Villar City: Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Each person has their own definition of luxury living. When the word “luxury” comes up, many people think of high-end fashion, expensive cars, or gleaming pieces of jewelry. Some think it is all about seeing the world and having an adventure. On the other hand, some think of living a comfortable, quaint life away from the stress of everyday hustle and bustle.

Whatever one’s definition of luxury living is, it all boils down to one thing: getting to experience the finer things in life that do not come easy for everyone. But what if there is a chance to live a luxurious life every day in the comfort of one’s home? Let us see how it is made possible in Villar City.

Artful Living in Beautiful Italian-Themed Homes, Villar City Pinnacle of Luxury Living

One of the top luxury real estate developers in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation by Vista Land, is known for building some of the best thematic communities in the country. Homeowners and visitors alike are blown away as they are instantly reminded of the world-class inspirations that their luxury houses have.

Villar City Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Villar City, Brittany Corporation’s flagship development in Alabang, is inspired by the iconic Italian architecture that evokes class and sophistication which one would expect from a luxury real estate development. This community is a haven and will be most enjoyed by romantics that are enchanted by the charm of Old European grandeur.

There is a reason why people all over the world fly all the way to Italy to personally see the beautiful architectural wonders all over this country. Some of the iconic characteristics of Italian architecture are the arch-headed, pedimented windows, the grand columns decorated by corbels, and the signorial towers with decorative cupolas which features a magnificent display of the Italian’s eye for detail and aesthetic. Within the neighborhood, the addition of cobbled stones, luscious green spaces, and illuminating street lamps will surely transport anyone who will see straight to their dream Italian vacation.

Homeowners of luxury homes in Villar City do not only enjoy living in their own beautiful Italian-inspired abodes but even enjoy an artful living residing in enclaves that are oozing with the breathtaking sceneries straight out of Italy’s streets. The consistent design inspiration is evident throughout the community which is a sure treat to homeowners as they feast their eyes on the beautiful sight each day.

Unmatched Accessibility and Convenience at Villar City Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Villar City is located in Southern Metro Manila, near the new Central Business District which is in Alabang. To be specific, it is a 1,500-hectare master-planned community located at 1750 Daang Hari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Piñas City.

Even though it does not have the usual noise and busyness of living in the city center, the accessibility and convenience of living in Villar City is just like any place in the country’s capital. It is easy to access everyday needs with its proximity to commercial establishments needed for everyday living, but not too close that the community gets the peace and quiet its residents need to live stress-free days.

Within and around the community, there are also lifestyle centers and country clubs that are great for recreation. Evia Lifestyle Center, one of the top shopping malls in the country, is located along Daang Hari Road which makes it really accessible for homeowners in Villar City. Everything the family needs can be found here, as well as amazing cafes, restaurants, and entertainment areas that are great for the weekends.

Exclusivity for Safety and Security

Exclusivity for Safety and Security at Villar City Pinnacle of Luxury Living

One of the top items that someone looks into when in the process of home buying is the neighborhood’s safety and security. As people say, you cannot put a price on safety especially when it comes to family and loved ones. This is why many people opt to live in exclusive, gated communities; it definitely has an advantage that makes its price worth it.

Many developments in Villar Land are adapting high-end, state-of-the-art home security features to ensure the protection of its homeowners and their assets. Aside from this, there are 24-hour security personnel in its developments that help the residents feel at ease about the safety and security of their neighborhood.

The exclusivity in a homeowner’s community sure has a lot of advantages which makes it one of the top items that complete the luxury living experience every family is dreaming of.

Amenities for a Balanced Lifestyle

Luxury living is not complete without the presence of a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. Brittany Corporation’s luxury real estate developments are designed to provide a place for residents to live a more active and healthier lifestyle, where they can relieve their stress and improve themselves without going the extra mile. Each community is meant to provide homeowner’s needs to live a dream life.

Residents can choose the luxury experience they enjoy with the wide range of amenities available at each development. This ensures that each resident will have the best time even in the comfort of their own home and neighborhood.

Villar City offers olympic-sized swimming pools, fitness gyms, and specific areas to play different types of sports such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton. There are also clubhouses and function rooms where residents can celebrate their life’s milestones with loved ones. Whatever suits one’s preference, they can find something to do, and the best thing is that there is no need to spend more money or even do the commute to experience all these. It is right there within their own community.

Amenities for a Balanced Lifestyle

Closer to Nature, in the Metro

People who wants to relieve stress and receive a sense of peace and calm tend to reconnect with nature. A perfect weekend getaway often includes a trip to see and experience a breathtaking scenery of nature and take in some fresh air in the middle of what seems like a million trees. This is another picture of luxury living.

In Villar City, residents can enjoy a well-lived life touched by nature with the abundance of green spaces and pocket gardens within its master-planned community. Studies show that living within or near green spaces are helpful to one’s physical, emotional, and mental health. These spaces in Brittany communities are meant to refresh and revitalize its residents without the need for a trip away from home.

Many luxury real estate developments by the Villar Group are featured in big media companies such as Philippine Daily Inquirer for its scenic and serene surroundings that can only be found in a house that is intentionally designed to provide a well-rounded life to its residents.

Each Brittany community features not only the best aesthetics, exclusivity, amenities, but ultimately, they are designed to provide relaxation and recreation which translates to the luxurious lifestyle everyone is dreaming. Waking up to a serene and pollution-less environment is surely a luxury these days.

Luxury Living at Villar City

Brittany Corporation offers an intensive portfolio with amazing selection of various home designs and high-end properties situated in excellent locations. It is set to launch a series of new luxury real estate developments in the country’s key destinations such as Forresta Villar Land in Villar City Alabang, Bern Baguio, Boracay, and more.

Still, all these developments will bring the same Brittany Corporation trademark of creating themed communities where residents can live the dream life they want for themselves and their loved ones.

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