Accessibility Features That Make Villar City Stand Out

Choosing a new place to live involves a long list of considerations that drives many people to say how much the entire home-buying process can be complex and time-consuming. One of the top items on the list is the convenience of the new location to fit the lifestyle of the homebuyers. Accessibility, especially here in the Philippines, is a huge factor to consider since there are plenty of times that the commute can be tragic around the metro. Living in a place that has an accessibility issue will not be worth it even if it stands out in all the other considerations on the list.

Why is Accessibility Important?

Accessibility means convenience. An accessible home means that it gives its owners the luxury to go to places without the added effort and instead provides them the extra time to live a well-rounded life. In this fast paced world where time is indeed a treasure like gold, saving a lot of it is considered a great reward.

Avoid Long Commutes

Homes that are accessible have greater value. Because of the congestion in most cities, many new real estate developments in the Philippines are now located far from the capital region. Despite the new road infrastructures to nearby provinces, the transit would still take time and other resources. Thus, living outside the metro is still considered inconvenient.

Accessibility Features That Make Villar City Stand Out

Inclusivity To All

Aside from location, it is also important that the community values the importance of being inclusive of all people—regardless of age, gender, and abilities. Finding a home where people can grow without worrying if the place can cater and will accept their unique lifestyle is a dream come true. For example, it is important to live in a community that has elderly and PWD-friendly features.

In Case of Emergencies

Lastly, accessibility does not only mean that the home’s location is easy to get to but that it offers convenience going to establishments such as hospitals, police stations, and groceries. This is an important factor to consider since access to these places can literally save people’s lives in case of emergencies.

Needless to say, accessibility is a game-changer in the real estate world. The question is, is it still possible to live in a home that provides all these accessibility features but also provides the luxury living experience you are dreaming for yourself and your loved ones?

The answer is YES! Get to know Villar City, the flagship development of Brittany Corporation by Vista Land.

Accessibility Features: Villar City

There are many things that Villar City is proud of—one of which is the accessibility and convenience it offers to its homeowners. Homeownership is a huge decision for anyone so there are many considerations that are needed to be tripled-checked before making that purchase. Find out what makes Villar City stand out when it comes to its accessibility features that is befitting of being one of the top luxury real estate developments in the Philippines.

Located in the Metro

Villar City is a 1,500 master-planned community located at 1750 Daang Hari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Pinas City which is in Southern Metro Manila. While this city is located near a top business district in the country which is Alabang, it is also a short car ride away from Manila City which is the center of the capital region.

Commute around the metro will not be an issue aside from the usual traffic that worsens on peak hours. There are also many road infrastructures such as the Manila-Cavite Expressway that makes transit from southern parts of the metro to other areas easier. It may come at a little more price but it will be worth it for the convenience it offers.

Despite being located in the metro, it is a little quieter compared to the hustle and bustle one would expect from the central business district. Villar City is a lot closer to nature and there are less commercial establishments in the area which is perfect for those who needs some peace and quiet after a long day.

Accessibility Features Villar City

Near Lifestyle Centers and Other Establishments

Depending on the lifestyle one has, the list of establishments that a homeowner needs differ from one to another. Of course, families who have kids will definitely check the schools around the area while those who does not have any will probably not have this as a priority on their list. Also, those who are looking forward to slow and quiet days during their retirement might veer away from the highly urbanized areas than those who are younger with active lifestyle.

Although, there are establishments that are important and must be part of everyone’s checklist regardless of their lifestyle. This includes the ones that people needed for everyday living such as markets or groceries, shopping malls, places of worship, recreational areas, financial institutions, and those needed for emergencies such as hospitals, police, and fire stations.

At the heart of Villar land is Evia Lifestyle Center which is one of the most beautiful malls in the metro—a trademark of a true Vista Lifestyle Center. There are also other establishments such as a country club nearby that can be easily accessed by homeowners.

On top of this, buying a property that is accessible to commercial establishments is also a sign of life in the area. This is one of the top contributing factors that lead properties to appreciate in value over time. With this, a homebuyer can look forward to making profit when they plan to sell the property in the future.

Amenities Within the Community

It is great to live in a home that has nearby commercial establishments, but isn’t it better to have such establishments within the community?

One of the top characteristics that every Brittany Corporation and Vista City development has is offering some of the best amenities inside their luxury real estate developments. These luxurious amenities are being maintained and made accessible to homeowners anytime they want.

Inside the enclaves in Villar City are olympic-sized swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness gyms, and state-of-the-art function halls that completes the luxury lifestyle it offers for its homeowners. Whether a need or a want, access to these amenities is fitting to most people’s dream house experience.

Amenities Within the Community

Access to a Well-Rounded Lifestyle

Last but not the least, a community that enables and even inspires its homeowners to live a life with work-life balance is a picture of true luxury living. Aside from its beautiful thematic communities, Villa City offers a neighborhood that is closer to nature, with much space that is now hard to find in congested city centers.

There are many benefits of living close to nature. There is such a thing as green spaces that is said to help in improving one’s mood, focus, and overall well-being. Many people also feel instant stress relief when close to nature. There are other more obvious benefits such as fresh air due to less pollution in the area.

Accessibility to a well-rounded lifestyle is also important especially for people who have limitations due to existing conditions or disabilities. Villar City is sure to provide the mobility they need with its elderly and PWD-friendly areas which will help them to feel more at ease on the daily.

Your New Home in Villar City

Looking for your dream home? Live in Villar City and start living the luxury life for you and your family! Visit Brittany Corporation’s official website or follow their social media pages for more updates.

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