 of this year. This caused various hospitals in Santa Rosa to be full of COVID-19 patients. Fortunately, healthcare workers and the local government have worked on the double for vaccinations – even turning a theme park into a vaccination site. With this, there have only been fifty-nine cases recorded from November 26 to December 1 proving that the COVID-19 status of Santa Rosa Laguna is under control.

vaccination in enchanted kingdom | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Enchanted Kingdom as a Vaccination Site | Photo from ABS-CBN


Good News For Everyone

With the continuous improvement of the COVID-19 Status of Santa Rosa, establishments have begun operations. It has also become apparent that purchasing a house and lot for sale in Santa Rosa is a good idea. With more and more business opening up again in the province, any house and lot, luxury house, or better yet one of the most beautiful homes in the Philippines is a convenience for your needs. Most of these can even be found within Brittany Santa Rosa, just a few hour drive from what seems to be a crowded metro. With the decent COVID-19 status of Santa Rosa, you are then sure to be safer against the virus – considering that most if not all citizens are vaccinated already.

man proud of his vaccine in santa rosa laguna | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Vaccination program in Santa Rosa | Photo from One Santa Rosa


Why You Should Invest in Brittany Santa Rosa amidst COVID-19

Along with the amazing handling of the COVID-19 Status in Santa Rosa, Brittany Santa Rosa has been safe throughout the Pandemic. With your house and lot near Nuvali or Luxury house within Brittany, there are so many ways to enjoy safely amidst the pandemic. It is also quite easy to purchase a house and lot for sale, even a house and lot near Nuvali is a good idea. 

Always a Safe Distance 

property listing promenade luxury lot

This is also a great opportunity to take that house and lot for sale you may have been thinking about for a while now.


With Guidelines on the COVID-19 stating that we must be at least 6-feet apart, house and lots within a subdivision are more than a safe distance apart. Having this in mind, Brittany Santa Rosa is more than safe for you and your family. 

Points for Convenience

Despite being a subdivision, it is quite near various malls all over Santa Rosa Laguna – making your grocery runs a tad bit quicker. You can also find a number of main roads nearby such as the South Luzon Expressway. In addition to that, there are also various universities nearby; it can also be part of your options. Moreover, there are also a number of hospitals nearby for your clinical needs. 

Beautiful Inside and Out

Despite saying that you cannot judge a book by its cover, the house and lots within Brittany Santa Rosa is spectacular both inside and outside. You may as well be safely living in the most beautiful house in the Philippines with all the amazing amenities included inside. 

Juxtaposed with the bright blue sky, the luxury homes of Promenade are also close to hedge mazes. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

There is no place like home amidst the already improving COVID-19 status in Santa Rosa.


We’re Almost There

With the vaccines are rolling in, the cases are decreasing, malls are opening, and people are going out again. Santa Rosa, like most cities and provinces, has been greatly struck by the current pandemic – having their fair share of cases and positivity rate. However, it is quite amazing how the local governments were able to handle the pandemic response within the province and with the priority on vaccination for all the citizens. What makes this all the better is the safety and the luxury within Brittany Santa Rosa for the past two years. When everything goes back to normal, you are sure to thank your past self for investing in a house and lot within Santa Rosa.

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