Wimbledon: Ready for The Holy Grail of Tennis?

Many await as the world’s top tennis players like the defending champion Novak Djokovic, the two-time champion Rafael Nadal, and the 2021 finalist Matteo Berrettini compete in Wimbledon 2022.


Wimbledon The Holy Grail of Tennis Brittany

Beyond the action, let’s know more about “Wimbledon” which is considered the holy grail of tennis.

What is Wimbledon?

In 1877, Wimbledon, a grand slam event in London, England, established the grand slam custom. It is one of the most prestigious and illustrious tennis tournaments. It is one of the four primary tennis grand slam competitions.

The US Open, Australian Open, and French Open are the other three; Wimbledon is the only one of the four that is played on conventional grass courts. The other three are played on hard and clay courts.

Wimbledon Traditions

All contestants are required to wear an appropriate, nearly all-white clothing. Some call it the “grand slam dress code”.

Wimbledon Traditions Brittany

It became part of the tradition since sweat stains were deemed so improper and unsightly when the dress code was written. To reduce their visibility, it was decided to wear white (as sweat is more apparent on colorful clothing).

Since then, everyone who participated in the inaugural Wimbledon tournaments was considered to be a tennis player who was wealthy and was wearing “tennis whites.”

The tradition-loving Wimbledon was reluctant to eliminate that regulation after it was spelled out in the dress code.

Wimbledon is also distinguished from other big athletic events by the lack of sponsors and signage on the court.

Other traditions and notable things about Wimbledon include the centre court, the practice of referring to the athletes as “gentlemen’s” and “ladies'” along with the royal family’s support (typically, they watch the last games of the tournament) and tennis fans eating strawberries and cream.

What to expect at this year’s Wimbledon?

A celebration of Centre Court’s 100th anniversary

2022 is a particularly special year for Wimbledon for there will be a celebration of Centre Court’s 100th anniversary. It is the 15,000-seat venue, which has played host to some of the greatest events in the history of tennis.

a celebration of Centre Court's 100th anniversary

The center court will be updated with the Royal Box’s detailing touched up and more accessible seating installed, but it will stay true to the original architect’s design, whose use of reinforced concrete in the building was, at the time, innovative.

When and where will Wimbledon 2022 take place?

Wimbledon begins in late June or early July (the tournament lasts for a period of two weeks). It will take place in London, United Kingdom, at The All England Lawn and Tennis Club.

Who will compete at Wimbledon Championships 2022?

Top players and world champions like two-time champion Nadal, six-time champion Novak Djokovic, Casper Ruud, Matteo Berrettini, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Carlos Alcaraz, Cameron Norrie, Hubert Hurkacz, Jannik Sinner, Serena Williams, and Felix Auger-Aliassime will all compete at the grand slam holy grail of tennis.

Who will compete at Wimbledon Championships 2022

Ash Barty, who had won the tournament the previous year, has made the decision to give up competing in tennis, so Novak Djokovic will begin the 2022 Wimbledon as the defending champion.

As Serena Williams competes once more, fans anticipate it as well. Since Wimbledon 2021, she won’t have played on a tennis court till then. She hasn’t competed since suffering an ankle injury in a match at the All England Club’s opening round in June of last year.

How much money does it cost to watch Wimbledon in London?

For the first and last two days of Wimbledon in 2020, center court tickets will cost around Php 4,700 (converted from pound), while the final ticket will cost around Php 9,400.

Prices range from Php 4,700 to Php 7,800 at the beginning of the week, up to Php 14,800 on Friday and Saturday before the finale.

How to watch Wimbledon 2022 at home?

If one is still yet to realize the dream of watching Wimbledon in London. There are still ways to watch it from the comfort of one’s home.

ESPN will broadcast Wimbledon on ESPN TV. Wimbledon is covered as well in UK broadcasts on BBC One or 2. Tennis tournaments are also traditionally broadcast on TSN and Australia telecast on FOX.

How to watch Wimbledon 2022 at home

Sports enthusiasts in the Philippines can watch Wimbledon with SPOTV NOW, a mobile app that offers the largest and most popular sporting events around the globe.

The Wimbledon Finals will be on July 9 and 10

The Wimbledon finals is a celebrity-studded event where one can see many famous people from the worlds of sports, film, music, and even the royal family. The Wimbledon men’s final live streaming and the Wimbledon women’s final live streaming are two of the most popular online.

On Saturday, July 9, the women’s singles final will take place, while on Sunday, July 10, the men’s singles final will be played.

How to watch Wimbledon 2022 at home (2)

So why Wimbledon is the tennis holy grail?

“Holy grail” means “a thing that is being earnestly pursued or sought after”. And as always in tennis, it’s the Wimbledon.

Wimbledon as the holy grail of tennis is the most esteemed Grand Slam event on the tennis calendar because it is the oldest and the only major played on grass.

Except for the French Open, all of the Majors used to be played on grass. But the Australian Open stopped in 1988 and went for hard courts. The US Open eventually chose hard courts too.

Any devoted tennis fan’s dream comes true when they visit Wimbledon’s revered grounds.

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