5 Important Weekend Travel Items You Should Always Have


In the age of convenience, weekend getaways are almost synonymous to one place only that is close to the Metro and well-loved by many: Tagaytay. The place itself exudes comfort with the signature perfect temperature even in the summer, as well as offer convenience through various establishments nearby. However, even the most frequent vacationers have trouble with looking for a place to stay. Some even have difficulty packing their weekend travel items. Luckily, Brittany Corporation is saving your future weekend getaway troubles with their luxury condo in a Swiss-inspired property for sale. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning real estate in Tagaytay or going to Switzerland without the hassle and over-the-top spending on a very temporary vacation, being a part of Alpine Villas at Crosswinds is one thing to check off your bucket list.

luxury condominium in corsswinds tagaytay

Perfect for your next getaway over the weekends or holidays. A Swiss-inspired studio unit with a balcony at Alpine Villa offers an exclusive Swiss luxury condo living.

Of course, preparation goes into these weekend getaways, much like buying into luxury real estate in the Philippines. The best first step is to trust a well-known and world player in the game that has been providing the best homes for Filipino people for many years: Vista Land. For those who like to live with class, there are three luxury condominium buildings inspired by the Swiss Alps: Bernese, Blanc, and Brienz. Interested homeowners do not have to wait longer because Bernese is opening its doors to Tagaytay vacationers or those seeking to find a place to call their own before the year ends. The location is quintessential: everything you will ever need is within your reach and more, but practicing being a smart traveler does have its perks. While you wait for your home to be ready for your stay, explore the area on your free weekends to get you settled in; you’ll fall in love even before your Swiss dream home becomes a reality! Leaving might be a little harder, though.

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 With your busy working or studying life in the city, a well-planned weekend getaway is just what you need. In the middle of a pandemic, a getaway can quickly turn into a disaster without proper planning. Realizing halfway that you forgot your essentials in the middle of the rush is a frustration you don’t need! Aside from the usual sightseeing, there are many things to do in Tagaytay, and that makes it everyone’s go-to spot especially with the view! The best views are right at Crosswinds: see the mountains and feel the relaxation nature brings with thousands of pine trees. If everything is here, what more can you ask for, right?

Weekend travel items to live by:

  1.       Face mask and face shield

    Man wearing a burberry face mask in Crosswinds tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

    Burberry was one of the first luxury brands to create reusable facemasks for your luxury lifestyle.

Following health protocols during the pandemic is the best luxury, next to owning your own condo unit in Alpine Villas, Tagaytay. A lot of establishments require patrons to wear their face mask and face shield for safety reasons: might as well choose something that matches your outfit or at least makes you feel comfortable! For starters, Burberry is the first luxury brand to have their own line of face masks made from their materials: you may go for the classic design or a plain one! Each face mask comes with a pouch. You will never have to place your mask just anywhere again.

For your face shield, best to go with something sturdy and personalized: won’t break after the first use and can withstand Tagaytay’s wind! Better bring along your handy-sized alcohol spray for maximum protection.

  1.       A trusty yet stylish getaway bag for all your weekend travel items

    Prada Galleria Saffiano leather large bag on a couch in Alpine Villas | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

    The Prada Galleria Saffiano leather large bag is perfect for all your weekend travel items.

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Luggage is important in every trip, so investing in the best and sturdy ones to hold your clothes is a must. However, a place like Tagaytay is meant to be explored and enjoyed: come as you are, but with an all-around bag than can hold anything! While you may get a suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag for your stuff; make sure you have something that you can traipse around Crosswinds Tagaytay with! Our personal choice may be the Prada Galleria Saffiano leather large bag for its sleek yet functional design that can fit your things as well as Tagaytay-exclusive pasalubongs.  

  1.        Recharge your weekend travel items with a  power bank for your gadgets

    Power bank for all your weekend travel items | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

    A power bank is a must have for any weekend getaway! Don’t let your weekend travel items get drained!

Of course: gadgets are a must, we don’t need to remind you to bring your cellphone during trips, but we recommend spending time with people in Tagaytay when you’re having a dessert run at Coffee Project! In case your battery runs low because taking scenic photos for IG is simply irresistible when you’re in Crosswinds, your phone needs to recharge. This on the go bundle from Aukey that includes a wall charger and high-quality phone cords with their compact power bank is a must-have!

  1.       An instax camera

    Orange Terra Cotta weekend travel item camera

    The Instax is the perfect weekend travel item for your weekend getaway.

If you’re keen on making memories and preserving them without social media pressure, an instax camera is a cute and convenient weekend travel item to document your weekend getaways. You can get creative: post them on your wall or create an album that you can look back to without the glow of a computer screen. You also get to capture a memory exactly as it is! No pretensions, no filters: something you may keep forever. The new instax square SQ1 from Fujifilm with various colors to choose from and the ability to produce better quality instant photos is the one of the things you’ll want to bring along with you. Bonus if the color you choose matches your outfit!

  1.       Your credit/debit card or cashless apps

    Credit cards for buying things in Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

    Credit and debit cards are more important than ever. It is a weekend travel item must have.

Save yourself the hassle of counting your bills at the counter or looking for the nearest ATM by bringing along your card or using cashless apps for safer and faster transactions! Some local businesses still prefer cash so it’s best to have some on-hand, but if you’re thinking of having dinner at special places like NAPA or Café Viola or buying your pasalubong in bulk, you can never go wrong with having your money somewhere safe and accessible. Don’t forget to keep your receipts, too!

Now with these essentials in mind, your trip will be a breeze! However, things can still get better for you. Imagine if you could just walk around with only your phone and wallet because all your other things are safe at home. You can even change your outfits faster and be more comfortable getting ready to go outside because you have your own place in Tagaytay, a favorite vacation spot for you, family, and friends. You also have the option to just stay in: have food delivered, picked up, or home-cooked: the possibilities are endless! The nightmare of going to fully-booked hotels or trying to find the cheapest reservations online is a thing of the past. Instead, you can take luxury to another level by having a Swiss-inspired condo unit in one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. It’s an investment that can be enjoyed for the longest time, a truly safe and secure home away from home during vacations.

Brittany Corporation gives you the choice between a studio or a 1-bedroom unit for an intimate experience, both come with balconies overlooking the property. Alpine Villas will have a community of people who know a good investment when they see one. Even the furniture in these places exude elegance and taste, something you definitely deserve after long working hours. If you suddenly forget your weekend travel items while on your trip, you can easily go to your luxury condo unit to retrieve it. You also get to enjoy what Tagaytay has to offer without feeling like a foreign visitor in your own country. If something unexpected happens, you can always retreat to your Tagaytay home. Nothing and no one can disrupt the good times you’ll be having!

So maybe the best thing about a Tagaytay weekend getaway is staying at the Bernese, especially when December comes around and tourists begin to crowd hotels and restaurants. Your health and safety are the top priority, especially during the holidays! Luxury condominiums in the Philippines often don’t come cheap, but with a prime location that is everyone’s favorite and quality brands surrounding your home, Alpine Villas at Crosswinds Tagaytay is the ideal place to live in even if it’s only for the weekends. Make it your 2021 goal to take your investments to a higher level. Travelling is still considered non-essential, but for people who want to live life to the fullest, it’s an integral part of their days. Live your life in the hills without the pocket breaking cost of an international trip with the only Swiss quadrille in Tagaytay. Being one with nature and finding your place is an exclusive experience that you deserve to give to yourself. Simply put, a condo unit at Alpine Winds is the most important thing to get in Tagaytay before it’s too late!