Benefits Of Living In A Swiss Chalet Luxury Home in 2023

Wooden houses with sloped roofs located on the hillside.

The Swiss Alps vacation experience is not complete without chalet accommodations. For the uninitiated, a Swiss chalet is a small, wooden house you will typically find in the uneven terrains of the European Alps region and snowy mountains in general. Think of mountainside ski parks or woodsy lakeside towns, for example. A traditional chalet functions originally as a shelter for cattle herders in the Swiss Alps. But because of its unique, cabin-style architecture and functionality, the modern-day Swiss chalet has become a popular accommodation among holiday goers and investment for luxury real estate buyers.

Know more about Swiss chalets, what makes them a valuable asset, and more below.


What Makes a Chalet-Style Home?

Interior of a wooden house. Includes a central fireplace, expansive windows, and emerald-colored couches.

Traditional chalets have distinct characteristics that made them different from other home architectural styles. And these cozy and rustic features are not just for aesthetic purposes, they are functional as well. The first thing you will notice in a Swiss chalet is its sloped, gabled roofs that creates a signature A-frame structure. This, along with the wide and overhanging eaves help heavy snow and rain water slide off from the roof to the ground easily.

When it comes to structure and foundation, swiss chalets are typically made with wood and other natural elements like stucco and timber framing for heavy-duty insulation, which is necessary for very cold places like the Swiss Alps.

When you step inside a Swiss chalet, its wooden build creates a warm ambiance, alongside the central fireplace typically located in the living room. The A-frame structure gives chalets vaulted ceilings, which create a spacious and airy atmosphere. Not to mention the extra space for a cozy attic that you can use as storage or an extra space to relax. It is also common for a Swiss chalet to have a balcony, front porch, and grand windows. These corners allow you to enjoy the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and unwind. The grand windows also allow natural light indoors while you soak in the view of the great outdoors.


Perks of Living in a Chic, Chalet-Style Luxury Home

If you are thinking about investing in a Swiss chalet for your vacation home or converting it into a house-rental business, you must first measure its value for your money. Is it a worthy addition to your luxury real estate investment portfolio?

Here are some of the benefits of living in a Swiss chalet.


Scenic Views and Surroundings

Because a Swiss chalet is specifically made for slopes and lakesides, the view surrounding the luxury house is like no other. Even today’s modern chalets are mostly located in remote and scenic places surrounded by nature. That said, the fresh air and hillside views allow vacationers and homeowners to fully pause, relax, and become one with their surroundings. Having a luxury house in remote areas also means you get the privacy and peace that are normally elusive in busy cities, popular tourist hotspots, or crowded residential areas. So, if you want a peaceful retreat to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, staying in a Swiss chalet is one of your best options.


Cozy and Comfortable Interiors

The scenic surroundings of a chalet-style luxury home complement its beautiful interiors. Although there are a number of modern takes on the interior design of a Swiss chalet (e.g., minimalist, contemporary, or rustic), a common denominator remains: you will be greeted with a welcoming atmosphere once you step inside. The combination of large windows, natural accents, and fireplaces create a warm and cozy space to comfortably rest on, especially after a long day outside.

As mentioned earlier, chalets typically feature a wooden or stucco exterior that helps insulate the house. This warms up the place during chilly weather and cools it down when the summer season has arrived.


Communal Atmosphere

Life’s most important connections start at home. A chalet-style house is popular amongst vacationers and homebuyers partly because it is designed for small groups and families, despite its modest size. The open-floor design gives everyone a comfortable space to move and interact with one another. This layout combined with the large windows of a Swiss chalet eliminates the cramped ambiance that some cabin-style lodgings and luxury condo units have. Guests both have their private space for themselves and the communal space needed to socialize and connect with others.


Great Value for Money

Swiss chalets are flexible real estate assets that can be used as vacation houses or luxury homes for solo dwellers and small families. On top of those, they are also profitable rental properties. The unique aesthetics, scenic location, and capacity to accommodate small groups make them an attractive choice of lodging for many travelers. And now that the tourism and hospitality industry are picking up their momentum again post-pandemic, the market for staycation-ers and travelers is also growing—and that means a high profit potential for vacation rental properties like chalets.

With the right strategies on board, putting up luxury condo units or luxury homes for vacation rentals can generate more profit than long-term rentals do. Pricing for high-end vacation rentals is premium because they are professionally cleaned and maintained, offer more space than hotel rooms, and are essentially second homes. Plus, hosts also have the authority to fairly adjust their property rates during peak and slow seasons.

Take note that the location of your Swiss chalet plays a huge role in its profit potential. Naturally, upscale locations attract high-paying clients. A remote location near restaurants, cafes, banks, and other essential establishments also increases the attractiveness of a rental Swiss chalet.


Brittany Corporation Brings Chalet-Style Home Design to Luxury Houses in the Philippines

Aerial view of a village.

The benefits of living in a Swiss chalet prove that the luxury real estate property is worth investing in. The question is, will a home specifically designed for the challenging terrains and cold climate of the Swiss Alps work in a tropical location like the Philippines? The answer is yes—but with several adjustments.

The good thing about modern architecture is you can modify a certain architectural style to your target location. Swiss chalets in less colder clients can be constructed without a heavy insulation. Brittany Corporation successfully pulled this off with Crosswinds Tagaytay, a sprawling, Swiss-inspired residential community in Tagaytay. What makes Tagaytay different from most of the regions in the country is its natural slopes and colder weather, which makes Swiss chalets work in the area.

As the leading developer of luxury homes in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation built Crosswinds Tagaytay with the grand Swiss vacation in mind. The 100-hactare development sits atop the hillsides of Tagaytay, surrounded by 10,000 pine trees. Inside are luxury condo units inspired by the beautiful architecture of Swiss chalets. Interested buyers can choose from studio units or 1-bedroom units with balconies overlooking the majestic views of Tagaytay hilltop.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is also popular among vacationers and homebuyers because of its proximity to entertainment hubs and business districts. The masterplanned community has Swiss-inspired cafes, restaurants, and parks that will elevate your luxury accommodation experience.


Should You buy a Swiss Chalet in the Philippines?

Are the benefits of living in a Swiss chalet convinced you to invest in one? If you are planning to buy your Swiss-inspired luxury real estate property, it is best to partner with a developer that does it best. Brittany Corporation has been the leading developer of world-class luxury real houses in the Philippines, from Swiss-inspired luxury condo-units to Old-English-inspired house and lots.

Explore more of what Brittany has to offer by taking a virtual tour! If you have any business or sales-related concers, visit Brittany’s customer care page or reach out to its sales and marketing team by clicking here.