Does The Modern Industrial Style Look Luxurious?

The modern industrial style is defined by exposed materials and a seemingly “raw” or “unfinished” look. It is a design movement that celebrates materiality and the beauty that can be found in unpolished home features. A modern industrial house will look and feel very functional, and some people may even describe it as cold.

But modern industrial interior design can look luxurious and cozy, especially when styled and paired with other styles and design elements. Adding the right accents, decor, and home furnishings can transform your modern industrial house to make it warmer, cozier, and more luxurious.

Turn your Portofino Alabang home into a luxury modern industrial design home and celebrate the luxury and beauty found in natural materials and raw interior elements.

Does The Modern Industrial Style Look Luxurious And Cozy
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How would you describe industrial interior design?

Modern industrial interior design can be described as rugged, edgy, raw, and functional. This design philosophy takes its cue from old factories and industrial spaces. When used in residential interior design, industrial-style homes become distinctive spaces full of character and personality.

Industrial-style homes will have elements celebrating the raw beauty of various materials like wood, metal, brick, concrete, and plaster. Because former industrial spaces inspire this style, a modern industrial house will typically have several key defining features.

Exposed Brick Walls

Since the industrial style rose from converting old industrial spaces into residential living spaces, red brick walls became a common feature in modern industrial interior design. It highlights the origins of the space.

But in new homes, exposed brick adds timeless materiality and solidity to the space. Whether left in its original red hue or painted white, exposed brick is a hallmark of industrial style.

Combination of Wood and Metal

Wood and metal are two materials that are heavily featured in modern industrial interior design. Both can come in a slightly unfinished look that can add warmth and a rustic tone to the home. But they can also be sleek, smooth, and polished for a more modern take on the industrial style.

You will often see a lot of wood furniture in an industrial-style home, such as wooden tables, cabinetry, and chairs. Metal light fixtures will also be a popular design choice, as are metal railings, and metal beams on the ceilings or across windows.

Exposed Beams or Pipes

Another feature in industrial buildings includes exposed beams or pipes, which can be echoed in converted spaces or modern homes. These features will add texture and a functional design element to a home.

Exposed pipes may also be used as unconventional shelving or cabinetry to add industrial elements to a kitchen or an office space.

Vintage Lighting and Furniture
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Vintage Lighting and Furniture

Vintage lighting and furniture and will make industrial-style interiors feel like they have stood the test of time. Vintage elements evoke the past and celebrate how things made then were often sturdier and lasted longer.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors and walls are also stapled features in modern industrial interior design. These are low-maintenance surfaces that age well over time, developing a weathered look that still looks elegant.

How do you make industrial look cozy?

Because industrial design takes inspiration from old factories, warehouses, or commercial buildings, when used in interior design, it can come off as cold, harsh or uninviting. But there are several ways to make modern industrial design look cozy, luxurious, and warm. It all boils down to adding different textures, using different materials together, warm and bright lighting options, adding personal touches and color, and adding greenery to your space.

Once you add these elements to industrial design, your modern industrial home will feel more vibrant, cozy, and sophisticated. Industrial design is all about celebrating materials, but the industrial concept in a home leaves a lot of room for creativity and expression.

Layer Different Textures

Industrial design often has raw and exposed elements. You can spice things up by playing with different textures. Juxtapose raw elements such as concrete walls with sleek textures like brushed steel beams, chrome furniture, or polished wood.

You can also add softer textures to make the space feel cozier and more luxurious. Add a jute or natural fiber rug to your modern industrial living room to soften the floors. Add throw blankets to your sofa. Add leather accents such as a leather chair or ottoman to create a rich environment in an otherwise more utilitarian space.

rest area interior design
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Play With Different Materials

Pairing different materials will create a sense of balance that can elevate industrial design to more polished and luxurious interiors. Concrete walls pair well with marble counters, for example. One is a simple, everyday material, while marble speaks of class and luxury tastes.

Natural stones also pair well with metal, chrome, and brass. Paring natural elements with more polished decor or fixtures can add to that variety and balance in materials.

The contrast in textures and materials also play into the elements of design and functionality. Something functional can be made out of beautiful materials, while beauty can also be found with the more natural components of the space.


Lighting is a key factor in any home, but more so when trying to achieve a cozy industrial style home. How light interacts with the materials, furnitures, and different textures in the space creates a sense of warmth in modern industrial homes. The coming together of light, shadows, reflections, and textures brings the materials to life.

Adding the right lighting fixtures can soften the hard lines and edges of industrial interior design. Opt for lighting that casts a soft glow. Look for round or organically shaped light fixtures. Experiment with lighting that makes use of paper or fabric to diffuse the light. Backlighting certain areas or furniture pieces can also serve to make the space cozier.

Make the most of natural light by adding glass walls or large windows to your space. You can soften these with light or sheer curtains, which also help to diffuse the harsh sunlight that filters into your home.

Add Personality and Color

One surefire way to add life to industrial features is to add personality and color. Around your industrial style home, display personal mementos like photographs or souvenirs from your travels. Showcase art pieces that highlight your personality and taste.

Add Personality and Color
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While most industrial style interiors stick to neutral tones such as black, white, and earthy colors. don’t be afraid to add color to your home. Play with bold accent colors for modern day appliances like your refrigerator or your living room couch. Or opt to add colors through art and decor.

Include Greenery and Plants

Adding plants around your modern industrial home will inject a bit of life and warmth to your space. The contrast of hard lines and robust materials with delicate greenery will give a refreshing balance to your industrial interiors.

Add a pop of greenery to a corner to give it life. Or make the most out of your high ceilings and walls by making an accent wall filled with plants. Hang up trailing plants on the wall or place them on a high shelf and let the leaves dramatically cascade downwards. Plants and greenery will automatically make the space feel lighter and more inviting.

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Style Your Portofino Alabang Home With Modern Industrial Interiors

Luxury urban living starts at Portofino Alabang. With beautiful Italian-inspired homes, it is one of Daang Hari’s most sought-after luxury developments. And because industrial interior design is so versatile, it can perfectly complement your Italian-themed home at Portofino.

What makes Portofino a world-class development Location

Portofino is divided into three luxury enclaves: Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino. Each enclave maintains the Brittany trademark of world-class quality and upscale luxury. Inspired by the beautiful Portofino of Southern Italy, this luxury community brings you only the finest Italian lifestyle you can experience in the country.

With several luxury houses to choose from at Portofino, you can take your pick and live in your dream modern industrial home. Express your favorite interior style and adorn your home with industrial designs and industrial decor.

Contrast hardwood flooring with lustrous metal, restoration hardware, and exposed metal pipes. Elevate your industrial-style Portofino home with delightful textural interplay by adding textured rugs, furniture, and plants to the space. You can turn your dream luxury home into reality at Portofino Alabang.

Browse the Brittany website to find out more about the Italian-themed modern industrial homes of Portofino Alabang. And keep up with us on LinkedIn and Youtube, so you don’t miss out on the latest Brittany updates and luxury living news.

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