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Everyone wants serenity and elegance, especially in these trying times the whole world is facing. Stress is just around the corner, and you can find it in the community you settle in. So it is best to know the place you are going to settle to start your family. A lot of us will choose to live in the Metro where establishments, schools, hospitals, businesses, and other amenities are within reach, but living in the Metro can sometimes be tiring. Luxury house and lot properties in Tagaytay is now the newest best investment you can make! A marriage of the city life with a laid-back cadence!

There are certain drawbacks to living in the city. For starters, traffic has become highly congested. Traffic in Manila has gotten worse over time, even before the Christmas season. So much of people’s time is wasted because they spend most of it sitting – or even standing – in cars and other forms of public transportation. Pollution has begun to affect and contribute to the rapid deterioration of one’s health about traffic. Pollution rises in tandem with traffic congestion.

The skyline of Metro Manila during the afternoon | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

The traffic in Manila can be a carmaggedon as quickly as a blink of an eye!


Today, living in the Metro is not as alluring as it was once before. The city has recently become increasingly fast-paced and toxic, making it difficult for individuals whose lives revolve around it to remain still. Fortunately, real estate firms and institutions improve each time, making it easier for those constantly on the move to get away from the stressful city life and live closer to a much more relaxing and serene location. Who wouldn’t want that? Do you have a guess on which place I am pertaining to? It’s no other than Tagaytay, which is popularly knowns as the country’s Summer Capital next to Baguio.

Why you should live in luxury house and lot properties in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is quite popular among foreign expats, and it is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is projected to become the Philippines’ next most affluent neighborhood. Metro Manila, which is only a few hours away from the country’s capital (depending on traffic conditions), is a city and regional living hybrid.

Its pleasant climate is due to its elevation of 2000 feet above sea level; luxury house and lot properties in Tagaytay also offers an ideal lifestyle that combines the best parts of traditional and countryside living with the comfort of living in a contemporary and modern metropolitan city. Furthermore, residential accommodations are available for those interested—and there is a vast range of options to pick from.

Here is a list of the reasons why luxury house and lot properties in Tagaytay is an excellent choice to settle in.

Luxury house and lot properties in Tagaytay has Fresh Air

Woman leaning back and relaxing while enjoying scent and scenery of a nature sanctuary - Luxury Condo in Tagaytay - Brittany Corporation

BEing able to enjoy fresh air among 35,000 pine trees is an amazing sort of luxury. | Image from Pexels


In Metro Manila, fresh air is hard to come by, if not entirely absent. Residents may potentially be breathing toxic air on a daily basis. In this sense, most of us would desire a location where we could smell fresh air without being suffocated by fumes and other dangerous materials in the air. Because of the fruit-bearing and forest trees, Tagaytay delivers exactly that. Indang Alfonso and Cavite are most affected. In contrast to Metro Manila, the area is not engulfed in dense smog in the mornings.

Less Traffic

Almost every day, too much time is wasted due to traffic. You can put your traffic anxieties to rest in Tagaytay because there is far less traffic than in the Metro. Not to mention, Tagaytay is near to Batangas, which is ideal if you like to take occasional out-of-town travels. After all, Batangas is known for its stunning beaches, making it a perfect weekend vacation spot.

Colder Climate

Tagaytay City is known as the Philippines’ Second Summer Capital. Tagaytay is known for its cold and misty weather all year because of its high height on top of mountain ranges. This is the primary reason why many people looking for a property today want to settle in Tagaytay.

Climate change has had an impact on the city, particularly Manila, over the years, due to the country’s location to the equator. As a result, many homeowners now prefer to live in Baguio, Tagaytay, or somewhere high in the mountains where they can enjoy colder weather all year. This not only makes you feel calmer, but it also helps your overall welfare by allowing you to renew your thoughts from time to time while being at peace despite your work.

Luxury house and lot properties in Tagaytay has a great Rural-Urban Mix

The lack of accessibility and modern comforts is one of the reasons why most city residents are hesitant to relocate to rural. On the other hand, Tagaytay has shown a lot of promise throughout the years, which real estate developers and other investors have observed. Today, it is a metropolis with a diverse range of businesses, including shopping malls, restaurants, and much more. However, unlike other cities, Tagaytay’s progress and urbanization assure the preservation of the natural environment. Because the municipal government understands how to care for the trees and the city’s overall ecology, beautiful and natural scenery is never jeopardized due to these developments.

And with that being said, I introduce you to a Swiss-inspired escape where a mix of rural and urban living can be found!

Crosswinds Tagaytay has the best luxury house and lot properties in Tagaytay

Waking up seeing beautiful scenery right in front of your window is definitely a dream come true for everyone. And yes, we have heard you loud and clear!

Brittany Corporation, a Vista Land Company, is known as the top developer of luxury real estate in the country which takes pride in being the country’s leading luxury real estate developer. They’re known for their magnificent Old World European and American-themed projects, ideal for sophisticated people with a refined lifestyle and a taste for aesthetic living. They established a haven at the highest point in Tagaytay, giving its residence a mix of an urban and rural lifestyle. You don’t need to hesitate any more with settling in the Metro or away from it to experience countryside living and the peace it brings. Crosswinds Tagaytay offers luxury living with its luxury house and lot available and ready for move-in. You don’t need to worry about your delicious cravings because you can find different restaurant cuisines and café available for dine-in. Who would miss a getaway like no other? I’m sure none and Crosswinds Tagaytay is the perfect getaway and residence.

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Wake up to a breathtaking view in Grand Quartier at Crosswinds in Tagaytay | Luxury Homes By brittany corporation

Enjoy a cup of coffee with a loved one in this cozy, Swiss-inspired spot in Tagaytay.


What are the Residential Homes in Crosswinds Tagaytay?

With over 35,000 pine trees, Crosswinds is the country’s only pine estate, lending its fragrant aroma to the chilly air that blankets the area. That’s why choosing to settle in this place is a good place of investment.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is ideal for exhausted city dwellers looking for a unique way to explore the windy ridge. Take a much-needed break here at the Crosswinds Tagaytay, where there are no significant buildings, no bustling city life, and no distractions, just the soothing breeze lulling you to sleep.

Crosswinds is distinguished for its Swiss-inspired architectural designs and for providing Ready Homes to its clients, making it easier for them to move in. There’s no need to wait a year or two to acquire a luxury home in Tagaytay. Just a few scrolls of your phone, you can have your own holiday home.

Lucerne House Model

Aerial drone shot of the Lucerne Ready Home House Model | Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Lucerene Ready Home is a luxury house and lot property in Tagaytay that is ready to move into!


Lucerne house model is perfect for starting their families who love intimacy. The House Lot is about 639 square meters with a floor area of 207 square meters, amounting to Php 47.4 million. It is a fully furnished home waiting for its owner to give life and sophistication to its elegance.


What are the Lucerne Luxury House Model of Crosswinds Tagaytay Property Specifications?


The Lucerne Luxury House Model of Crosswinds Tagaytay has:

• 3 Bedrooms

• 2 Toilet and Bath

• Foyer

• Kitchen Area

• Dining area

• Living area

• Porch

• Maid’s Room and Toilet and Bath

• 1 Car Garage


Chatelard House Model

An aerial drone shot of the Chatelard House Model | Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Chatelard Ready Home is Crosswinds Tagaytay’s crowning beauty.


Chatelard House Model is a little bigger than of Lucerne House Model, and it is ideal for prominent families who love to hand out and bond together. Brittany made a haven for them because we know how Filipinos value family time. Chatelard House Model has a lot area of 679 square meters and a lot of area of 209 square meters with fifty million pesos. Just like the Lucerne House model, it is also fully furnished and a ready home for you.


What are the Chatelard Luxury House Model of Crosswinds Tagaytay Property Specifications?


The Chatelard Luxury House Model of Crosswinds Tagaytay has:

• 5 Bedrooms

• 3 Toilet and Bath

• Kitchen

• Dining Area

• Living Area

• Family Area

• Powder Room

• Maid’s Room and Toilet and Bath

• 1 Car Garage


Crosswinds Tagaytay provides residential opportunities, whether you seek a house and lot or choose to buy a lot and build your own Swiss chalet home. Crosswinds Tagaytay also provides condotel packages in collaboration with the Grand Quartier 3 tower.

Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-move-in vacation home in Tagaytay, studio units, condos for sale, one-bedroom flats, townhouses, or something else entirely, Crosswinds Tagaytay has it all.

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