A Glimpse of Brittany Spotlight: World. Class. Women


Brittany ends Women’s Month with a blast with renowned entrepreneur and empowered jet-setter Angely Dub gracing us with her presence on the first vodcast of Brittany Spotlight.

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Right off the bat, the discussion in Brittany Spotlight is made interesting as Angely highlighted that while traveling seems very luxurious on the surface level, it is not akin to the luxury itself. “Luxury is and will always be (about) ownership,” she responds, when host Lia Cruz asked her what she thinks luxury is.

She revealed that since the pandemic has halted most of her plans, her survival greatly depended on the rental properties she owns. Through that ownership and wise investment she made years ago, she is able to face such an unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance that has greatly affected everyone globally.

Lia Cruz and Angely Dub during Brittany Spotlight


Further expounding on this point, she emphasizes how travel is an “experience” that doesn’t typically generate income. Rather, it’s “a personal thing that will help you develop yourself” so you are able to better yourself in all aspects of your life. With this, she reminds all the viewers just how important financial education is, and how empowering it can be when you make wise financial decisions.

Aside from someone who makes financially sound choices, Angely described a strong woman as someone who values self-perception the most.

How to Live a Life That is Truly World-Class

“If you believe in your values, purpose, and your beliefs, everything will align,” she points out in her vodcast in Brittany Spotlight. This is in response to the common bad habit we usually have of focusing on the comments of others and comparing each journey to theirs, instead of embracing where we’re at at the moment.

She further shares that to be able to do this, you must find the balance between being yourself and learning from others to help you build a network that can be of value to your growth. Truly, having a growth mindset is beneficial to our journey. “Don’t take it personally,” she adds, referring to the criticisms from other people.

Angely even shares how the criticisms she has received in the past regarding her weight have helped her build and work on healthy habits when it comes to her fitness. She alludes to the practical fact of how no one else can ever truly take care of us but ourselves alone.

Ultimately, we can make everyday journeys even more fruitful by knowing how to take criticism gracefully and knowing when to shun them.

When Lia opened the question on how women can support each other, Angely urges everyone to learn how to be happy for others. “I want you to succeed with me,” she recalls telling her sister when they were building a business together.

Aside from empowering women, she also shares how her most favorite thing about being a woman is how she can be in touch with both her feminine and masculine side and not feel judged.

Although the stereotype of viewing women as “weak and emotional” can still be prevalent at times, Angely notes that “we are now getting there”, to the point when women are now celebrated for being strong leaders.

Being the founder of Access Travel PH and as a world-class jet-setter herself, Angely advises women to get out of their comfort zones “because it’s never too late”. She highlights how time is such a precious commodity that she always cannot stand to waste, as it’s the one thing we can never get back.

Life is a Journey of Discovery

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Having traveled to all seven continents of the world at her prime age of 31, she shares how it’s not the amazing places she has been to, but rather the whole journey itself which has ultimately changed her and made her who she is now.

She then compared Antarctica, the last continent she traveled to, as being a metaphor for getting out of one’s comfort zone. However, doing so definitely does not come easy. It requires you to consistently keep an open mind and to continuously learn the different ways of life in all the places you go to.

Emphasizing the importance of observation and only speaking when prompted to, especially when you’re new to a culture, Angely recollects how she learned this through her past experiences of traveling around the world.

“I’m a student of life,” she declares as she then shares how her assertiveness and directness as a person when dealing with others can either be a strength or a weakness, depending on which part of the world she’s in. With this, she has learned how to master knowing when to adjust accordingly in order to maximize her experience when traveling.

Another interesting thing Angely has revealed as well is how entrepreneurship can be overly glorified on social media. Sure, it allows her full control over doing something she loves. However, she breaks the glass on this illusion and shares how entrepreneurship is just like any other job, and that it’s also really not meant for everyone to do.

Photo Source: https://www.angelydub.com/blog/blog-post-title-four-c3k55-cntns

As the founder and CEO of Access Travel PH and Happi Lab, she has to “have an eye on everything,” noting how being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job. But this sacrifice reaps a much greater and highly fulfilling reward of giving her more freedom when it comes to the jet-set lifestyle she gracefully lives.

There’s almost no place in the world Angely hasn’t seen. Nevertheless, for her, the Philippines will always be her home. This is why learning about the concept of the thematic homes Brittany offers was much to her amazement, as she and host Lia agree that a home is not just a house, but a dwelling place. “A home is very sacred,” she says.

Furthermore, she stresses how a home is where she should be safe, secure, and where she can wake up grateful each day. A home is intended to be one’s own safe haven where life’s utmost opulence can be experienced. Indeed, having a world-class experience is not limited to taking on that jet-setter lifestyle like she has, but it can also be attained in our very own homes.

“You can create your own world at home,” Angely says as she shares how she has decorated her home with many sentimental yet decorative or functional pieces she has gotten from all the experiences she has had so far in her journey.

Interestingly enough, despite being a busy entrepreneur and global jet-setter herself, Angely wraps up her thoughts in Brittany spotlight vodcast by giving advice to everyone on how while traveling seems so glamorous and admittedly rewarding, it can also be very exhausting. It requires extensive planning and it may not be suitable for everyone’s various lifestyles.

She and Lia then concur that for those who can’t start a jet-setting journey yet due to their current lifestyle and other circumstances, that one can always be on a getaway in many beautiful places within the country.

Angely then beautifully recalls her amazement when she visited her friend’s home in Portofino Alabang, one of Brittany’s luxury residential enclaves. She loved the wide roads and extensive landscape the community has, with her friend’s home perfectly taking after the charm of Old World Italy.

Brittany Corporation’s vodcast was packed with fruitful insight on how Angely gets to live a life that’s truly world-class, as she empowers the audience to do the same as well without compromising their values and chosen lifestyle. Understanding how the jet-set lifestyle is not fit for everyone, the vodcast comes to a full circle in solidifying how we can still gain a world-class experience starting in our very own home.

Everyone who tuned in to the lifestyle vodcast was surely able to take a thing or two from the very engaging discussion between host Lia Cruz and Angely Dub, which we can all apply to enrich our own journeys and network building to provide the best world-class living for ourselves. Using the lifestyle vodcast platform, Brittany Spotlight aims to showcase refined stories and information from different esteemed personalities.

This Brittany Spotlight Vodcast episode surely reminded us to be accountable for our journey by being mindful of our mindset and self-perception. Once we have built this strong foundation, experiencing a rewarding and truly-world class life comes so simply that we can already begin living it in our own homes.