Top recreational places to visit in the South


If you are planning to take the weekend off, you simply cannot include these recreational places in your choices. With the opening of new expressways here in the south finding your way around the wanders of the south hasn’t been this easy. You will definitely find yourself exploring more the different cultures in the area, trying out new delicious cuisines, and simply taking a second to appreciate the beautiful sceneries here in the south.

There are so many parts of the Southern Tagalog CALABARZON that has cities and landscapes that will definitely satisfy every type of traveler. This part of the South has some of the most breathtaking falls, views, chilly resorts and nature, and adrenaline parks that travelers will enjoy.


Here are our top 5 recreational places

1. Villa Escudero in Quezon Province

Villa Escudero in Quezon Province - Recreational place near house and lot for sale in Santa Rosa - Luxury Homes by Brittany

A dine-in setting beneath a naturally calm falls that serves all the famous Filipino cuisines.


Villa Escudero is the cultural haven of Quezon Province as it depicts the cultural values of the province and its neighboring cities. Villa Escudero was just a plantation before, built for agricultural purposes. However, it is transformed to be one of the most popular recreational places for travelers visiting the province, which is well known for its cultural heritage theme parks in the CALABARZON region.

Inside the premises, you’ll see various structures, manmade and natural ones. It is designed to give a wonderful and unique experience to each and every visitor. The park is designed for day trips but there are structures that will be available for accommodation that will extend your stay to experience more of the park. 

What’s very unique is that employees are dressed in traditional Filipino clothes that will definitely let you feel and immersed in southern Tagalog life. When you get there, you will find a church-like structure that is actually a museum. They also offer a Carabao ride where you can transfer to the nearby waterfalls. To feel the full experience, during the ride there, you will be serenaded by the lovely voices of a pair of songstress and a guitarist singing Filipino folk and love songs, with these gestures, this will be perfect for the traveler’s date with their special someone. 

In there, you will also be served a buffet that the table is soaked in cold water from its waterfalls. Filipino classic dishes will be served in native ware just like bamboo leaves and a wooden plate. But one thing for sure that you must not miss is the cultural presentation. The presentation features folk dances from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. You’ll get to indulge yourself in the cultural vibe by listening to their music live from the gongs and kulintang of Mindanao, traditional drums of Cordillera, and the Spanish-inspired Rondalla. 

Villa Escudero is not just a park to enjoy for picnics but a place for recreation and liven up cultural heritage. A must-see destination to be added to your list once you want to take a breather. 

2. Bato Spring Resorts in San Pablo City, Laguna

Bato Spring Resort in San Pablo, Laguna - near House and lot for sale in Santa Rosa, Laguna - Luxury Homes by Brittany

A picturesque view of Bato Springs at its calmest form.


If you want to visit this place you better reserve in advance as it is one of the most visited resorts in San Pablo City, Laguna. As it is a natural spring infused with man-made waterfalls gives a striking impression to be considered as one of the favorites resort within the area. Especially during summer, you’ll definitely be refreshed by its cold water coming from the spring. 

Once in Bato spring resorts, visitors will definitely get a fill of the lush greenery and relaxing clear waters. Take Instagram-worthy photos on their beautifully landscaped garden before unwinding and lodging into their huts near the falls. Bato Spring resort is a must-go for people who wanted to break the heat and be wakened up with cold spring waters.

3. Tagaytay Recreational Places

Got a little time of your off days? If you want a quick breather, then that won’t be a problem as Tagaytay City is just an hour or two away from Metro Manila. Considered as the second summer capital of the Philippines or should we say and must-consider summer capital of the South. 

Tagaytay is really popular with tourists, backpackers, and OFW’s with their families who wanted to see the scenic beauty of the Taal Volcano. Whether they are on their own, with families, a couple or in a group, everyone will surely enjoy. It is a perfect place for picnics, horseback riding, sightseeing or to unwind and just want to hang out and feel Tagaytay’s cool weather. Here are some of the places you can enjoy during your visit to Tagaytay. If travelers are coming from Metro Manila, they may simply take the Eton City exit and pass by Tagaytay-Santa Rosa Road going to Tagaytay, this highway is also the same access road going to Brittany’s luxurious communities of Promenade, Georgia Club, and Augusta for a more intricate sight-seeing of the world’s grandest house designs.

To name a few of the top-tier recreational places here in Tagaytay:

Sky Ranch in Tagaytay - Recreational place near house and lot for sale development in Crosswinds - Luxury Homes by Brittany

With Sky Ranch’s “Sky Eye” Ferris wheel you’ll get to enjoy the mountainous and sea-side view that embraces Tagaytay.


1. “Sky Ranch”

For those people who want the thrill and experience of a breathtaking view of Taal, Sky Ranch Amusement park will be on the recommendation. With Sky Ranch’s “Sky Eye” Ferris wheel you’ll get the time to enjoy the mountainous and seaside view of the Luzon Area. To pump up a little adrenaline to your body, the anchors away ride will definitely give you the thrill that you are looking for.

Picnic Grove in Tagaytay - near house and lot for sale development in Crosswinds - Luxury Homes by Brittany

An overhead shot of the famous Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.


2. “Picnic Grove

Wanting to experience the joy of recreational activities, Picnic Grove is the best place for this. You can enjoy fun picnics in their open-air cottages, zip-lining to get a taste of thrill and awe for the beautiful mountainous side of Tagaytay, and feel the cool breeze as you zoom in to the end of the line, you’ll also get to enjoy riding a horse and do some little eco-trail. 

If you want to extend your stay you can surely be accommodated. There are many hotels that will be available to let you stay and enjoy the beauty of Tagaytay. A famous luxury hotel and resort in Tagaytay is Crosswinds, a place to stay where you can dine in or even stay overnight as you tour around Tagaytay City. While on your stay you can also enjoy food trips and sip a hot soup of Bulalo and take a coffee of your choice.


4. Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna

Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa Laguna - near house and lot for sale in Brittany Santa Rosa - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Entrance of the Enchanted Kingdom located in Santa Rosa Laguna, near house and lot for sale developments of Brittany Sta. Rosa.


Everyone loves amusement parks as they can satisfy one’s fantasy dreams. It opens you to a world full of wonders and magic. Located in Santa Rosa City, Enchanted Kingdom is one of the bests. It has a lot of options open to all ages and a magical place to celebrate.  

There a lot of selections of the things you can do. You can enjoy Enchanted’s awesome themed rides that’ll surely immerse you in the magical and fairytale-like ambiance. One of the favorites is the Rio Grande.

Experience the feeling of being taken away by the rapid current of water on this ride. Make sure you’ll bring extra clothes if you planned to try this ride because you surely will get wet. There is a dryer installed outside the ride, it will cost you a few pesos to get dried up but just it’s a suggestion to bring an extra change in your clothes. 

If you are looking for a thrill you can try riding the Space Shuttle, It’s a high roller coaster that will pull you up and deliberately drop you to the loops a couple of times. 

But if you feel like wanting the thrill and enjoy a great view. EKstreme is the best ride for you. As guests were pulled at the 40 meters high ride, guests will get a glimpse to take the opportunity to see a breathtaking view of the amusement park and the residential communities around the park. 

It’ll also be the best to ride this in the evening as you can see a spectacular expanse view of the City of Santa Rosa from the park, you’ll get to enjoy the flashing lights of the roads, star-like view of lights from the residential areas of the town. But just be prepared, as you witness a glimpse of the beauty of the city, beware of not losing your soul at the very top of the ride as you drop down unannounced. 

For those who want a very chill intimate experience while enjoying the view, friends, family, or couples. Take the chance to ride Enchanted’s “Wheel of Fate” it’s a big old-fashioned Ferris wheel that’ll surely let you enjoy the view slowly as it rotates for several minutes. 

5. Republic Wakepark (Nuvali) in Santa Rosa, Laguna

From the Metro or from one of the exclusive communities Brittany Santa Rosa, it’ll be a great experience to try an extreme sport like wakeboarding. Not so far from the Metro, just a travel time of an hour or two; and 25 mins ride from Brittany communities to Nuvali Main Road, a fun exciting activity is waiting for you. 

Wakeboarding enthusiasts will rejoice as they do not need to go to the far sides of the Luzon area to experience this sport. The park caters to both professionals and beginners that will fully provide you wakeboarding guides that will be able to help you conquer the first-class wakeboarding ramps. For the safety of the wakeboarders, the park makes sure to secure the borders with cables that are used to pull them to experience an exhilarating ride. 

Take note that all of these suggested recreational places are not yet fully operational at this time, but are ready to go once all safety protocols have been lifted following are covid-19 protocols. Make sure to include these top five recreational places on your next family or friends’ weekend getaway. All of which is just a few minutes to an hour’s drive from the luxury community of Brittany Santa Rosa, an enclave of the top exclusive subdivisions in the south. Imagine enjoying all of these top recreational places and going home not too far as you dwell on your luxury home in Promenade, Georgia Club, or Augusta.

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