Travel from Home: How to Travel through Coffee

Everybody misses traveling. Anyone who is reading this can definitely relate because we have been stuck at home for quite some time and the idea of traveling is something that each of us  has surely thought of in the last couple of months. But what is it about traveling that you miss the most? Is it the opportunity to relax and recharge? Is it a place that you would like to explore and discover? Is it a new culture that you would like to learn? Or is it as simple as trying out some unique cafes that offer the best and most flavorful coffee? How about travel through coffee?


Pour over coffee maker

A coffee press can be a great investment for anyone that enjoys their morning brew.


In this time of quarantine, we are left with nothing to do but to stay at home and travel virtually through our sofa, to escape and wander in the comfort of our own home. ​​But did you know that you can also use coffee to travel while staying at home?

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, there are a lot of ways that drinking coffee can enhance your “virtual” trip, and enjoy the quarantine in an entirely new light.

From fast food chains to sidewalk stalls, you can surely buy coffee anywhere if you’re in need of a caffeine fix while traveling but there’s something that makes it so special in having a deliberate trip to a neighborhood coffee shop where the locals enjoy their morning brew. There is no better way to get a sense of how the locals start their day especially if you have an itinerary to follow during your trip.

You might be reminiscing about the local coffee shop that you have visited in other countries and you might be carrying that love for coffee wherever you go, even in your own home. This community quarantine, why not recreate that experience and coffee recipe at home? Now might be the best time to get global with your caffeine fix.

But before that, some reasons why a local coffee shop should be a can’t-miss item in your travel list include sightseeing as a new way to start your day, learning and getting a local feel of the place that you are visiting, getting a chance to discover and explore a new neighborhood, and shopping for souvenirs.

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If you love coffee, then you will surely love learning about the different caffeinated drinks and preparing them by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Travel the world, get global, and get your caffeine fix by recreating different coffee recipes from around the world.

Here are some fun and unique ideas on how to make easy coffee-based beverages that you can enjoy at every meal. Whether you are looking for a new way to enjoy a morning cuppa or want to learn about different coffee drinks, you should read this.

Barista pouring milk into a cup of espresso to create latte at his luxury home | Luxury homes by Brittany corporation

The type of milk you use can affect the final flavor of your barista-style coffee | Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


Travel to Korea with the Whipped Coffee (also known as Korean Dalgona)

You can now make the popular whipped coffee on Tik Tok in your own home.  This coffee is fluffy and creamy, with Korean-style twist that you can easily prepare and drink as your everyday coffee. You only need 4 easy ingredients to make whipped coffee, which are instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk.

The instant coffee, sugar, and water are first whipped up to create a sweet frothy yet thick foam. You can serve the milk and whipped coffee over ice or heat up the milk for a hot coffee.


Woman smelling her coffee at the comfort of her own luxury home | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Enjoying your coffee is a key part in your barista-style coffee. It’s the reason to make the perfect, barista-style coffee at home | no attribution needed


Travel to Morocco with Moroccan Spiced Late

You can spice up your morning with this fragrant Moroccan coffee. The aromatic spices that are added to the ground dark coffee beans bring a unique flavor, and a nice balance for the natural bitter flavor of coffee.

The Moroccan spiced coffee is best for brewing in an automatic drip maker or French coffee press. If you don’t have a coffee/spice grinder, you can substitute ground coffee and ground spices and stir them together to mix.

All you have to do is gather the ingredients and place them into a coffee grinder and process. Remember that the spiced coffee is best used immediately. In case you don’t need all of it, you can store the remaining coffee in a light-proof, airtight container.

Use the spiced ground coffee – one to two tablespoons of the mixture per serving, but keep in mind that the ground spices may clog the filter basket in electric espresso makers, so other brewing methods may be considered such as a french press, pour over, or drip coffee machine. You can serve the spiced coffee black, or with sugar and hot milk, depending on your preference.


Travel to Italy with Affogato

Italian affogato is one of the easiest coffee desserts to whip up when you have guests at home. You need only 2 ingredients for this elegant treat, which is made by pouring brewed espresso coffee over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

For a change, you can add a splash of Italian amaretto or Irish cream liqueur for a unique and decadent coffee dessert in a snap.


Travel to Vietnam with Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnam is known for being the world’s second-largest coffee-producing country. During hot summers, Vietnamese like to cool down with iced coffee which combines the strong and bitter coffee and sweetened condensed milk.

You can use the pour-over method or save time by using a French coffee press for this easy-to-make drink.


Travel to Ireland with Irish Coffee Cocktail

Ireland is known for brewing good beer but did you know that they are also known for its iconic Irish coffee that makes a great choice on cold evenings.

You can make this treat by combining hot coffee, the best Irish whiskey you can stand to buy, a little brown sugar, and fluffy whipped cream to top it all off – as simple as that!


6 spices on silver spoons over a blue textured background | luxury home by brittany corporation

Different spices can be the key to your homemade barista-style coffee. | Photo by Anastasia Belousova from Pexels


Travel to the USA with New Orleans Coffee

New Orleans is famous for its unique, eclectic culture, not to mention its unique and delicious way to enjoy black coffee. The special ingredient they use is Chicory, which transforms an ordinary pot of drip coffee into a thick and rich brew with a distinctive chocolate-caramel flavor.


Travel to India with Delhi-Style Cold Coffee

Delhi-style cold coffee is a refreshing, cold coffee drink that is very popular in India, to beat the scorching summer heat. It is essentially a caffeinated milkshake that is made by blending instant coffee with milk, sugar, and ice.


Travel to Sweden with Swedish Egg Coffee

While you can’t travel to Sweden due to the pandemic, you can still enjoy their traditional Scandinavian coffee. You can make it in a saucepan, by adding a raw egg to coffee grounds, add water, boil, and strain, for an incredibly smooth, non-bitter cup. It is best paired with your morning bagel or cinnamon roll.


Travel to Thailand with Thai Iced Coffee

Who says blending up your own iced coffee at home isn’t easy and fun? You can try making this  Thai iced coffee that is creamy and super-easy to stir up in a pitcher. This does not require the use of a blender, all you need are strongly brewed coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk or heavy cream.


Travel to Spain with Cafe Con Leche

The Spanish-style cafe con leche (literally “coffee with milk”) is a hot espresso drink with steamed milk. You can make this by simply heating milk in a saucepan and combining it with strong brewed coffee from a stove-top espresso maker.


Travel to Mexico with Mexican Coffee

If you have any treat combining coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate, you’ll surely flip for Mexican coffee. It tastes like the perfect combination of hot chocolate and coffee with added cinnamon spice.

You can make it with any coffee maker and a saucepan for heating the vanilla-infused milk then top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings for an indulgent treat.


Light roast, medium roast, and dark roast coffee flat lay in luxury condominium floor | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

There are so many types of beans to choose from. Find your favorite flavor and get your beans! | no attribution required.


Travel to Hong Kong with Yuanyang (Coffee with tea)

Yuanyang is a popular coffee drink in Hong Kong. This sweet and creamy coffee drink has a powerful double dose of caffeine from a unique blend of strong drip coffee and Hong Kong-style milk tea. Need some energy boost? Try it first thing in the morning especially when you are working from home or any time you want to recharge yourself.

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