Catch “Miss Saigon” Musical in Manila this March 2024

Catch “Miss Saigon” in Manila in 2024 and experience the magic of theatre.

Miss Saigon is a musical beloved by fans worldwide. In March 2024, the brand new musical production spearheaded by Cameron Mackintosh comes to Manila for the first time to enthrall Filipino audiences. 

Find out why this musical has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere and how you can watch it in Manila this coming March.

The Story of Miss Saigon

The musical Miss Saigon is a stage retelling of Giacomo Puccini’s classic opera piece, Madame Butterfly. But while Madame Butterfly takes place in Japan as a story between an American Lieutenant and a geisha, the story of Miss Saigon centers around a US Marine and a bargirl.

The U.S. Marine is named Chris, and towards the end of the Vietnam War, he and his fellow G.I.s celebrate at a local Vietnamese bar. There, Chris meets a young Vietnamese woman named Kim, one of the newest girls working at the bar. They spend the night together and they get to talking about various things. One of their conversations centers around the American dream, with Kim dreaming of going to America with Chris and living a better life.

But in the chaos of the Vietnam War, the American soldiers are ordered to leave Saigon. This separates the two lovers, cutting their story short. While Chris is away, Kim continues to hold on to her dream and keeps her love strong. After a three-year quest for their reunion, the two lovers meet again, but it does not go as they expected it to.

This endearing and tragic love story truly showcases the strength and breadth of a woman’s love despite the chaos of war, the anxiety of separation, and seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Catch Miss Saigon Musical in Manila this March 2024

History of the Production of Miss Saigon

The production of Miss Saigon was initially inspired by a photograph. Musical composer Claude-Michel Schönberg found a photo of a Vietnamese mother bringing her young child at the airport so the child could board a plane going to the United States to be reunited with the ex-G.I. father.

Collaborating with Alain Boublil and Richard Maltby Jr., the three eventually developed the story, music, and lyrics of Miss Saigon. The production of Miss Saigon premiered at London’s West End in 1989, with productions continuing until 1999. The show premiered on Broadway in 1991, which then paved the way for several touring productions. 

The success of Boublil-Schönberg’s Miss Saigon comes as no surprise as the pair had previously worked together in bringing Les Miserables to life on stage.

Why Filipinos Love Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon features the story of a young Asian woman making the most of her situation during a tumultuous period in history. As such, the production made a huge stir by focusing on casting Asian actors for the lead role of Kim. And while many actors auditioned to be part of one of the most brilliant casts there is, our very own Leah Salonga bagged the role of Kim. She was seventeen years old when she auditioned, and she had just turned eighteen by the time the show premiered. Playing the role of someone of similar age to her, but who had experienced a vastly different life was a creative challenge for Leah Salonga. But she performed her role as Kim flawlessly, earning her a Laurence Olivier Award and a Tony Award.

Aside from Leah Salonga, Boublil-Schönberg’s Miss Saigon paved the way for countless Filipino artists to join in this musical staging at various points of the production. Some notable Filipino artists who have joined the brilliant casts of Miss Saigon include Joanna Ampil, Jaime Rivera, Monique Wilson, Jon Jon Briones, Eva Nobledaza, and Rachelle Ann Go. This musical allowed Filipinos to shine as world class performers.

Miss Saigon Coming to Manila

Theater fans are absolutely thrilled for the Manila season of Miss Saigon in 2024. Earlier this year, GMG Productions has announced that  Cameron Mackintosh’s production of the musical will be coming to Manila in March.

History of the Production of Miss Saigon

This spectacular new production arrives on our shores after a successful run at the Sydney Opera House. GMG Productions will bring in a magical night of musical entertainment for Filipino audiences in the foreseeable future with this latest iteration of Schönberg’s classic musical.

In an interview, Cameron Mackintosh has stated that this is the best production of the Olivier Award-winning musical to date. 

Fans eagerly awaiting the opening of this phenomenal production should set their calendars ready for Miss Saigon in Manila in March 2024. GMG Productions will be presenting Miss Saigon at The Theatre at Solaire.

The pre-sale period through the show’s official pre-sale partner will run from October 23 to November 3. Tickets for Miss Saigon at the Theatre at Solaire will officially be on sale from November 6, 2023.

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