Spending World Mental Health Day This Year

The World Health Organization defines mental health as a condition of one’s well-being where one can do things productively, cope with everyday happenings, and be a person who can contribute to the people around them (WHO, 2018). People often say, “Mental health is as important as physical health.” The need for mental health support has become stronger since the pandemic started. Mental health conditions arise, and better treatment is also needed. People were even saying that the next crisis would be a mental health crisis—anticipating the aftermath of the physical crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental Health Matters

Every October 10th, people celebrate World Mental Health Day. And this year, the theme would be “Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority.” This year’s theme will increase awareness and support for the global crisis happening in mental health.

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How to Spend World Mental Health Day?

1. Take a day trip away from the City

Breath and Pause with Nature

Working hard to achieve the most beautiful houses in Tagaytay would not be so great if your mental health is at stake. Buying a house and lot near Nuvali maybe be one of the motivations for working hard. But taking a rest is essential.

Research has said that a trip away from a stressful environment or workplace could help your heart and mind. Anxiety and stress could be minimized if one would take the time to have a mental health day through a vacation. Spending world mental health day, even for a short period of time, away from the City will relax your mind from the stress in the workplace.

2. Get a massage

Stress can manifest in uglier ways once it is not taken care of. Anything mental is physical. So what can you do to take away the stress in life? A relaxing massage would do the work. Massage places will always be around the corner whether you’re in Alabang, Philippines, Santa Rosa Laguna, or other countries.

The bigger rewards would be acquiring the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, a condo in Tagaytay, or even a house and lot near Nuvali. But for now, a great massage could also be a reward.

World mental health day is for everyone. It is not only for the higher and middle classes who have a condo in Tagaytay. It is a primary care and a basic human right that everyone should mind to take care of one’s well-being. The stigma makes people think that mental health issues are only for those who can access mental health services.

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3. Date with your friends or loved ones

Fun Day with Friends

The talk about whether one can access mental health services is one of the problems countries experience, especially in the Philippines. The continual celebration of world mental health day is a ladder towards the gradual acceptance of mental health and mental well-being of every human. You can do a variety of things to celebrate world mental health day. Fun dates with friends, special someone, or loved ones are those little acts that minimize stress and maximize mental health care. Malls in Alabang, Philippines, and Santa Rosa, Laguna’s resort, could be the place to have this date.

A strong support system makes the brain more susceptible to adapting to the changing environment. Research has shown that a quality and strong support system boosts mental health.

4. Go watch your favorite series or movies

One of the most convenient things to do during world mental health day is to stay at your house, cook your favorite food, and watch that series/movie you’ve wanted to watch. Or rewatch that comfort series/movies that always magically reduce your stress. Taking care of one’s mental health does not always need to be expensive. You can spend the mental health day by just staying at your house in Alabang, Philippines, while munching some popcorn.

To cater to the primary care people’s needs, research was conducted. One study notes that watching a rerun of your comfort series or movies can boost your energy levels and reduce stress.

After watching, you can also create your own fine dining experience at home. A luxury home like that one house and lot near Nuvali can be the perfect destination to have this great dinner. Ending your mental health day with food is great because it suffices the need for physical health after the mental health.

For this year, making mental health a global priority is the theme. And prioritizing one’s mental well-being every day through minimizing the risk of mental health conditions, self-care, and meditation will be the goal.

5. Go for a short staycation in Tagaytay

A relax body for a relax mind

A mental health day wouldn’t be a mental health day without nature. The Philippines has many places to offer, but considering the time of transportation, restaurants, parks, houses, and condos in Tagaytay would be the best pick. World mental health day is created to eliminate the stigma going around mental health, raise awareness, and just let people have the time to pause and care about mental health care. Anxiety, depressive disorders, and other mental health issues emerging from schools and workplaces could go out of hand. The happenings are taking a toll on one’s mental health. Not taking care of the mental aspects of life could put someone at greater risk. Thus, a short staycation with nature would surely help one’s well-being.

Tagaytay is known for its breathtaking scenery. That is also where you can find the most beautiful houses in the country, aside from the houses in Alabang, Philippines, and Santa Rosa, Laguna. Condo in Tagaytay is also a place to have your staycation. This moment with your greatest support system will let you forget the stress for a while. This staycation will allow you to talk and share the anxiety and trauma you’ve been experiencing. An excellent therapeutic way to spend the world mental health day.

6. Decluttering

The world mental health day does not necessarily mean that you are required to go out and do those extraneous activities to keep the body and mind alive. Staying at home in those houses in Alabang, Philippines, and Santa Rosa Laguna, where luxury houses have big spaces, will be a perfect place to declutter. Or the condo in Tagaytay, where you can experience a modern dream home near nature.

Decluttering will not only make your space more presentable but will also help your mind in a way that makes you feel in control. After all, a tidier space is a good venue for meditation and many self-care activities.

7. Meet a Therapist

Stigma on availing of mental health services in the Philippines is still ongoing. The stigma is real and prevalent that people even heard TV personalities calling depression “arte lang” and things that hinder people from going to treatment for their poor mental health. World Mental Health Day is for people to have mental health care. Thus, meeting a therapist should be included on the list.

Mental health conditions like depressive disorders have been so prevalent in different countries. Compared to the last few decades, talk about mental health now is more open and inclusive. There is still a stigma and discrimination, but there has been progress through the years.

During world mental health day, where everyone is encouraged to have a mental health day, meeting a therapist would be one of the most productive ways to spend it. After all, meeting a therapist does not necessarily mean you have trauma; you need a diagnosis and treatment. One of the primary care needs is to involve mental health professionals and services. Mental health is as important as physical health.

8. Do something you enjoy alone

Happiness and Peace on being alone

During normal days, people are surrounded by people from home, transportation, workplace, cafeteria, and restaurants. Humans ought to mingle with each other every day. But one mental health care activity to do during world mental health day is to have some “me time.” This alone time in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, where nature is very close to home, helps you take care of your well-being.

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There are varieties of activities to boost your mental health even when alone. Solitude is different from loneliness. Research suggests that doing activities alone boosts creativity. This is because people tend to neglect their ideas to adapt to what the majority believes. If your house is near Santa Rosa or you happen to buy a house and lot near Nuvali, there are go-to coffee shops around the corner you can enjoy alone. A cup of coffee for a mental health day would be great for your mental health care.

Protect Your Mental Health while Living in the Naturally Beautiful Homes of Brittany!

Mental health issues have been taking a toll on everyone’s well-being. Mental health professionals and mental health services are there to help and cater to everyone’s needs. The World Health Organization and the government continues to fight the stigma and discrimination going around. Little contribution counts; thus, taking care of one’s mental health will help. Nature helps minimize stress and the risk of mental health issues. And this is what Brittany properties offer. A luxury living but with a touch of nature. A home that makes you experience a luxurious life while enjoying what nature can offer.

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