A House or a Condo: What is the ideal vacation home for you?

The choice to purchase a vacation home or a condominium is the perennial question in the mind of every home buyer.  And the answer to this question has remained the same – it depends on your expectations and requirements.  House is usually the ideal choice for a bigger family, while a Condo is an ideal choice to be in the center of the action.

But what if you are looking for a vacation home?  Which of these properties should you choose?  Here are some considerations you may look at to help you determine whether to purchase a grand home or a stylish condominium for your holiday retreat.

What is the ideal vacation home?

Brittany-A -House-or-a-Condo:-What-is-the-ideal-vacation-home-for-you?

This quirky display can be found in the lobby of the Grand Quartier.


A vacation home is where the heart is

When thinking of vacation, you usually imagine yourself sipping a rather robust coffee while enjoying your serene surroundings.  You bask in the warm sun while your kids are still sleeping away in their own rooms.  At night, you bring out your vintage wine and delectable cheese board and just savor the intricate flavors that this combination brings.  The kids and the kids-at-heart are battling over the Tekken Championship in your PS 4, while the adults are playing a spirited game of billiards in the game room.

This scene captures your heart every time, and you would want to spend frequent getaways with your family in your vacation home.  You also believe that a vacation house should be shared with those close to your heart.  As such, you would love to host a lot of weekends here with your extended family and friends.

In this case, an impressive and spacious house may be the ideal holiday home for you.  A house that can give you the space for large gatherings, and yet provide you with the intimacy of peace is the best choice for you.


Luxury condominium of Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury homes by Brittany corporation

The Grand Quartier is the best luxury condominium in Tagaytay along with the other luxury condo building in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


There is no place like a vacation home

A condominium is probably not the type of property that first comes to mind when looking for a vacation home.  However, having a condo for your second residence has its own merits.

A condominium has lower upkeep than a regular house.  The building as well as the surrounding garden maintenance is handled by the Condo Association.  Moreover, you would not have to personally attend to the recreational facilities such as the swimming pool, the game room, and the gym.  Security is also something you don’t need to worry about.    All you actually need is to bring your keys and clothes and you are all set to enjoy your relaxing vacation.

A condominium is ideal for those who love a spur-of-the-moment relaxing retreat.  It is a second sanctuary for families who prefer intimate solitude rather than a lively and action-packed weekend.  Though you may not have expansive gardens to enhance your privacy from your neighbors, a luxury condominium can still provide you with enough privacy to suit your needs.

It’s all about the location

A wide-shot photo of lots for sale in Lausanne, accompanied by a sunset backdrop. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Lausanne is one of the most beautiful properties in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Of course, the primary consideration in buying a vacation home is actually the location.  Your vacation retreat should be located in a luxurious community, with breathtaking views and serene surroundings, that can reinvigorate your weary self.  Fortunately, Brittany Corporation, a premier developer of luxury homes in the Philippines, offers both choices in Crosswinds, a Swiss-inspired residential resort located in Tagaytay, Cavite.  So whether you want an extravagant landed residence or a sophisticated luxury condominium, you can always find your ideal vacation home in Crosswinds.


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