10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes


The season of Holy Week is a time not only to remember what Christ has gone through in order to fight for our love, but also to celebrate it. The tradition and a very strong part of Filipino culture has been to spend this time with family, whether on an out-of-town trip or simply staying at your luxury home in Alabang, year after year, and it continues today.

Holyweek is a great time to spend with family | Photo from Unsplash Website

Because Holy Week is observed as a national holiday in the United States, families have the opportunity to spend quality and quantity time together, allowing them to participate in a variety of activities. And, in keeping with its culture, feasting will continue to be a part of family traditions for generations to come. Preparing food and sharing a meal in your luxurious home will always be a memorable time for you and your family.

In addition to holy week recipes for this week, there are holy week recipes for every week of the year, which you may want to look into to make your family’s time together more enjoyable. These are very simple Holy Week recipes that you can make in your own kitchens. Some of these recipes are already well-known and familiar to you, while others may be brand-new to you for Holy Week. If you’re looking for more options for holy week recipes that your family will enjoy, you might want to include this on your list.

Holy Week Recipes

For many, observing holy week entails making it special and focusing on Jesus rather than on oneself. This is an excellent time to put less emphasis on yourself and more on the One who gave his or her life for you.

As you devote and reflect on this very moment, it is also beneficial to resist the desires of the flesh and to nourish the spirit with the word of the Lord as you do so. As part of your annual tradition and devotion, it is preferable if you plan your holy week recipe while refusing to give in to your body’s cravings as much as possible.

This does not imply that you must eat food that is not delectable; rather, it indicates that you are denying the desires of your body in order to desire what is more important—the Word of the Lord.

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Holy Week Preparation at the Kitchen Photo from Unsplash Website

The recipes for Holy Week that are presented here are both delicious and nutritious for the body. They are simple to prepare for the whole family and can help you save money as well because they are all very reasonably priced.

You can all look this up on Google, but here are some of the best healthy holy week recipes to get you started. Most elders are likely to be familiar with all of these, but if you are the type who prefers meat and fish, these holy week recipes may be unfamiliar.

You may be living in one of the most expensive houses in the Philippines, such as Portofino, or owning a luxury unit in a bustling city like Alabang, but the recipes for this holy week are still suitable for everyone. Food that is nutritious and has positive effects on the body. This list will undoubtedly be appreciated by your family members because it demonstrates your concern for their health as well as your diligence in searching for delicious holy week recipes to provide them with a memorable culinary experience during the holy week.

1. Lumpiang Sariwa

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Filipino Recipe Lumpiang Sariwa | Photo from Kawaling Pinoy Website

Lumpiang sariwa, also known as “fresh lumpia,” is a recipe that can be served not only during Holy Week but also at regular family gatherings. It combines your favorite vegetables while retaining their crunch.

Traditionally, older people have enjoyed it because of the vegetables that have been combined (sweet potatoes, string beans, onion, garlic, tofu, and cabbage), but nowadays even the younger generation enjoys it because of its distinct taste, especially when dipped or mixed with a tasty sauce, which is becoming increasingly popular.

This dish is very simple to prepare because you only need to prepare the three main components: the wrapper, the stuffing, and the sauce. You can learn more about how to prepare this cuisine by visiting this website.

2. Atsarang Papaya

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Atsarang Papaya | Photo from Simply Bakings Website

An ancient recipe for Holy Week, known as Atchara or Atsarang Papaya, is a must-try. Making this recipe is so straightforward that even third graders can put it together in no time. This appetizer, made from freshly picked papaya, can be kept for a week in an airtight container after being cooked with vinegar, sugar, and other ingredients such as onions, garlic, ginger, peppercorns, and red bell pepper.

These simple ingredients can be combined to create a holy week recipe that is known as “pantanggal umay” in the Philippines. Perfect for the holy week season, especially because there is so much food to be found everywhere.

3. Filipino Singkamas Salad

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Singkamas Salad or Jicama Salad | Photo from Flipboard.com Website

It’s possible that if you live in the area of Vista Alabang, which is surrounded by beautiful and expensive houses, you’re wondering where you can get “singkamas” for this holy week recipe. Good news, because “singkamas” can be purchased not only from the backyard of your next-door neighbor but also from the nearest supermarket in Portofino Alabang.

Singkamas, also known as Jicama, is a root vegetable that is brown on the outside and very crunchy on the inside. It is a root vegetable that is native to Southeast Asia. It is recommended that you serve this healthy and delicious recipe with fish for your meal.

Some people even eat this vegetable raw as a snack, while others prepare it as a salad by combining it with other vegetables and spices to taste. Singkamas is considered a very simple vegetable in the Philippines, but if you do your research on the internet, you will discover that, in addition to its delicious taste, it is a very nutritious vegetable that provides numerous health benefits to the body. You can learn more about the advantages of singkamas by visiting this page.

4. Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce | Photo from BIg Flavors Tiny Kitchen Website

This may be a well-known recipe among those who live in their beautiful Portofino residence. This is a type of music that people who are interested in or familiar with international music like. It may take some time to prepare and consume this dish, but it is well worth the effort.

Spring rolls are made up of fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper and served with hoisin sauce or creamy peanut butter on the side.

This is a wonderful family favorite recipe because it allows for some quality bonding time as everyone takes turns rolling their own spring rolls. You can find a detailed list of ingredients as well as step-by-step instructions on how to make spring rolls on this website.

5. Mango Salsa

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Mango Salsa | Photo from Laaloosh Website

Looking for a festive and delectable holy week recipe to prepare while staying at home with your family in your Portofino mansion in Vista Alabang? Look no further. Mango Salsa would be the perfect accompaniment for you. With only six recipes combined, you can create a delicious combination of sweet and spicy flavors.

Ripe mangoes, red bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, jalapenos, and lime juice are included in this recipe. The combination of these basic ingredients would result in a holy week recipe that you would want to eat over and over again. Simply combine the ingredients and season with salt to taste for a dish that is neither complicated nor time-consuming to prepare.

6. Laswa Recipe

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Utan Bisaya (or Laswa, Lay-Uy, Bulanglang in other regions) | Photo from Knorr Website

Living in the vicinity of Vista Alabang and being surrounded by a plethora of restaurants and fast food outlets where you can simply order what you want may make it tempting to eat whatever is on hand. You might be wondering how you can live a healthier life if your food is always going to be like this when you have this kind of choice. In your own Portofino luxury home, prepare a simple yet healthy dish for your holiday holy week meal if you are thinking about eating healthy during your holiday holy week meal.

It is possible that a Laswa, an Iloilo original dish, would be a good choice for you. A simple boiling of vegetables that have been harmoniously combined will result in a delicious meal that the entire family will enjoy. Simple, affordable, and delicious, all at an affordable price. You can find the specific ingredients and steps to follow in order to prepare this delicious Laswa dish on panlasang pinoy’s website, where they have shared their recipe.

7. Stir Fry Bulgogi Eggplant

10 Easy and Delicious Holy Week Recipes | Stir Fry Bulgogi Eggplant | Photo from Bonappetite Website

Just by looking at it, you’d want to go out and get some more rice for your mealtime. When this dish is prepared according to your holy week recipe, the conversation at the dinner table will be more extensive. Simply pan fry and marinating the eggplant with the appropriate ingredients will result in your new favorite holy week recipe, which may become a regular part of your weekly meal plan.

It is very simple to prepare and is extremely delicious once you have finished cooking it. After a while, the meal tastes even better as the eggplant mingles with the other ingredients and absorbs more of the flavor.

8.Kalabasa Kropek

Kalabasa Kropek| Photo from Bitesized.ph Website

Recipe for a tasty snack to serve at your Holy Week get-together. Preparing this delectable snack while your family relaxes in your luxurious home in Vista Alabang and while you binge-watch your favorite Korean drama this summer is the ideal activity for your bonding team. “Kalabasa” kropek is a tasty alternative to potato fries if you’ve had enough of them lately.

A straightforward Holy Week recipe that involves mixing, shaping, boiling, and frying. These simple steps will guide you through the process of making kalabasa kropek.

9. Pinakbet

Pinakbet | Photo from Ang Sarap.net Website

Pinakbet is a Filipino vegetable disk that has been around for a long time. A combination of several vegetables that both look and taste as they belong together. This holy week recipe is ideal for sharing at your dining table in your beautiful Portofino mansion house, where you will be spending your time together.

A simple recipe in the midst of a luxurious and beautiful mansion. You can see through this website the ingredients that are simple to obtain and the steps that are very simple to follow.

10. Sayote Omellete

Sayote Omellete | Photo from Today'sdelight.com Website

This sayote omellete recipe, which comes in at number ten on our top ten list of holy week recipes for your family reunion this holy week, might be something to consider. It is possible to prepare this dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, which is especially useful if you have children who are not fond of vegetables.

This omellete can be used to conceal your vegetable sayote recipe, which will provide them with a unique taste that they will enjoy. Here’s a straightforward method for making sayote omellete.

As you gather the members of your family around your dining table, you are ready to go. There is no need to stress about what to prepare for the entire family because this Top 10 List will assist you in providing them with a meal they will enjoy and remember. Using these delectable recipes, you can spend the holiday with your family at home.