Insurance Agent’s Edge in Real Estate


When it comes to building up a career, people often get into entry-level positions that are relevant to the jobs of their dreams. Getting experiences that are significant to their career goals are important, not just for the sake of learning the trade, but this can also build somebody’s character. Call it a stepping stone, as it can give an employee her much-needed boost when it comes to her next career move.

A Luxury Real Estate Angent Consulting For A Family Planning To Buy A Home

An insurance agent may have what it takes to sell luxury homes for Brittany Corporation.

When it comes to choosing a job, one should not only consider the pay and the employer but also if she is equipped with the right skills for the job. One great example of this is when an insurance agent chooses to become a luxury real estate sales professional. This is a match made in heaven, as an insurance agent would be expected to have the training that is needed when it comes to marketing, for example, a house and lot for sale from Brittany homes as a part of the Brittany salesforce.

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Insurance Agent Job Description When Joining Brittany Salesforce:


  1. A good candidate should have an experience in sales
  2. A good candidate would be someone who has experience selling home insurance
  3. A good candidate should be able to answer the client’s inquiries about the property

Sales Experience

A Luxury Real Estate Professional With Experience In Sales

An experience in sales can be an asset to an employee in any field. | Photo from India Today

Sales is one of the skills that are highly valued in any work environment. Sales will not only make a person more knowledgeable about the trade, but it will also build character, especially when it comes to dealing with people of all kinds and backgrounds.

Selling luxury real estate may not be an easy job, for those who lack the skill, because in doing so, interacting with difficult clients can be challenging, and rightfully so. The people will be making one of the most expensive purchases of their lives, so it is expected that they will have high standards when it comes to buying their new houses. They may ask a lot of questions, envision more from the space that they see, and even ask the sales professional about his opinions on the properties that they are considering.

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An Experienced Real Estate Professional Showing Her Client Around The House

Real estate sales professionals should be prepared for clients with high standards. | Photo from HubSpot Blog

This is where an experience in sales comes in. People who know how to sell stuff would know to be ready for these situations, and an insurance agent would have a lot of knowledge on properties, as somebody who used to sell insurance plans. An insurance agent, who sold home insurance, then, would be a great fit for the job and can become an elite seller in no time. These are the people Brittany Corporation’s looking for. Be a part of the Brittany salesforce, and sell house and lot of sale and the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.


The Need to Insure Luxury Real Estate

A wise buyer of Brittany homes, or the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, in addition to buying a home, would know that getting an insurance plan for the house would be very wise. Nobody is exempt from accidents and unforeseen circumstances that can, unfortunately, affect even the best homes that money can buy, especially since the country is in the Pacific Ring of Fire, and is known to have a lot of natural disasters on a yearly basis.

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An Experienced Insurance Agent In Front Of A Sold House And Lot

Luxury homes should be insured. | Photo from Travelers


What Does An Insurance Agent Do For You?

No homeowner would want his hard-earned money to be wasted on such events, and therefore talking to an insurance agent is a must when buying a new home. If the sales professional happens to also sell or to be at least knowledgeable about insurance plans in addition to their experience in sales, then that would be perfect as it would lessen the efforts needed to be exerted by the buyer to protect the house that he is planning to purchase. This is why an insurance agent can be an elite seller in the Brittany salesforce. Brittany homes are made to be loved by the people who are living in them, and there is no such thing as being too careful about a luxury purchase.



Somebody who used to sell insurance plans would surely have the right connections when it comes to selling house and lot for sale. He/she may know the client and some people who are into luxury real estate, based on the insurance plans that they got from her. Also, these people may have friends of the same social status, who may be interested in living in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.

Luxury Real Estate Owners Spending Quality Time With Their Friends

People who are into luxury real estate may refer others who are also interested in getting properties. | Photo from Mike Watson Images via Getty Images

It would then be easier for the sales professional to look for the right people to live in the luxury homes that she is selling. It may not be easy to find people looking for houses all the time, but being an insurance agent would definitely make it easier, so they are highly welcome in the Brittany salesforce. Be an elite seller for Brittany Corporation, by checking out their website and their social media accounts.



Luxury real estate may not be the easiest thing to sell, as the buying population may be small, due to the costs. The fact that buyers are also extra careful when it comes to buying such things can add greatly to the pressure. This, then, is why insurance agents should consider becoming a part of the Brittany salesforce, because they have an edge over the other candidates. They have experiences, knowledge, and even the right connections for the job.

Selling luxury real estate may not be for everyone, but you may be just the right candidate for it as an insurance agent. For the reasons stated above, you are welcome to the Brittany salesforce.


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