Lausanne at Crosswinds Tagaytay: Your Home Near The Metro

When you think about popular getaways in the Philippines, one of them is Tagaytay. Only 90 minutes away from Metro Manila, the domestic and international airports, it offers a mountainous respite for people who want a quick getaway from city life. The awe-inspiring sights from certain vantage points, the amazing luxury homes, the plethora of restaurants and cafes, and several attractions in the area never fail to satisfy locals and tourists who want to unwind, relax, and enjoy without needing to be that far from the home in the metro. Lausanne at Crosswinds Tagaytay offers so much more.

Colorful Swiss Quadrilles surrounding pine trees. | LUXURY HOMES BY BRITTANY CORPORATION

Lausanne is a first-class Swiss luxury community that sits atop one of the highest points in Tagaytay, offering a quiet alpine escape away from Metro Manila.

Also famous for its milder climate, Tagaytay is also a popular real estate hotspot for people looking for houses and lots, condominiums, and other residential properties. Luxury homes in Tagaytay are quite popular for people who can afford them. Search for a luxury house and lot in Tagaytay or luxury lots in Tagaytay are also driven by real estate enthusiasts who see the tourism potential of the real estate in the city. 

Luxury lots for sale are even considered by retirees or foreigners who are looking to settle down in the future. And buyers (or even dreamers) who are seeking the right property that is nestled in an exclusive neighborhood designed and developed for ultimate privacy, comfort, and convenience need not look further.

Live and Experience Beauty in Detail at Lausanne

Image gallery of European houses and lots. lausanne | lusury homes by brittany corporation

Lausanne as your future country home checks all the boxes of a first-class residential development.

Lausanne is a first-class residential enclave that sits atop one of the highest points in Tagaytay. Also isolated away from the busy main road of the city, Lausanne capitalizes on its vantage point in the windy ridge, offering Swiss-themed homes with the beautiful city skyline as the backdrop. The climate also smells wonderful, thanks to the tens of thousands of pine trees growing and thriving all over Crosswinds Tagaytay, the 100-hectare development Lausanne is currently nestled in.

Brittany, the developer behind Crosswinds Tagaytay and several residential enclaves in it, including Lausanne, took inspiration from the actual Swiss city of Lausanne.

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Prime Location

Lausanne is pocketed within the “deep” corners of the massive Crosswinds Tagaytay estate. As such, Lausanne is one of the most exclusive enclaves of Crosswinds Tagaytay, which is a great choice for buyers seeking to escape the heat, noise, and stress of the city, and also live in a community absent of skyscrapers and other urban distractions. How exclusive? Its location guarantees very limited traffic, especially from tourists who visit the massive property. 

However, exclusivity doesn’t mean remote. Crosswinds Tagaytay is located along Tagaytay – Calamba Road. As such, everything is just under five to ten minutes away from Tagaytay’s popular restaurants, tourist attractions, and other urban conveniences in the city. Crosswinds Tagaytay also has access to a popular throughway to Manila, which is lined with pasalubong stores, plants for gardening and landscaping, fruit and vegetable stalls, and shops that sell everything from coffee, vinegar, and cheese, to honey.

The Tagaytay Rotunda is just seven minutes away, from which stems out four main roads that can connect you not only to Metro Manila, but also Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas.

Competitive Edge

Investment-wise, wouldn’t it be awesome to own a property at the only pine estate South of Metro Manila? There are over 35,000 lofty pine trees that call Crosswinds Tagaytay home, adding a premium on top of your already premium luxury property. Should you decide on purchasing one of the many luxury lots for sale at Lausanne, you are just one of the many people who own a prime piece of real estate in the entire country.

Product Lines and Interior Finish Options 

House model of European luxury house.

This luxury house and lot model shows how grand luxury homes at Lausanne will be at turnover.

One look at the many charming abodes inspired by the chalets in Switzerland, one can expect the quality of the real estate choices you will have at Lausanne. Whether you choose to invest in a luxury lot that offers splendid vistas of the Crosswinds Tagaytay development or opt for a finished house model from the Brittany collection, you will not be disappointed.

Picture it this way: A Swiss-style luxury home with three floor levels, including an attic. The house is built with high-quality materials, including asphalt shingles with roofing insulation, synthetic stones, cement clapboard in the paint finish, wood and metal works in stain or paint finish. Doors are solid panel doors with a standard lockset, casing, and stopper. Windows are of powder-coated aluminum with a clear glass finish. All closets and cabinets are modular with cabinet pulls. Each room in the luxury home is furnished with the finest fixtures and tiling.Moreover, Brittany has a solid reputation not only in luxury home developments. As a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, the Philippines’ Largest Homebuilder, Brittany has over a 20-year track record in estate building. Brittany has proven its expertise in developing award-winning residential communities that are inspired by the world’s greatest destinations, such as the Italian-inspired Portofino in Vista Alabang.

High Return On Investment (ROI)

Lausanne at Crosswinds Tagaytay prides itself in offering prime properties that bring nature closer to you. And if you plan to spend the rest of your retirement in Tagaytay, or simply want a vacation home to come to once in a while and lease it out the rest of the year to tourists, Lausanne is the best choice to live out a laid back and relaxing lifestyle. As such, it hardly comes as a surprise that the luxury properties in Crosswinds Tagaytay, Lausanne included, are among the most sought-after in Tagaytay.

Proximity to Premier Recreational Destinations

What could be better than the crisp aroma of over 35,000 pine trees in the air, as well as the scenery of rolling hills with sweeping vistas in Lausanne? Of course, the distance to top leisure destinations.

Leisure spots alone, Crosswinds Tagaytay is a few minutes away by car to Picnic Grove, People’s Park, the Tagaytay Sky Ranch, and premier golf courses such as the Splendido Taal Golf Course.

It is also close to Tagaytay Medical Center, De La Salle University Hospital Dasmarinas, and Tagaytay Medicare Hospital. De La Salle University Dasmarinas, Olivarez College Tagaytay, Don Bosco Canlubang, De La Salle Canlubang, Ateneo Graduate School Sta. Rosa., and St. Scholastica Sta. Rosa are just some of the top schools in the area.

Tagaytay is also a favorite destination for religious pilgrimages and healing tours. The city is the home of the Pink Sisters Convent, St. Anne’s Shrine, and the Church of Our Lady of Manaoag.  There are also religious facilities and small monasteries in Tagaytay that house people who are going on spiritual retreats.

As for Crosswinds Tagaytay, the property itself is a beautiful destination. It is home to the prestigious Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort community.

Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort

Blue-green condominium hotel or condotel with brown and yellow accents sit atop a lush pine tree forest, under a cold cool breezy foggy sky, with a classic black lamp post in focus

The Crosswinds Grand Quartier Condominium is located within the Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort community.

The Crosswinds Grand Quartier (also known as the Crosswinds Resort Suites) is a luxury condominium and hotel that is part of the Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort community. As the property is located upon a high peak inside the private community, all resort condo apartments have balconies that provide a magnificent view of the surrounding beauty of natural Tagaytay.

The Grand Quartier III is a six-story building with an amenity level for residents and visitors to enjoy high-quality facilities, including the swimming pool and gym. Nestled upon a high peak within the exclusive community, these two properties will immediately transform guests into a Swiss getaway they have only seen in movies.

The resort community also has plenty of other amenities onsite, including swimming pools, pocket parks called Peak Parks, walking trails, jogging paths, event lawn on Hilltop, and specialty shops like Santa’s House Gift Shop and Crosswinds Cafe. A Christmas Village is also walkable, which is a delight for kids who want to experience a bit of Christmas 365 days of the year. There are development plans for special attractions such as Gourmet Village, Church on a Hilltop, and spa and sauna services.

Laguna de Bay

Lausanne’s vantage point not only offers views of the Laguna de Bay, but it also capitalizes on its location to enjoy the cool, fresh climate undoubtedly helped by the largest lake in the Philippines. Aside from the climate, there’s less pollution when you are situated in residential communities that are not heavily populated. The tens of thousands of pine trees in the development certainly help keep the air cleaner than the city proper in Tagaytay, and more so the air in Metro Manila.

NAPA at Crosswinds

Mountainside Al fresco restaurant with mountain views, surrounding pine trees. lausanne | luxury homes by brittany corporation

NAPA at Crosswinds is a newly-opened restaurant for people who want to wine and dine while enjoying the views of Crosswinds Tagaytay. Image from NAPA at Crosswinds | Facebook

Opened in early June this year, NAPA at Crosswinds satiated people’s hunger for outdoor dining and relaxation. Located in Crosswinds Tagaytay’s retail strip, NAPA at Crosswind is a Northern California-inspired cafe and wine bar-restaurant and a tourist attraction and offers a food menu, interiors, and outdoor settings that embrace the charm of its vantage point.

The restaurant sits a few minutes away from the Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort. Menu offerings include breakfast options, pasta, burger, pizza, fried chicken wings, fish and chips, coffee, and chillers. You can dine inside the restaurant and feel at home because of its interiors, but nothing beats dining outside at any of the tables set up that overlooks one vantage point of the resort community.

Mountainside al fresco dining setup, surrounded by nature NAPA at Crosswinds lausanne | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Now, who wouldn’t want to have a great time at this restaurant?

Future Developments in Lausanne and Crosswinds Tagaytay

Brittany Corporation continues to develop its property to support the lifestyle they promise to its residents. Its plans include:

• Developing picnic grounds for guests and residents to wine and dine within the breathtaking, natural background of the resort community. As the world continues in the new normal, the demand for open spaces has never been this high. With residents opting to confine themselves in their neighborhoods to reduce the risk of infection, open recreational spaces allow people the opportunity to step out of their homes without worry. Picnic grounds in open spaces that are surrounded by vast vegetation not only achieve this goal but also offer healing from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

• A picturesque flower farm. Not everyone is a natural when it comes to planting and growing houseplants, but everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of flowers. The flowers’ beauty in detail helps lift the mood and creates a more inviting environment in which to live. Even a pot of flowers on an outdoor table or a few planters along a balcony rail makes a whole lot of difference to your overall enjoyment of living in the community.

• A vineyard. There’s nothing more healing than seeing rows and rows of grapes growing from the top of your luxury home down. Vineyards, according to this blogger, bring a sense of remoteness to the location. If operational, a vineyard can also mean more nature-based recreational activities you will surely enjoy with the whole family.

• A retail strip, which will introduce boutique stores that will provide additional commercial conveniences curated for its residents and guests. 

• Event areas to help celebrate important milestones like birthdays, weddings, and more.

landscape lot properties mountainside lausanne | luxury homes by brittany corporation

There’s a lot more to look forward to about investing in a luxury property at Lausanne in Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Make Lausanne Your Next Home in the Countryside

Living in the countryside offers a remarkable lifestyle and health benefits. Moreover, luxury homes for sale and luxury lots for sale in the city are generally larger or offer more living space, with some offering personal gardens, lawns, and spaces to stretch out. This is in direct contrast to homes in the city, where outdoor space in house and lot units, townhouses, condo units, and apartments — if they exist at all — come at a premium, usually in the form of a small patio, balcony, or shared roof deck. 

But with nature at your doorstep, living in Lausanne provides lots of room and plenty of fresh rural air — which is great not only for your physical and mental health but also for your investment portfolio in the long run. 

Moreover, you can make more meaningful connections in the countryside. Metro Manila may be socially energizing for you, but ask yourself: Have you ever made any connections with your neighbors or even the neighborhood security guard? If you have been living a fast life in the metro, it is most likely that you have not.

Life in the countryside works differently. And with a home at Lausanne, this encourages you to slow down and make new connections with neighbors along the way. And with the number of curated recreational spaces and modern conveniences developed as regular gathering spots, all these things and more encourage you to accept a community that welcomes your stay. 

Have you decided to live in Tagaytay? Explore more luxury homes at Brittany.

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