Your Guide to a Fresh Start this Easter Season


Easter is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after he was crucified and buried, according to the Holy Bible. Over time, this festival evolved to become a season for rebirth and rejuvenation for the faithful and the nonreligious alike. Family activities such as delicious feasts in luxury homes and easter egg hunts in spacious gardens became Easter Season traditions all over the world. On a local level, the Philippines takes the Holy Week quite seriously. Not only are these days proclaimed by the government as non-working holidays, but the Catholic traditions are also taken to the next level. The most popular family tradition is the Visita Iglesia, which is Spanish for “church visit”, where families usually travel and pray to the stations of the cross in seven different churches.

Unfortunately, during these stressful times, it’s difficult to enjoy the same festivities and celebrate in the same mood. Gone are the loud and eventful community programs and family gatherings. The New Normal has made it difficult to even see anyone outside our homes. On a lighter note, the Easter Season is not only a celebration but also the perfect season to start fresh and begin again, which is the very theme it represents. Strip down all the superficial effects and the animated events, and you’ll be left with the solemn time to devote to real and honest new beginnings.

Woman smiling at her own reflection by the window of her luxury house and lot during Easter season - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

It’s time to look at your reflection and see your perfections, instead of nitpicking at your flaws.


Self-reflection is the first step to becoming the best version of yourself this Easter Season


Together with self-reflection is solitude. Although we are used to associating the Easter Season with family bonding in our luxury houses and lots, starting fresh in life is an individual activity achieved in the most personal approach. No one else can correctly scrutinize you inside and out. Our peers and family members can try, but their ideas of you are only limited to their perspectives. It’s good to ask for feedback to help you in this journey of self-discovery, but know that there is so much more to what you are seen doing or heard saying. During this Easter season, try to spend more “me” time in order to get more comfortable in your skin. This may be difficult for social butterflies, but remember that the friend you need most in life is yourself.

No matter how big our luxury house and lot may be or how satisfied we are in life, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. This space and time determine what is needed for you to get from version one of yourself to the newer and better version two. It’s not an easy or quick step – in fact, it may cause some discomfort in the beginning. Just remember that this temporary discomfort is a clear indication of you stepping out of your comfort zone in order to explore better versions of yourself. You just have to get past the unfamiliarity. And given the current world’s state and restrictions, this is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and constructively reflect on aspects in your life that you’ve been meaning to change, whether that be mentally, physically, socially, or spiritually. Looking inwards will not only help you learn more about yourself but also help you look at life through a clearer lens.

Sleeping Southeast Asian woman in her teens or early twenties, comfortably in a bed of white pillows and duvet, in the daytime | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Getting enough rest and taking care of yourself rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.


Form healthy relationships with yourself and the important people in your life

Self-appreciation is just as important as self-reflection. This season, find the good things in life like an Easter egg hunt! Realizing the little wins such as being able to run your first kilometer and simple joys like your pet dog rolling over to ask for a belly rub, as well as making life-changing investments such as real estate with a luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines, will shift your perspective in life for the better. These little things are actually the big things that will change the way you live your everyday life. 

As cliche as it may sound, taking care of your physical health actually has positive effects on your mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that exercise is directly linked with higher self-esteem and better life satisfaction. Exercise generates the release of happy hormones in the brain, improving one’s mood and increasing the brain’s learning and memory capacities. Disciplining yourself to turn healthy acts into daily habits will improve your mindset and ultimately increase productivity. By training your body, you are training your mind. By taking back control over your thoughts, you change your mindset. This is what a good relationship with yourself looks like.

Young artistic asian couple picking colors from a color sampler for the furniture in their newly moved into luxury house | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Let your home foster the comfortable environment you need to start fresh this Easter Season.


Make healthy changes at home


Make sure your luxury home is fully equipped with all the resources you need to make healthy changes – from home gym essentials to bath bombs and other self-care tools that you wish for.

As social beings, especially those who live in their luxury homes with their dear family members or partners, we crave connection. We can connect with ourselves, our pets, and each other; but not all connections are good for us. It’s unavoidable that we encounter people who may criticize or discourage us, but it’s up to us individually whether or not to let these people impact our lives. With the New Normal limiting human interaction altogether, it should be easier to keep the negative people at bay. 

Identify the people whom you engage with the most and determine how they make you feel. Do they make you feel happy and valued, or do they just put you in a low mood? Note that not all “friends” are good friends and it is far better to have a smaller circle of quality people in your life who are like-minded, rather than a large group of people you need to impress and have different values. True friends will see you for who you are and accept all of you, as well as encourage you in this endeavor to start fresh this Easter Season. Just make sure to return the favor.

Brittany by Vista Land is a top-notch property developer offering luxury homes for sale in the Philippines and luxury houses and lots for sale in the Philippines. During these trying times, a spacious, beautifully themed, and artfully designed luxury house and lot is the perfect type of home to reconnect with yourself, as well as your loved ones. Welcome new beginnings this Easter Season by welcoming yourself home to the best luxury house and lot that perfectly elevates your newer and better lifestyle of convenience and awe.

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