Why Own a Quadrille Townhouse in Sucat


Nowadays, a lot of us would resort to condominiums over a traditional house and lot simply because it is way less expensive. Additionally, condominiums are probably situated near the workplace.  Good thing, La Posada in Lakefront has something to offer which could also meet the requirements of those looking for a condominium.

La Posada’s prime offerings of townhouses are likened to the benefits of owning a condominium. Location-wise it is in proximity to essential commercial establishments like groceries, schools, as well as personal care shops like dental offices and banks. It is also a stones-throw away from major road networks and thoroughfares, connecting you to your jobs at the Metro easily which is a staple for every condominium property in the capital. Although not a condo, La Posada’s townhomes enjoy the benefits brought about by living vertically but in a wider space and at a beautiful exclusive community.

Why Consider a Townhouse as a Luxury Home?


On-The-Go Lifestyle

Vertical living is highlighted by a more on-the-go lifestyle in comparison to traditional living, something La Posada’s quadrille townhouses feature with its proximity to everything that you need on a daily basis. Quadrille townhouses feature three to four-story levels, one with attic and one without an attic that provides bigger spaces than a condominium but the same atmosphere of living in one with the houses compact design. It also has a living area, kitchen, automated 2-car garage, and maid’s room with toilet and bath bringing in the condo vibes in a traditional house and lot property.


Prime Location

La Posada is a combination of Victorian luxury and contemporary sophistication that appeals to sophisticated homebuyers. This lovely community is inspired by San Francisco’s Neo-Victorian mansions and is just a few minutes away by SLEX from the NAIA terminals, Bonifacio Global City, and Makati Central Business Districts. Because the estate is located at the crossroads of three major Metro Manila cities– Muntinlupa, Taguig, and Paranaque– access through Skyway, SLEX, and the Laguna Lakeshore has never been easier.

La Posada is part of Lakefront, a master-planned development with residential and commercial establishments. Property owners could delight in fancy restaurants like Blue Ginger and Dumbo Smoke. Just few minutes away, Presidio Boardwalk development has a grocery and retail areas to cater your needs.


Worthy Investment

Similar to a condominium property, La Posada is an investment worth comparing to. Real estate properties value appreciation usually comes from the major developments in the area. With La Posada, nestled in the master-planned community of The Lakefront in Sucat, future plans for the already established area will surely increase the value of the properties. Truly an investment you don’t want to miss!


A Majestic View

Let’s be honest, a major advantage of a condominium property is the view that it offers. These high-rise buildings in the capital is a must own for people who wants to have a perfect view of nearby provinces, topographical areas and the city lights, which is something everyone should really have a chance to view at.

In La Posada, be charmed by beautiful structures complimented by magnificent views of the Sierra Madre Mountains and Laguna De Bay. Come home in a serene community after a tiring day to the beautiful sight of nature’s gifts and your own beautiful thematic home.

Quadrille townhouses feature simple yet distinguished facades, flat canopies, bay windows, roof shingles, and bracketed eaves. These houses let you enjoy the vibe of a San Franciscan community without having to leave. Take pleasure in the charming community as you imbue yourself in an ambiance that lets you relax and unwind.

Choose a home that is close to work, and lifestyle complemented by a green community.  Your everyday escape is here in La Posada. Own the last townhouses left in this San Franciscan community.