Swiss Home: What It Should Feel Like

Everyone dreams of living in a home surrounded by nature where you can bask in the serene atmosphere everyday of your life. The peace you can attain from living in a place close to nature is incomparable.

For nature lovers, Swiss luxury homes are the perfect embodiment of their dream home. With its inviting exterior and cozy interior, living in such humble yet extravagant abode is truly a dream come true. However, what should a Swiss home feel like?

Swiss homes are built primarily to complement the beautiful surrounding nature. With features that adapt traditional chalet-style houses, Swiss luxury homes have a warm and inviting atmosphere that provides great relaxation to homeowners.

Brittany Corporation is the pioneer builder of luxury condo and home properties in the Philippines. They have built and developed luxury homes for sale that have always passed and exceeded international standards. With the selection of extravagant real estate properties they offer, you will find the home of your dreams.

If you are looking for a Swiss home, Crosswinds Tagaytay is the one for you! This exclusive community features Swiss-inspired homes and properties that perfectly captures the luxury Swiss resort atmosphere. Surrounded by lush flora, Crosswinds Tagaytay is your dream home of coziness and relaxation.

Swiss houses give off a cozy and warm atmosphere. | Photo by Karan Sharma from Pexels.

Defining Swiss Home Architecture and Design

A home in the countryside, among the snowy alps, with the chilly wind blowing through the window. This is the image that a lot of people pictured in their mind when they hear of Swiss luxury homes. However, this is the most common misconception about a Swiss home.

Contrary to popular belief, Swiss home is not something that you see among the snowy alps of Switzerland. The country is most known for its lush greenery and pasture. The architecture of the houses in Switzerland are built according to its surroundings, which is lush trees and grassy mountain slopes. This is why Swiss houses are often considered cozy, inviting, and warm.

For homeowners, it is important to know the architectural style and the design features of the Swiss home to capture the atmosphere you want to achieve. With a deeper understanding of Swiss home architecture and design, you can create your dream home.

But what is Swiss home architecture and design? The most common example of Swiss home architecture is Swiss Chalet style, which is often featured in luxury resorts. It is a popular architecture in Switzerland due to how it is originally being in building luxury properties to complement the surroundings, which is lush greenery.

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Swiss houses are traditionally built to complement surrounding terrain. | Photo by Paul Knut from Pexels.

Unique Characteristics of Swiss Chalet Style

In Switzerland, the most popular architecture for houses is chalet style. it is also commonly known as Swiss Chalet house style. This type of architecture uses wood for most of its structure and frame. The idea behind this style is for the house to stand strong and sturdy when built on slopes or uneven terrain.

Swiss Chalet style has distinct features and characteristics that sets it apart from the rest of the most popular architectural styles used all over the world. Here are some of the unique characteristics you should find in a Swiss home or luxury condo.

Distinct Triangular Profile

Swiss Chalet houses have triangular shapes often associated with Swiss homes. The triangular profile of these types of houses was born from practicality. Since most Swiss homes are built on slopes of mountains, the triangular profile helps prevent snow from accumulating on the roof.

The triangular profile also improves the impression of high vaulted ceilings, which creates a larger and more open atmosphere. High ceilings is common in Swiss homes, which also often adapts a loft structure. It servers to create a large, open space atmosphere while also increasing the intimacy of the common areas.

Most Swiss homes adapt a triangular profile. | Photo by Nicolas Veithen from Pexels.

Gabled Roof and Overhanging Eaves

Emphasizing the triangular shape of Swiss Chalet house style, gabled roofs and overhanging eaves are distinct features. Gabled roofs are characterized by roofs that have two sections meeting at the top to form a ridge. This type of roof complements the triangular profile of Swiss Chalet style.

Overhanging eaves is also a common characteristic of this house style. This type of roof has protruding edges that extend outwards to the side of the house. This type of roof is most commonly used to provide additional protection from the weather, perfect for Swiss houses.

Made from Natural Materials

What makes Swiss Chalet houses even more inviting is the materials used for their structure. These houses use natural materials including stone, cement, and of course, wood. The materials are often used without much alteration, creating an unadulterated appearance for the house, which complements the surroundings more.

This also increases the warm and inviting atmosphere of Swiss homes. Popular Swiss homes for sale in Tagaytay like Crosswinds house models use high-quality lumber that can withstand various elements like aging and natural calamities. The wood can be left unfinished or may be painted over depending on your preference as the homeowner.

Large Windows

Opening to the picturesque landscape, large windows are distinct features of a Swiss style house. The windows show the beautiful view outside and invites more light in, emphasizing the coziness and warmth of the interior. What makes Swiss house windows unique is that it serves to give you the feeling of bringing the outdoors inside.

Aside from providing the house with a lot of natural light, it also gives you the feeling that your space is just an extension of the beautiful surroundings outside. Most Swiss houses and luxury condo has plenty of windows all over the rooms, which also helps emphasize the open living space concept.

Swiss Chalet style houses are made from natural materials such as stone and wood. | Photo by Rahat Ali from Pexels.

Open Living Space

What’s great about Swiss homes such as the residential properties in Crosswinds Tagaytay is the open living space concept. A common interior design of traditional houses in Switzerland make use of the inviting atmosphere of an open area that opens up to the beautiful views outside. The harmony among the different spaces in the house is achieved through an open space structure of furniture, eliminating the need for lots of partitions.

This gives the house a cozy, intimate atmosphere without becoming too cramped. Just like the properties in luxury resorts in Switzerland, chalet-style houses allow families to socialize through an open space concept that also gives off a warm feeling which is often emphasized by having a fireplace in the main living room.

Dominating Wooden Features

What makes Swiss homes truly inviting are the dominating wooden features that can be seen as traditional. However, with technology, there are now modern twists to these wooden houses as shown in the luxury condo of Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Aside from the materials used in the luxury condo units and the residential luxury homes, there are also furniture and wooden accents that serve to bring warmth to the space. The wooden features create a harmony between the classic Swiss chalet while also integrating a more modern appeal to the place.

Wood is often associated with warmth and coziness because of its natural color, red and brown. It perfectly blends with the surroundings, especially in Tagaytay where pine trees are abundant. Moreover, wood naturally increases the warmth inside of a property, which is perfect for chilly weathers in locations like Switzerland, and in the Philippines, high terrains such as Tagaytay.

Swiss homes use wooden features that emphasize the coziness. | Photo by Hai Vu from Pexels.

A Slice of Luxury and Peace at Crosswinds Tagaytay

What makes Crosswinds Tagaytay the dream home is how it provides the perfect blend of relaxation and convenience. Located at the popular tourist spot of Tagaytay, where it is chilly most of the year, you can enjoy the beauty of nature all year round without traveling.

Tagaytay City is also famous for its high terrain than the metro and being surrounded by lush nature, which leads to lower temperatures. The chilly air in Tagaytay makes it even more inviting, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. This is reminiscent of Switzerland, where most chalet houses are found on the slopes of the mountain and also surrounded by green pasture and lush trees.

Crosswinds Tagaytay offers you an escape towards a nature reserve where you can relax and be one with nature. What a lot of people love the most in Crosswinds Tagaytay is that the real estate properties are surrounded by thousands of pine trees while also offering breathtaking views of the lush hills of Tagaytay. You can even enjoy the picturesque sunrise and sunsets at the residential places and luxury condo in Crosswinds!

Swiss-inspired luxury houses at Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Luxury homes in Crosswinds Tagaytay truly captures the essence of a Swiss house. It offers the luxury you would want from modern, extravagant homes, which complements your lifestyle. At the same time, it also provides you with comfort, peace, and relaxation especially with the nature surrounding the properties. You can also choose from various luxury condo models that they offer. Each one having a unique appeal and interior design that is perfect for your family.

Crosswinds Tagaytay of Brittany Corporation offers three luxury developments, Alpine Villas, Lausanne, and The Grand Quartier. Alpine Villas is an array of six to eight stories mid-rise villas of luxury condo that has complete world-class amenities you can access. Lausanne is the country’s only pine estate where luxury lots are for sale, offering sweeping panoramas of the breathtaking views of Tagaytay’s hills. Providing the perfect escape from the bustling metro, The Grand Quartier is the embodiment of luxury Swiss resort, a condotel that is nestled on the highest peak of Crosswinds Tagaytay. Choose your dream home from these developments to experience a slice of luxury and peace.

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