Activities For Kids During Holy Week

Holy Week season is one of the holidays’ families are looking forward to. As it is coming, you might wonder about what you can do with your kids. What indoor and outdoor recreational activities for kids can we do at this kind of time? Should staying at home and resting be a good idea? Will it appeal to the kids if we binge-watch their favorite series and eat their favorite snacks? How about a stroll and shopping around the mall in Alabang? Staycation in Crosswinds Tagaytay? Travel with kids and go to an amusement park in Sta. Rosa to have fun and excitement? Well, we hear you, and you don’t have to be pressured.

Let me give you a thematic overview of some of the recreational activities for kids that you need to know about. This article might be the best solution for your “wandering thoughts.” I will provide you with lists of recreational activities that you and your child can try and enjoy.

Spend the Holy Week with your family

Holy Week is undoubtedly one of the things kids look forward to. Because Holy Week means a break from the loads of the gigantic school activities they’re stuck in. For adults, Holy Week may be a time to rest, have a vacation, and remember how Jesus died at the cross.

But for the kids, it’s certainly a different thing. It is also worth noting that holy week, especially for parents who are working in a corporate world, is an opportunity to move forward from the payables that await at the last days of the month, precisely because when you work on these days, you get paid, double. The desire to spend time with your family is probably holding you to work these days.

It’s like you’re being hesitant along the way. Well, before you decide, let me suggest a list of recreational activities for your kids. Besides, I assume, thematically speaking, you are here because of your heart for your kids to have a wonderful Holy Week experience.

So as a promise, here are a few of the activities that you can do with your children. But before anything else, let me divide these suggestions of activities into two categories: Indoor and outdoor activities. Choose what suits you and your child’s taste.



You can do baking snacks and goodies

First on the list is having a Palm Sunday Treat for your child around the kitchen to keep them busy. Palm becomes a significant thing in this season because when Jesus entered Jerusalem, people waved palms on Him. And at that time, waving palms meant that people were welcoming royalty.

So what kind of treat? Together, with your kids, bake palm-leaf-shaped sugar cookies. This activity will surely help you get closer with your kids while telling them trivia about this season. There are a lot of fun activities on the internet thematic with palm.

Baking goodies is a good activity for Kids

Play with eggs in the kitchen or you can also create crafts with them

Sunday or Easter can be categorized in the Christian context as a day when Jesus was resurrected from the dead. And this is where the people will usually celebrate and ends the Holy Week joyful. And because we’re talking about recreational activities for kids, let me share with you some of the recreational activities that kids can do with eggs and Easter Sunday.

One thing you can certainly do at home with your kids is an egg and spoon race. Well, this is good if you have many kids at your house. If not, you can create some Easter designs craft to boost your child’s creativity and artistic hands. Or, if you want to add some thrill and activity while doing arts, you and your kids can watch an Easter movie while designing. There are many movie recommendations on the internet.

One of the most important part of Holy Week is Easter Sunday were people usually do egg hunting




Go out and have camping with the family

When we asked kids about their list of recreational activities, CAMPING was one of the top five outdoor activities. We can’t blame them because who wouldn’t want to go to a place full of adventure? Thus, we comply with the wants of the children. Number one on the list of outdoor fun is camping. Camping would be so exciting for the kids, especially if there’s a scavenger hunt included along with the camping if you’re working in a corporate world around NCR, Alabang, Sta. Rosa or somewhere else, spending time with your kids like this sometimes feels like a luxury. But I tell you, experiencing this with the family is worth more than any double pay the corporate world can offer during this holiday. Family times like this are not worth any amount in this world.

Connect to the Kids as you connect with nature

Swimming is an excellent bonding with family

If you’re not into lands, hiking, and all that, we still got you covered! During this season, kids will surely enjoy water activities. You can go for a swimming bonding. You can spend this holiday through a family outing. Add this to your list of recreational activities for kids. In the Philippines, there are so many resorts and beaches your family can go into. Resorts in Alabang, Sta. Rosa, or even in Crosswinds Tagaytay are three of those places you could search and look.

Family outings without planned activities ahead might bore the kids, so this is a good idea. Kids can do fun water activities to avoid boredom. Activities such as water balloon toss, water gun tag, drip, drip, drop, water cup race, water pinata, backyard bath, and water bottle flip can add to the excitement. You can learn more about these fun water activities on the internet. Don’t forget to add this to your list of recreational activities for kids.

A lot of Kids enjoy water activities | Photo from Unsplash Website

Although, in the past years, you will see recent posts that the pandemic has limited people on what they can do during these days. We still cannot remove the desire for the people to celebrate and do the routine every Easter Sunday.

In one study by Gjorgjevski and Blazhevski (2021), using thematic analysis as a tool, Easter Sunday was still celebrated by the people even when there was a rise in the COVID-19 virus cases. This incident generates differing comments to some.

A study like this is only one of the pieces of evidence on how it is crucial (for many people) to celebrate Easter Sunday. But here’s the thing, fortunately, we can now celebrate Holy Week and make our list of recreational activities—well, not ALL activities. Still, the situation is way better now than in the past years of the pandemic! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your iPad, a pen, a paper, or anything where you could write the list of recreational activities.

Then, finish this article and find a place to be when Holy Week comes. Remember, resources won’t last, but memories and experiences will!


If you are looking for a place to spend your time with the family, Brittany Corporation has a list. Crosswinds, Tagaytay is a good place to start.