What To Prepare For Your Cruise Vacation

The pandemic caused great hunger in many people to travel and see more of the world. The past two years of battling with the COVID-19 virus are seen as ‘lost time’ that most people want to make up for. If there is anything good that the crisis has brought upon the world, it is the desire to seize every opportunity and allow for a little luxury in their lives.

Now that the world is gearing up for the post-pandemic scenario, there is an expected surge for the travel industry starting this year. Popular local and international tourist destinations are slowly opening doors to visitors and travel restrictions are starting to ease off. There is indeed a brighter and better future waiting for the travel industry, and one of the things travelers are excited about is going on a cruise vacation.

Many cruise tours are now available for tourists | Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

Planning a Cruise Vacation

It is exciting and fun to plan a cruise vacation. Traveling on a cruise ship is surely a luxurious vacation experience that many people dream of. Cruising is a convenient way to see some of the best destinations around the world. For someone who is looking for a great way to spend the holidays or rest days, it is time to browse for some cruise deals and plan that vacation.

Planning for an entire cruise tour can be pretty intimidating, especially for a first-timer, this is where a step-by-step planning guide before actually cruising comes in handy. From choosing the destination and date that works for you, looking for the cruise line, booking all the tickets needed, and even up to the packing, here’s a list of things needed to be done before hopping on that cruise ship.

Step-by-Step Guide in Planning a Cruise Vacation


1. Pick the desired destination and date

Many tourist destinations around the world have available cruise vacation deals | is Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Knowing where and when to go is the very first step in planning the cruise. Figuring the desired destination and date way before the actual time of vacation will result in better preparations and may actually save lots of money.

If choosing a destination is a little challenging because of the many available options, here are some ideas to help the decision process. Locally, in the Philippines, there are different themes offered by cruise lines. For nature lovers, beaches and volcanoes can be visited through cruising such as Boracay and Taal Volcano. For food enthusiasts, a visit to the countryside to try traditional dishes is a great theme as well.

2. Find and book available cruise deals

Research will help in booking good cruise tour packages | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Upon figuring out the destination, it is time to look for a cruise line. Many different cruise lines offer packages that can be booked ahead of time. One of the highly-reputed cruise lines is Royal Caribbean International which offers some of the best cruise ship experiences to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Like many cruise lines around the world, Royal Caribbean International offers the best cruise packages that guarantee a world-class stay on the cruise ship and fun activities while cruising in stunning locations such as the Caribbean.

Staterooms are private rooms for guests in cruise ships | Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels

Booking ahead of time is highly recommended because a lot of decisions are to be made in choosing a cruise line. One is the kind of stateroom needed for the stay—having this ready way before the cruise will provide more options and might help the traveler score amazing deals to save money. Also, upon booking the package and the stateroom, take note of the departure port where the cruising will start. This will determine the next necessary step to fully prepare for the cruise.

3. Book a flight

It is recommended to book flights early to save money | Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

Once the cruise line is locked and ready, it is time to book a flight if needed. As mentioned previously, the departure port will determine if this step is necessarywhich is only if it is not within driving distance.

In the Philippines, some cruise lines offer airfare with their cruise package. Having this option is convenient and will get rid of the hassle that comes with travel planning. Being able to browse and choose a great cruise line is indeed important to have a wide variety of choices before actually hopping on the cruise ship.

4. Prepare a detailed itinerary

It is good to customize the cruise vacation according to preference | Photo by lilartsy from Pexels

Now here is the exciting partplanning the cruise itinerary. This includes the length of stay and the cruise activities to be booked. From the available shore excursions to trying out water sports and even going on hikes, tons of activities are to be experienced in a cruise vacation. There are family-friendly recreation, cultural immersions, sporty cruise excursion activities, and amazing destination tours.

The cruise line may have prepared itineraries available on their website but customizing it up to the traveler’s preference is a must to ensure the best time on the cruise ship. Make sure to always check the cruise line’s website for available packages and book them ahead of time.

5. Book additional activities

There are plenty of activities that can be done while on cruise | Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

When the entire cruise tour has been prepared, it is time to book the extra cruise excursion activities to be added on top of the original cruise tour deal. Aside from the activities, you would want to try, there are restaurant deals that are available throughout the cruise tour that can be booked ahead of time. If you plan on having a nice meal or a fancy drink while onboard, food and beverage packages are worth looking into and have ready in the bag.

6. Know the required health protocols

Health protocols may vary with different travel destinations | Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Despite the easing off of travel restrictions around the world, COVID-19 is still around and infects thousands of people on a daily. Before going on a full cruise tour mode, make sure that the health requirements or protocols at the time of stay are all ready. It is also best to check from time to time if there are changes to the policies in place, both of the flight and in the cruise tour, to ensure a seamless and hassle-free cruise excursion.

7. Pack and get ready!

Packing is the last step to the preparation | Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Now it’s just a matter of waiting. The final preparation step is to pack your cruise excursion essentials, which can be done once the items on the list above have been completed. Packing should take into consideration a number of factors, including the length of the trip, the weather, and the activities planned as part of the cruise excursions.

With the date of the cruise excursion coming close, start to pack little by little to avoid being overwhelmed. There should be a good balance of looking your best on the trip while also being strategic with the items you carry.


A vacation experience is often a good memory, and as the world nears the end of the pandemic, more people are seeking good memories. Some may consider it a luxury, but for others, these experiences are incomparably valuable and cannot be replaced by money. Taking trips such as a cruise tour are activities that many people would like to do at some point in their lives, provided that they are financially feasible. As previously stated, occasionally indulging in a little extravagance is not harmful to anyone. It can, on the contrary, be beneficial to one’s overall well-being and even add value to one’s life.

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