Should Sales Professionals Try Blogging?


Why Real Estate Sales Professionals Should Consider Blogging

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Most homebuyers already did some home research online before they reached out to a real estate professional like you. (Photo from Unsplash)


The rise of digitalization in sales transformed the way people buy homes. If you are working as a luxury real estate professional, you most likely know how engaged affluent homeowners are online. This highlights the importance of blogging or providing user relevant content to drive sales.  As the pandemic continues to limit face-to-face interactions, many buyers are using online sources like blogs to find information on products and topics that they are currently eyeing. 

There are numbers to back this up as well. While open houses and trippings on the most expensive homes in the Philippines still play a great role in real estate sales, studies show that 97% of homebuyers search about house and lot for sale online first, before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. In other words, real estate blogs have become go-to hubs for those who are looking for easy-to-digest real estate information, tips, reviews, product details, and more. 

Benefits of Having Blogs to Your Real Estate Website

But how exactly is blogging helpful for a luxury real estate professional like you? When used correctly, blogging helps your real estate career in more ways than one. You become more visible to your target audience, build brand loyalty, and generate leads. All these are essential in converting sales. Know more below.


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Make yourself visible—especially online. (Photo from Unsplash)


The main goal of working as a real estate professional is to sell. That being said, one of your biggest tasks is to put your name and what you offer out there. Blogging allows you to reach many people, including leads that you won’t be able to reach using other platforms. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts help. SEO blogging means writing content through a format that will place it on top of search engine results. Say a potential buyer key in house and lot for sale in Google. Having optimized content will help your blogs appear on the first page of Google. As a result, you get more visibility and traffic that will contribute to your sales.


In marketing, driving traffic to your brand is only the beginning. You have to catch the attention of the RIGHT PEOPLE and make them stay. Having optimized and well-written blogs on your real estate page attracts readers that are already interested in what you are offering. When you earn their trust, high-quality leads will stay and reach out to you. This makes it easier for you to nurture and filter leads.

Do not forget to link your professional social media pages in your blogs. In the same way, make sure to post bits of your blogs to your social media as well. Doing so will encourage your leads from both spaces to engage and interact with you. Plus, people can easily share your content to other potential leads on social media—all for free. You want to maximize the traffic you are getting from both platforms in the most cost-effective way possible.


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Finding a house is a huge leap for many people. Position yourself as someone they can trust. (Photo from Unsplash)


Buying the most expensive homes in the Philippines involve money, time, and effort. This is why brand credibility is important for homebuyers as they navigate the process of finding their dream home. As a luxury real estate professional, you have to show them that you are someone they can trust. You want them to know that you have what it takes to get the job done and make the buying process smooth and easy for them. 

Every blog you write is a chance for you to show your knowledge and skills. Informative and well-written blogs demonstrate that you know the market well. For example, writing your insights about current real estate trends, market analysis, and other timely topics help people see you as an expert. As a result, more homebuyers will likely contact and work with you when they are ready to buy their homes.  


As mentioned earlier, the best part about blogging is your target audience is the one coming to you. When done right, blogging cuts the need for costly and aggressive ads that might drive potential homebuyers away. Great and relevant blogs do not stop generating traffic. As long as you post luxury real estate content that people are looking for, you will remain visible in search engines.  

A good tip to do this: be consistent.  

Post well-written blogs regularly to stay connected with your audience and keep your brand at the tip of everyone’s tongue. Outdated blogs give the impression that you are not active anymore, which can push you off the radar to some potential leads. You do not need to post a blog every day. Just make sure to add fresh contents every week and update your existing contents whenever needed. 

What to Include in Your Luxury Real Estate Blogs

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Now that you know how blogging can elevate your marketing efforts, the next step is to know what to write. (Photo from Unsplash)


Many real estate professionals skip blogging because they do not know where to begin. The rule of the thumb is to start with your expertise: real estate. Think about what homebuyers want to know and what particular topics will spark their interest. You do not want to write unrelated content because the goal is to reach the right people. 

Another reminder: do not confuse blogs as ads—make sure to write useful and valuable content that readers would actually want to read. For example, you can include write ups about the most expensive homes in the Philippines or related lifestyle blogs. Adding round ups of house and lot for sale also help homebuyers review their options. Here are some other types of helpful blogs that you can post on your real estate website.  

Real Estate Tips & How-To’s

There are many things to consider in choosing a home. And often, first-time buyers find themselves lost and confused along the way. Writing about tips and guides about the process is just one of the many ways you can do to make things simple and easy for them. Here are some housing tips and guides you can use as inspirations for your next real estate tips and how-to blogs:

• What Every Homeowners Should Know Before Buying Their First Luxury Home
• A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying A Luxury Lot
• Should you invest in a luxury Condo or on a House and Lot?
• Tips on How to Make Your New Home WFH-Friendly

Localized Contents

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A good way to promote what you offer is by writing local contents. (Photo from Unsplash)


Location is one of the important factors that buyers consider before buying a home. Localized blogs include contents that are unique in specific areas and locations. As each city and neighborhood in the country is different in one way or another, this type of blogs can help your content stand out and pull relevant leads. You can write about local getaways, new vacation spots, the best restaurants, local events, and anything unique about a specific real estate location. 

Check out some of these blog inspirations for local contents:

• Top 10 Outdoor Restaurants Near Crosswinds Tagaytay
• Why Alabang is A Great Place for Growing Families
• Why Tagaytay is the Next Perfect Address For You 

Neighborhood Guides and Walkthroughs

Yes, you can include video walkthroughs to your real estate blogs. For many people, moving to a new home means moving to a new neighborhood. You want to help set their expectations and make their move as easy as possible. Neighborhood guides are also helpful in reaching homebuyers with specific preferences. For instance, retirees usually prefer to live in places surrounded with green spaces. Meanwhile, pet-lovers would definitely love to find a community that welcomes their furry companions. If you are selling luxury properties from multiple enclaves, you can write a neighborhood guide for each to attract more traffic.

Here are some examples you can use as inspirations for your next real estate walkthrough blogs:

• Where to Find Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in the Philippines
• Relocating Soon? Here are the Safest Cities to Live in
• The Best Real Estate Properties Outside the City

The Bottomline: Pulling is Easier than Pushing

Generating real estate leads is often a costly and competitive process. If you are looking for a simpler and less expensive but just as effective option, then blogging is the way to go. By providing useful information to your target market, you are pulling them to be your leads instead of pushing them to connect with you. Building this connection makes it easier for you to nurture and convert such leads. 

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