Top Michelin Star-Graded Dishes


Perfectly grilled scallops with a wine reduction sauce topped with a sprigg of freshly picked basil a luxury house and lot dish for foodies | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Not all expensive dishes can leave an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Read more to discover Michelin Star-graded menu items, and which top restaurants to get them. | Image from Pexels


When you think about expensive dishes, you think about the best dishes at top restaurants that include one-of-a-kind or rare ingredients. From caviar, truffle, special cheese, to gold flakes,  having them as food not only provides a unique dining experience, it also creates special memories, especially if you are sharing these expensive dishes with a loved one.

Wonder what are the top Michelin Star-graded dishes in the world? We have consulted this list straight from the source themselves.


Best Michelin Star dishes from all over the world


For 2021, Michelin inspectors drew up the list of the very best dishes in Europe. If you happen to be in one of these locations (or planning to go there after travel restrictions get freer), feel free to check them out.

Pan fried guinea fowl on a bed of tossed arugula topped with butter ponzu based sauce on the side and a tall glass of red wine to perfect this luxury mansion worthy dish | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

The guinea fowl at Behind, London is succulent and full of flavors. | Image source:


1. Guinea Fowl at Behind, Greater London

Behind is famous for its seafood dishes. However, the guinea fowl that they serve is proof that this top restaurant can handle meat dishes as well, to much acclaim. This menu item is considered one of the best dishes at Behind, thanks to the number of flavors in this succulent dish. According to the famed food critic, the meat has been aged and rolled well with a farce. Moreover, the confit of leg, which is served in tandem with the guinea fowl as a side dish, offers a deeper, more intense flavor.

2. Baked Malabar scallops at Benares, London

Scallops are considered expensive dishes at top restaurants because of how exotic and hard-to-get they are. But the Baked Malabar scallops are the best dish at this top restaurant, which is also in London. The dish, which features three, hand-dived Scottish scallops are perfectly cooked and comes with a coconut curry sauce that is so rich and creamy. The sauce is surprisingly well-balanced, with the sweet and spices complementing each other. On the side, the paratha is soft but dotted with crispiness, making it the perfect vessel for you to soak up the delicious, well-made curry.

3. West coast crab, raw Orkney scallops, Exmoor caviar, at Cail Bruich, Glasgow

If you ever visit Glasgow and craving some seafood, definitely head out to Cail Bruich. Specifically, order their best dishes because you will forget all the seafood you have ever tasted. The West coast crab, raw Orkney scallops, and their Exmoor caviar will send any food connoisseur to food heaven. The fine quality of the West Coast crab meat is topped with pieces of scallop, which were sliced thin. This top dish of crab, scallops, and caviar is elevated with celeriac puree, a little grapefruit, and homemade dashi, which adds a wonderful umami element.

4. Chicken liver and hazelnut at Casa Fofō, London

Chicken liver and hazelnut together, in hindsight, do not make a delectable dish. But this tops all the best dishes at this top restaurant thanks to the smorgasbord of flavors it offers. The dish features a super moist slice of pain perdu, which has been soaked in the creamy liver juices and then roasted later on with a candied, sugar glaze. The marinated, candied pain perdue is topped with sliced liver, jalapeños, peppery mustard leaf for freshness, and a few toasted hazelnuts for texture. Finally, it is topped with a sublime sherry cream sauce.

5. Hake Kiev at Cornerstone, London

A kiev is normally a common restaurant dish, but when you use hake fillet and get ingenious with your interpretation, it is bound to become the best dish you’ll ever serve. At Cornerstone London, the Hake Kiev is a clever interpretation of an old classic. The Kiev is super crisp and golden on the outside, which the hake piece is flawlessly cooked and most on the inside. The mushroom butter from the inside runs out in a satisfying, tantalizing way.


Affordable Michelin-Star Dishes


The Michelin-Star dishes on our list are not all expensive dishes. Some of them are downright affordable and are made by time-tested culinary masters.

an array of steamed dimsum siomai, kutchay dumplings, chicken feet, baos, tofu skin rolls, radish cake, and steamed cake flat lay for a luxurious display of luxury masion palate | luxury homes by brittany corporation

People go to this top restaurant for its baked BBQ pork buns, and much more. Image from


6. Baked BBQ pork buns at Tim Ho Wan Sham Shui Po branch, Hong Kong

Chef Mak Kwai Pui, who was from the three-Michelin-starred Lung King Heen restaurant, one day decided to leave and establish his own restaurant. And because he is a key player in his former restaurant, you’ll expect he’ll do very well with his new one, which is popularly known as Tim Ho Wan. This top restaurant in Hong Kong is famous for its buttery, savory BBQ pork buns, which would be a waste of a trip if you do not order a box (or two) for takeout. The other Chinese dishes are also equally delicious.

7. Salty seafood ramen at Sobahouse Konjiki Hototogisu Tokyo

With the number of ramen shops and restaurants in Tokyo (and even the rest of the world), it seems ludicrous to declare even a single one as a top restaurant. But Sobahouse Konjiki Hototogisu, which is tucked away in one of the alleys of Shinjuku, earned its Michelin star thanks to its signature ramen. If you are around the area, definitely order the salty ramen with red tai and clams, and you will be amazed at its rich broth that features umami flavors. The handmade noodles melt in your mouth, and not in the broth.

8. Seafood Curries and Drunken Noodles by Jay Fai, Bangkok

Jay Fai is a street food chef in Thailand, but her fame extends beyond her home country and even became a subject of a popular food documentary on Netflix. Her stall may not be in affluent residential neighborhoods or near luxury homes and luxury condo units, but she has earned her well-deserved Michelin Star thanks to her famous seafood curries and drunken noodles. The 72-year-old cooks these sumptuous dishes like a choreographed dance with her now-iconic goggles to protect her eyes from oil and smoke. The wait times for these top dishes are long, as they are cooked using old-school charcoal burners, but they’re worth it.

9. Crispy Pigeon and homemade dim sum at King, Macau

Macau may be a small country, but it has 19 Michelin Stars, thanks to its top restaurants. One of them is King, which is located on the ground floor of the comparatively average-looking AIA commercial tower. This top restaurant earned its star just after one year of operations, thanks to its signature crispy pigeon and homemade dim sum. 

10. Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, Singapore

Singapore is also a foodie haven, thanks to its accessibility to several hawker centers in the city. If you want to experience a Michelin-Star dinner without the price tag, you may as well brave the ridiculously long lines from the Bib Gourmand Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken and Rice stand, located at the Maxwell Road hawker center. Situated at the end of Chinatown’s Food Street, this hawker stall cooks a delectable dish of Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle. Sold at just 3 dollars per dish, this delicious dish is worthy to be eaten almost daily.


Park and fine-dine with winning dishes in these Tagaytay restaurants


A wide-shot photo of lots for sale in Lausanne, accompanied by a sunset backdrop. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

 The three things that define Tagaytay are open, green spaces, a cool climate, and delicious food.


If you are a foodie by heart, there are only a few places in Metro and Mega Manila considered to be a food haven. One of them is Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is a known foodie destination for people who are looking for a gastronomic adventure. Thanks to the long strip of restaurants and eateries that serve the best comfort food for the cool climate like bulalo and crispy tawilis, and hole-in-the-wall eateries waiting to be discovered, Tagaytay has the best of local and international cuisine to offer.

You can even park and dine at these popular restaurants, that serve signature dishes that can win even the pickiest eater’s heart (and palate).

1. Breakfast at Antonio’s

eggs benedict from breakfast at antonios restaurant close to crosswinds tagaytay | luxury homes by Brittany corporation

Who doesn’t want to dine out for breakfast overlooking the whole of Tagaytay? Also, these poached eggs over toast are to die for. | Image from Breakfast at Antonio’s


If you happen to live in a nearby Airbnb or luxury house and lot in Tagaytay, the first thing you should be doing every day is to eat breakfast at this charming family restaurant. Breakfast at Antonio’s takes breakfast seriously and features European brunch fares to their classic deli favorites and sweet treats. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant, or have your best dishes for takeout and enjoy them from the balcony of your luxury home instead!

2. Cafe Voi La

Tucked away within the rows of luxury homes in Tagaytay for sale at an exclusive resort community is  Cafe Voi La. Adorned with plenty of quaint trinkets, guests can enjoy the best dishes from the cafe’s Asian fusion cuisine. Residents who also consider the European-inspired luxury homes their home sweet home can thoroughly enjoy many of the cafe’s pancake varieties and all-day breakfast options. 

2. Ruined Project

The name of this industrial-inspired, biophilic-styled cafe is a wordplay from the famous Coffee Project coffee shop chain. Enjoy specialty drinks and unique dishes that can satisfy even first-timers of the cafe, while basking in the interior decor and design of this unique cafe and restaurant. Do not hesitate to take a selfie while using the rustic, mismatched dining sets, artfully displayed potted plants, all under the warm glow of incandescent lights and natural lighting as your distinct backdrop.

3. Napa at Crosswinds

Napa is a newly-opened restaurant in Tagaytay that will make any guest experience the famous California wine country. Instead of thousands of vineyards, the 35,000-strong pine trees surrounding the Tagaytay valley plus the nice mountainous vantage point offer a more refreshing take. There is even a replica of the renowned Napa locomotive!

The restaurant offers outdoor dining options where guests can dine and drink from a choice menu of international cuisine and local options. At night, the entire valley transforms into a blanket of greenery under the twinkling stars in the sky. 

4. Coffee Project Black 

Coffee Project Black is a collaboration cafe with the popular bookstore chain Fully Booked. Intentionally designed as a hidden cafe at the Evia Lifestyle Center, the flowery, plant-filled cafe under the warm lights and the massive bookshelf drawn over by a mural are sights to behold to both coffee lovers and bibliophiles. Coffee Project Black offers great coffee, desserts, pastries, and scrumptious, meals.


Experience A Michelin Star Lifestyle Everyday


swiss inspired luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Swiss-inspired homes sitting on top of a cool mountainous range filled with lots and lots of pine trees? Who doesn’t want that kind of luxury? 


Did you know that you can enjoy living life in a luxury home and near these winning restaurants every single day? Crosswinds Tagaytay can give you that experience, and so much more.

Choose to experience Swiss living in the country through its high-end vertical residences. Alpine Villas offers anyone to live in its well-designed and space-efficient mid-rise villas that have all the trappings of a luxury condominium lifestyle in Switzerland. The amazing views provided by the lush pine trees surrounding the mega property make it easy for a resident to feel at home away from home, but still near high-end cafes and restaurants.

You also have the option to live in a resort community as if you are in the Alps. Built on the highest peak, the Crosswinds Grand Quartier is a premium luxury resort development that offers luxury condotel units, each with a balcony for residents and guests to enjoy and experience the famous Tagaytay vista, and an in-house dining area that features a smorgasbord of international cuisine. Guests can book a luxury guest room located in the first two buildings of the property, which functions as a condotel, and enjoy all details and aspects of a luxurious vacation, including access to high-quality facilities like the swimming pool and fitness gym, at the amenity level of the six-story Grand Quartier III building.

Side view of bright pastel colors tall Swiss quadrille houses and European homes lined up with healthy lush green pine trees, under a saturated clear blue sky | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Live largely and openly in Lausanne at Crosswinds, and breathe in the real freshness of the countryside air.


Lausanne at Crosswinds is a planned residential development nestled within the nature reserve and a more exclusive section of Crosswinds. Residents can take advantage of the property’s proximity to the famed Tagaytay restaurant strip, and invest in luxury lots for sale where they can build their future luxury homes. Also a high point of the entire Crosswinds property, Lausanne offers panoramic views of the Tagaytay skyline and views of Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay. 

On the other hand, the luxury homes for sale at Crosswinds can easily contend with the most beautiful mansions in the Philippines. The commanding Swiss-inspired homes, which are all situated along the natural slope, help contribute to the grand views when observed from the highest points of Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Neutral pastel colors Swiss quadrille houses and European homes lined up with healthy lush green pine trees, and a wide spacious paved road | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Luxury house and lot units in Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation embody beauty in every detail.


Amid the travel restrictions and ongoing pandemic, living in a luxury home in a community with top restaurants that serve the best dishes not only in town but of the entire country, is a great investment. You not only have the luxury to satisfy your taste buds every single day but also marvel at Mother Nature without leaving the doorstep.

Here are more reasons why you need to redefine your luxury living and invest in a Tagaytay home.

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