Southeast Asian Furniture Brands that Support Local Craftsmanship

Consumer preferences have evolved drastically over the past years. People are not just buying products for the sake of need or what is most convenient for them, some really take time to get to know the brand and relate to its advocacies before deciding to support it. Some even purchase goods they do not even need just to help the brand establish its name out there and fulfill its purpose. These days, there is a crazy number of social issues that organizations are spreading awareness of. Beauty brands that do not show support for the fight against animal cruelty and still continue to do animal testing are being lambasted on social media platforms. Likewise, internet celebrities or influencers who only partner with foreign brands—without the slightest effort to support local ones—are usually frowned upon.


Supporting Local Brands

Supporting local brands is beneficial for plenty of reasons. First, it helps the country’s economy by giving more locals the chance to succeed in their own businesses which will result in more jobs in the country. Second, it helps in promoting the country’s craftsmanship and culture not just inside the country but even globally.

Image of colorful wooden tables and crafts

Supporting local furniture stores is a more affordable home furnishings option


When it comes to home furnishings and improvements, furniture is one of the top items on the list. For someone who is on the lookout for furniture brands in the Philippines and in other Southeast Asian countries that support advocacies they stand for, like Asia’s greenest furniture brands, here are some of the brands in the local furniture scene that are worthy to know. Buying from any of these furniture company will help in promoting local craftsmanship in the field.


Furniture Brands in Southeast Asia


Furniture brands in the Philippines

E. Murio

E. Murio is a family-run brand of furniture in the Philippines. The brand has a furniture workshop for custom projects for its clients, which explains why there is no distinct, standardized production line of furniture pieces. Although, the brand is known for its designs made of bamboo and rattan materials.

The brand’s creative director, Tisha de Borja, believes in upholding the integrity of the natural materials they use to create their projects. Though considered abundant and inexpensive, De Borja explains that the joy of working in their furniture shop is expressed in how much each furniture piece receives care during the process of creating them.

Photo of a small plant on top of a wooden table

Accent chairs, bed frames, and dining tables using bamboo is common is Southeast Asia



When it comes to the dedication to showcase Filipino craftsmanship, Philux is one of the top furniture brands in the Philippines. This brand was founded in 1980 as a small production of furniture made of rattan and over the years, it grew to a high-end brand with a workshop and several showrooms all over Manila.

biophilic design of the house's terrace

Rattan is a common material used for outdoor furniture


Today, the brand is advocating for the environment by doing continuous research on reducing their environmental impact and upcycling. They also moved away from the use of rattan to a more diverse selection of other natural materials that can be used for creating their luxury yet locally-crafted designs.


Schema is also a family-run business that started as a spinoff from holiday decorations. Now, it is one of the most famous furniture brands in the Philippine creating beautiful lighting and furniture pieces with minimalist design.

The brand also supports sustainability with the use of metal which can be broken down and renewed. This allows the brand to reduce waste and create more products that its clients love.



Image of Marina bay in Singapore at night

The world-class design ideas in Singapore are also expressed through their furniture



One of the best furniture stores in the world can be found in Singapore. The brand’s chief design officer Julian Koh was inspired by his grandfather’s business Koda that created pieces for massive furniture companies such as Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Today, brand Commune was able to establish its name out in the world as a top furniture company—whether for office furniture or home furniture.

What started from several furniture fair, the brand Commune already opened stores not just in Singapore but also in nearby Asian countries such as China and Hongkong. According to the brand, it is now exploring its way to the European market as well.

Scene Shang

For those who are looking for a furniture supplier that features traditional Asian designs, expressing the culture and heritage in this part of the world, then the Singapore brand Scene Shang is one of the best in the field. The brand is known to fuse the traditional craftsmanship with the functionality needed in the modern world. This brand offers hand-crafted furniture in limited quantities that is perfect for those who are interested in uniquely designed pieces.

While their two brick-and-mortar stores are seeing lower footfall, their adoption of digital strategies allowed them to thrive last year, as more people were working from home and looking to spruce up their spaces. They hope to resume their plans to bring their ingenious designs abroad soon: “We’ve been receiving online orders from around Asia and Europe, where sometimes the shipping cost is as much as the piece itself!”


Cityscape view of Malaysia

Malaysia is also a hotspot for furniture shopping


Aureole Design

Aside from the usual woodwork, lighting fixtures is also an important item for home furnishings. One of the top Southeast Asian brands known for its modern take on tradition and craftsmanship expressed in contemporary furniture designs is Malaysia’s Aureole Design.

The term “aureole” refers to the circle of light surrounding a head, usually used to describe a halo in different art forms. The brand was established in 2013 and later on became a part of a design collective that produced furniture and other interior design pieces for clients.

Poh Sin Studio

Poh Sin Studio is founded by architectural designer Pamela Tan who is known for creating installations that will be best appreciated through immersive experience. Tan made the furniture company famous for creating enchanting pieces that blur the lines of architectural design and art, which explains why the said brand is now among the top in Southeast Asia.


Local craftsmanship is a mix of tradition, culture, and skill. For a furniture store to successfully incorporate it in their pieces takes a strong commitment to the craft. This is why most of the brands mentioned above only cater to custom projects from its clients. Also, it takes a good eye for a client to appreciate the craftsmanship behind a furniture piece as expressed by its designer.

Supporting local furniture brands in the Philippines is easier than people think. The brands mentioned above have showrooms all over Metro Manila; the high-end furniture brands in the Philippines can surely be found in Bonifacio Global City or Makati City. While it is the most convenient to buy from huge manufacturers that are known globally, uniquely crafted pieces with the best quality can only be found from the right brands.

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