The Perks of Being Fully Vaccinated


The Philippines has been in a state of calamity for almost two years now. Several lockdowns and restrictions were made to contain the COVID-19 virus. People are advised to stay at home may it be in their luxury homes or simple houses. No one could go out for quite some time. Different types of quarantines were implemented a month after the other to identify the best strategy that will be beneficial to many. Due to these numerous lockdowns, quarantines, and restrictions, the Philippines even made it to the international headline of being a nation with one of the longest lockdowns.

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Lockdown situations to some areas in Manila| Photo from Website


Many countries are experiencing Covid-19 differently. We all have different immune system responses. We don’t have to be tested positive. This article talks about the pandemic in the Philippines and how we can stop this communicable disease.

The Philippines in the Pandemic

Everyone was troubled because of this unforeseen dilemma. No one’s ready to be facing this kind of problem. The big and the small people were challenged and distressed. Companies, businesses, and establishments were affected, affecting all its employees and people. Some companies closed, and some needed to lay off employees to survive in the middle of the pandemic. Some families struggled a lot because the provider lost his job. These are just a few of what the pandemic has caused to people. This is just the economic side. Sickness and death are still not counted in this, but you see how damaging this was to the life of many.

In the early pandemic, people are prohibited to go out. And if one will go out, facemask, face shield, and social distancing are already part of the game. You couldn’t recognize people right away, and the worst part is you cannot mingle, give hugs and kisses to the people you love most. Everything was online and face-to-face is taboo. Everyone got bored, and some reached their bottom and were caught with depression. The pandemic is a whole lot of challenges that touched and disturb the very core of every human. 

The government on the other side was focused on how to limit these kinds of harm. Webinars about well-being, provision of necessities, strict guidelines for outdoor activities, and strategic ways of vaccination rollout were implemented. But these are all not enough because people have their beliefs and their rights whether to get vaccinated or not. Some comply, and some have their stand.

Vaccination and its Importance to the Nation

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People line up to get their vaccines| Photo from Bloomberg Website


The Department of Health calls the attention of people to share in the responsibility of vaccination, but since it’s not required, people have the free will and their choice to respond in a way that will be most peaceful for them. With the government’s power, recently, October 30 to December 1st were declared Vaccination Day to accommodate workers to have their vaccines and to fasten the vaccination rollout.

Vaccination is important. It doesn’t just keep a person protected and healthy, but it also prevents the people around you from being sick especially the most vulnerable ones- the children, the elders, and the ones who are already sick.

Vaccination doesn’t just work against disease or death; it helps save lives especially today when a lot of lives are already gone.

Vaccines also work for the benefit of the economy. The government has been encouraging people to get their vaccines done to help in the revival of the economy. As soon as the nation reached its immunization goal, the economy has a greater chance to bounce back. 

As of December 8, 2021, according to Statistica Research Department around 39.56 million people were already vaccinated in the Philippines including those who received first dose vaccines only. Roughly 54.03 million people are just waiting for their second dose while 0.64 thousand already had their booster shot. 

COVID-19 vaccination in the Philippines started March 2021 and the goal is to reach 58 million people by the end of the year. 

Fruits of Being Fully Vaccinated

Apart from being a healthier person, you are being protected from a more serious effect of the COVID-19 virus as you allow yourself to take two jabs of COVID-19 vaccines. You are not just protecting yourself, but you are protecting the people around you, your family, and the most vulnerable ones.

Since vaccinations aren’t mandatory, the government, different companies, and several business establishments give extra merit or favors to those people who will cooperate to speed up the vaccine rollout.  In this way, citizens will be more enthusiastic and proactive in having their vaccines. Everyone is being creative in their ways to support the government’s drive towards herd immunity.

To be more fully convinced to be fully vaccinated, here are some advantages or favors you can receive from being fully vaccinated:  

1. Online Shopping Vouchers and Free Shipping 

As you stay in your luxury homes, you can relax and do your online shopping. The DOH partnered with an online shopping app to encourage Filipinos to get fully vaccinated to protect themselves and others. This perk includes free shipping and a 15% voucher discount on any of your transactions in the shopping app.

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Save more as you splurge on online shopping using your fully vaccinated perks| Photo from Unsplash Website


2. Restaurant Discounts After You Complete the Second Dose

Can’t afford properties for sale but you want to eat something good and affordable? If you are fully vaccinated, you can enjoy more of these. Many restaurants now give discounts and special offers to people who are fully vaccinated. It is either you get a discount or get a free add-on to your order. Since Filipinos love to eat, this is a great strategy to encourage them to get fully vaccinated. To know more about the restaurants that offer these perks, you may visit this site.

3. Staycation Offers Exclusive Discounts and Benefits

If in this season you can’t still afford a condo for sale or a house and lot for sale, why not enjoy luxury condo living on a vacation like those of Brittany Corporation? launched a “Vaccinated Discount Campaign” that supports the vaccination drive in the Philippines. All customers who are fully vaccinated can enjoy luxury homes like staycations with exclusive discounts and benefits. You can visit Brittany Corporation’s website for luxury homes samples and available luxury homes for staycations.

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Enjoy luxury homes staycations using your fully vaccinated perks| Photo from Unsplash Website


4. Free Access to Enter Malls

Starting to get bored staying in your house and lot? You don’t have to prolong your boredom. Your vaccine cards will act as your identification cards as you enter malls or other establishments. Nowadays, malls and other business establishments follow a “no vaccine card, no entry” policy. It is not discrimination, but it is the company’s right to prioritize the protection of their customers and their people. Most of the malls and business establishments now look for vaccination cards to see if a person who will enter their vicinity is fully vaccinated.

5. Fashion Brands Gives Discounts to Fully Vaccinated Customers

One less thing to worry about this Christmas. As you roam around malls to find gifts for family and friends, it is easier to trim down stores you will consider from buying. You may want to consider stores or brands that offer discounts to fully vaccinated individuals. In this way, you may not afford your loved ones of properties for sale, but you can give them items from good brands at a cheaper cost. 

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Your fashion brand is more reachable because of your fully vaccinated perks| Photo from Unsplash Website


These are just few of the fruits of being fully vaccinated. Not included in the list are having free popcorns from cinema, buy one take one milk teas, easy access for travel leisure, freedom to go on trippings to luxury house and lot for sale, and a lot more. Others may see it as bribes, but these are all for good especially if we all aspire to be back to normal soon. 

In all these benefits you just have to simply present one valid ID and your fully vaccinated card.

I’m Fully Vaccinated: What Happens Next?

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Vaccination is your public health responsibility | Photo from Unsplash Website


As you take your responsibility for public health, you are now freer to move around but of course still with proper health precautionary. In this case, you can now move more and do more. 

Prevent a Covid positive test result

Continue to stay at home especially if things aren’t urgent and important. Still, avoid crowded places, and if interested to meet up with family and friends, stay in open areas. Limit physical touch and continue social distancing. When feeling sick or with symptoms, just stay at home and don’t pretend like it’s just normal coughs or colds. Better be mindful and careful than sorry. Continue to use facemask as you talk to people. Stay healthy by eating nutritious food and adding vitamins to your intake. Exercise and do some stretching if possible. Take enough rest and always stay hydrated. 

These are simple steps to making yourself healthier and more protected. In this time and season, it is better to be healthy than anything in this world. If you want to achieve anything, give priority to your health. You can never accomplish your dream luxury homes at Brittany Corporation if you will take for granted your health. 

To live long is to live the best of life. 

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