Why Condos Are Smart Long Term Investments

One great way to be rich and to stay rich is to have a source of passive income. One can’t just expect himself to get wealthy by working a 9 to 5 job. It is essential to keep on earning money while sleeping, if one really wants to be financially secure.

Why Condos Are Smart Long Term Investments Earn money while staying at home by having a long term investment. Photo from Shutterstock

Having some passive income helps you maximize the money that you are working hard for and gives you a safety net in case something comes up at work. The pandemic taught people a lot of things, and one of them is that different industries can take unpredictable turns as the world goes through different illnesses, disasters, and other crises.

Passive income gives you more money without actually having to do more, so it is important to consider some good long term investments. There are also mutual funds, index funds, and other short term investments that pay dividends that you can definitely consider, but they can pose more risk for more investors.

One long term investment you will not go wrong with is a condo. Owning a condo will definitely generate income for the owner without him having to do much after procuring it.

There are a lot of reasons why condos are great for long term investing, and they will be discussed in this article. If you are looking for some luxury real estate, condos for sale, and luxury property Philippines, make sure to check out the Brittany Corporation website. Having a high end residential property is a smart choice for long term investors, so go get a luxury condo for sale now.

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Not a lot of maintenance required

This is one of the advantages of getting a condo as an investment. Long term investors simple have to look for nice condo units and then tenants. After that, there won’t be much work to do.

sittin people beside table inside room - Millennials prefer to invest their money in condominiums Why Condos Are Smart Long Term Investments

Repairs and maintenance of the condo unit will be handled by the condominium corporation, so you won’t have to be bothered every time something needs to be fixed. Add this to the fact that luxury real estate is built to last, then you have the perfect long term investment opportunity. You can literally sleep all day and forget about the investment, but you will still be making money. This should be a primary consideration for long term investments.

This would leave you a lot of time, then, to look for more assets to invest in. The only real work you would have to do is to look for new tenants when the current ones decide to relocate, but this will not happen often, because people who rent condos usually plan on staying for a long period. Make sure that it would be to your advantage if the tenants leave early, by making a clear and precise agreement between the owner and the tenants.

Condos are safe and secure

Condos are smart long term investments, because they are pretty secure. Unlike other types of properties, condos are not likely to get destroyed or vandalized. The presence of CCTV cameras and security guards will make sure of this.

Why Condos Are Smart Long Term Investments Condominiums remain to be a great investment with the right buyer. Luxury houses and condominiums at Crosswinds Tagaytay

When it comes to houses, only high end residential property and luxury property Philippines usually have private security guards. With condos though, they are a must, so no one should dare damage your property.

Condos are also safe against disasters, such as fires and earthquakes. Condominium companies are required to have basic fire protection, such as a fire exit and fire extinguishers that every tenant can have access to. The staff in the condominium building are also trained in dealing with calamities and have undergone drills, so everyone in the building can stay safe amidst natural disasters.

Even if the condo unit next to yours catches fire and there is no one around, smoke detectors can do their work and because of automatic sprinklers, neighboring units do not have to get burned as well. The affected unit can also easily be repaired due to these, which makes condos great long term investments. Such investments attract many investors, because of they produce income without much risk.

Another reason why condo units are safe is that general COVID-19 safety protocol are being observed round the clock. No one will have to worry about other tenants doing unsafe practices, such as not wearing masks and not practicing social distancing, because the staff will make sure that safety measures are being enforced. The responsibility of cleaning the building also falls on the condominium company, so everyone in the building can stay safe without much effort.

One example of a company that you can feel safe with is Brittany Corporation. In selling luxury real estate, they make sure that their investors, tenants, and clients are safe and satisfied, so go check out their condos for sale on their website. Their luxury condos, such as Alpine Villas and The Grand Quartier in Crosswinds, are actively managed by the company.

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Condos are affordable

Another reason to get a condo for sale as an investment is because they are not as expensive as any other investment type when it comes to properties. Long term investors should choose investments that will get them higher yields at lower costs.

Why Condos Are Smart Long Term Investments property listing alpine villas luxury studio 5

Condos are good in the short term, because they do not cost as much as house and lots and luxury property Philippines. The value of condos also went down when the pandemic came, so now is the best time to get a condo for sale. Take advantage of this investment strategy while there are market dips.

Worry not about the value of condos, though, because the value of luxury real estate is usually stable despite temporary market fluctuations, unlike stocks and bonds which pose more and higher risk to long and short term investors throughout their holding period. This investing strategy, then, is for individual investors who have a low risk tolerance.

One investment strategy with condo units is to get them while they are still pre selling. You can talk to the condominium developers directly and get units from them. At this point, prices are also negotiable. When the condominium building gets finished on the target date, you can expect the value of condo units to go up.

Since condos really are affordable, they can be rented out in relatively low prices, low enough to be attractive to people who are in it for the long haul. That is why renting a condo is a popular decision among people who plan on staying in a different city because, for example, their schools and companies are in the area.

Not everyone can afford to buy a high end residential property, but they can easily scout for condos that are within their budget range. This is why condo units beat many bonds, stocks, and other investment types as long term investments.

The need for condo units is timeless, so there will always be people who will loon into renting your property. Getting a condo sure is one of the best investment decisions that you can make, so go check out condos for sale in the Brittany Corporation website.

Amenities come with condo units

A condominium company intends to impress investors and tenants by making their units as attractive as possible. They also provide them with amenities and additional resources, such as swimming pools, functions rooms, roof decks, fitness gyms, and other things that are free to use for anyone in the building.

This would mean that investing in condos not just gives you the condo, but it also gives you access to what the building can offer. Every condo unit in the Grand Quartier in Crosswinds, for example, has a balcony, so the tenant can have a stunning view of Tagaytay every day and see the rolling landscape while getting a whiff of thousands of pine trees. If they want a more luxurious experience, they can go to The Grand Quartier III and use the swimming pool, among other amenities that The Grand Quartier has to offer.


There are a lot of opinions expressed about which investment strategy is the best, but one thing is clear. Investing in a condo unit is one of the long term investments that is great for your financial future. Condo units are much more reliable and pose less risk than mutual fund, bond funds, exchange traded funds, corporate bonds, and government bonds.

They are highly affordable to investors and tenants alike, and they are also safe and secure. There is no need for the condo unit owner to worry about maintenance and repairs, because condominium companies usually cover these.

If you are looking for condos for investing, go to the Brittany Corporation website and check out their beautiful condos. They have available units in The Grand Quartier and also pre selling condo units in the Alpine Villas. Also visit their official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles!